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Oily to bed for Amiee

Oily to daybed for Amiee

Oily to daybed for Amiee

Amiee Roberts and her group action buddy Peter oil up, oil down and get busy in this massage-cum-fuck scene. Amiee is slippery and always fun. She’s truly taken to expressing her heat on-screen.

“I cant wait to see them,” Amiee told us, regarding her movies. “I really love ’em. It is odd seeing myself on-camera, but I think I look fine so it makes me feel worthwhile.”

Trust us, Amiee. U look more than worthy.

“I haven’t had sex while I view them yet but I do receive slutty watching myself on-camera. It hasn’t changed me, just maybe opened me up to more recent experiences. I kinda love sex this way much more wonderful than average sex. There’s less drama attached. I identify it very sexy to have sex with a skillful chap ‘cuz I can just let anything go. Tony Rubino said me to look in the digital camera during the time that I was having sex. The lads watching urge to look directly into my eyes.”

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Kali: Always In Heat

Kali: Always In Heat

Kali: Always In Heat

Kali West was looking even more curvacious and voluptuous, more zaftig after she gave birth. The additional curves looked admirable on her. Kali is as comfy as ever riding the bologna saddle in this screwing hot scene. Kali is always very natural, relaxed and comfortable in front of the cameras, either nude or rogering.

Kali clued us in about how that babe loves to be sexed.

“A worthwhile sex-lasting time for me would probably be an sixty minutes or two of penetration. If it is a one-night stand, he’ll cum outside my bawdy cleft or on my love muffins, but if he’s my boyfriend, this chap cums in me. Tit-fucking is not my much loved thing, but some boyz crave it. I love how it looks, to see the guy’s ding-dong between my scoops, than how it feels.

You can pull my hair lengthy as you’re not jamming your wang down my mouth. But if u pull my hair, that’s nice. No pulling hair and gagging at the same time. And with doggie style, it’s valuable if he pulls my hair. I keep my hair down just for that.”

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Bikini Houdini

Bathing suit Houdini

Bikini Houdini

Milly Marks has busted without a sweater. She’s shed a sheer bodysuit. This babe is measured and and oiled in the shower. Milly’s now doing justice to a bathing dress that can not contain her bodacious 36H-cup ta-tas. It doesn’t stay on long.

“I make almost certainly of I am both sexually assertive and passive,” Milly says. “And that is what makes me the switch I’m!” Living in a abode full of strippers will aid that along.

“I’ve had lots of carnal encounters with gals seeing as how I am very much ambisexual. I indeed thought I solely liked angels until college when I was 1st dicked down. One time I gotta eat out the hottest goddess in my school who everybody thought was super-straight. I felt so competent ‘cuz of it. I thought I should have received some kind of honorable mention.”

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A Private Date

A Private Date

A Private Date

It’s date night with Mya Blair. Just you and her and no one else. This babe receives without her dress so you can feast your eyes on her plush body and receive boob drunk on her 46-inchers.

Mya’s a party beauty also. That babe goes to parties that are way beyond talking to people with a drink in your hand.

Mya: Most of the parties I go to, I’m the 1st one topless.

XL Girls: Are they swinger or fetish parties, or is that the same thing?

Mya: No, they’re not the same thing. Fetish parties are for people who savour fetishes. Swinger parties are for people who wanna swap. Those are just house parties with people who are in the fetish lifestyle. I don’t even need a not many drinks in me. I’ll just receive topless. Then everybody will say, “I guess the party’s started,” so I guess I’m the icebreaker.

XL Girls: Does sex happen?

Mya: Sometimes. I’ve merely watched sex happen 3 times at a party.

XL Girls: So what happens if everyone’s walking around bare?

Mya: Nothing. It’s just usual, I guess. Sometimes there is flogging involved, but it is mostly foreplay, and then they go somewhere else and have sex.

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Vore For SCORE

Vore For SCORE

Vore For SCORE

Codi Vore is flirting online. All that stroking on the keyboard makes her urge to jerk off herself. That babe leaves her laptop on the couch so that babe can take a voyage to cheerful town.

Beautiful Codi has equally alluring 30K-cups. It’s not effortless for her to discover bras that fit, smth that we’ve talked about for years with angels as stacked as Codi.

SCORE: So Codi, it is hard for you to find bras that fit.

CODI: Definitely. The final under garment I bought was at a undergarment boutique where they specialize in bras for larger than average zeppelins, and even then, it did not fit all the time and it was a little uncomfortable. It was peculiar ordered. I used to go to Victoria’s Secret before I realized just how greater than average my mammaries are. I’d get sized, and they would tell me all different sizes ‘coz no thing at Victoria’s Secret would ever fit me. I was told 36 triple-D and a couple of other ones. I must wear a 32-inch band cuz I happen to have a very tiny figure. I just happen to have monumental bra-busters on top of it. I am pretty thin around, so I need a bra that fits nicely there, and that can be really tough to detect. That’s why I do not go shopping for bras. Nothing fits! It can receive very frustrating.

SCORE: When you first started developing, what was it adore?

CODI: At 1st it was truly bad. The cuties were really jealous and the lads were always talking about me sexually. That was rough at first. I was indeed self-conscious about it for a during the time that, but I learned to embrace it. I basically told, “If someone’s plan to be a hater ‘cuz I have love muffins, whether it’s a goddess cuz she is jealous or thinks I am lascivious or soever it’s, I’m not plan to care.” But it’s kind of interesting. I receive the majority attention from hotties, especially if I go to parties or clubs. Plenty of times girls will be the ones who come up to me and say, “Oh my gosh, your mangos are actually bigger in size than typical!” or they’ll push them or grasp ’em, and it is very laughable. Girls totally do not have boundaries when it comes to love bubbles.

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This Is Your Dick Between Sara Jay’s Big Tits

This Is Your Pecker Between Sara Jay’s Big Marangos

This Is Your Penis Between Sara Jay's Big Tits

Sara Jay loves jock. Correction. Sara Jay FUCKING LIKES SCHLONG.

Sara Jay has the lube and the love muffins. You bring the meat-thermometer. She squeezes out each final drop of cum and lets it sit on her mammaries love icing. You gotta love a beauty who travels with her own lube.

“I got str8 A’s and graduated early from college,” Sara Jay said us in an interview. “I was well behaved. By no means got into any a predicament. Not at any time had sex. I did pass out tons of blow jobs to allies, though. I was a virgin in that I didn’t have intercourse. My love tunnel was a virgin, but my mouth wasn’t.

“I discovered out that all of ’em didn’t know I sucked everybody’s weenie. They did not tell every other, then, one of the males said to me, ‘I just identified out u sucked Keith’s 10-Pounder and Matt’s weenie.’ Each fellow thought I was just engulfing his knob, which couldn’t have been farther from the truth.”

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Renee In Heat

Renee In Heat

Renee In Heat

One of the great things about Renee besides her obvious anatomical charms is her majority admirable talent and enthusiasm for hot, wicked talk. The nasty comments roll off her tongue like the face hole juice this babe drips during a oral-stimulation. No phone sex operator could acquire a guy worked up more than Renee with just her tit-chat.

Renee wants his stiffy to toss off, lick, suck and boob-bang before they screw and that babe urges his throat engulfing on her teats as rock hard as that fellow can do it. Having her bosoms and body adored gives Renee as much emotional fun as it does physical fun. She’s like one of the bedroom nymphos in a Henry Miller novel.

The sight of Renee’s love melons bouncing back in her own face as that babe rides her date in reverse cowgirl is cock-stiffening. That babe won’t allow a stud to wank on her massive bumpers after the rogering. Not when Renee can do the jackin’ with her own ravishing hands.

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Cock-Milking Mammary Massage By Miosotis

Cock-Milking Mammary Rubdown By Miosotis

Cock-Milking Mammary Rubdown By Miosotis

A glad ending is inevitable for any petticoat chaser who crosses paths with Miosotis. Head back to the majestic surf of the Dominican Republic–A.K.A Miosotis Land–for a hooter-happy massage by the girl with a pair of the most-gigantic, natural chest-melons in the world.

Miosotis does more than handle this bloke. That babe massages his whole body with her biggest, slick and lustrous mams, lubed for simple sliding. The beneficiary of her breast largess cant keep his fingers, tongue and jock away from her daunting danglers. Squeezing, fondelling, licking, sucking and burying his face betwixt them, the Miosotis effect rapidly takes effect. Miosotis plays tit for tat and tat for tit and taps him back with a luscious BJ and a juicy fur pie to bonk. The treasure chest of the Caribbean is a prize named Miosotis.

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A Rare Couple

A Uncommon Couple

A Rare Couple

Here’s the super-rare pair of Hitomi and Sha Rizel, the solely time those 2 breathtaking babes met. This is a historic event in big-bust history. They’ve clothed like kissin’ cousins in cut-off denim shorts, white tanks and six-inch heels. Are they real or are they a mirage? A pitcher of water is nearby and u can guess what the beauties are going to do with it.

“Hitomi is love a little doll I’d love to take home,” told Sha throughout her translator, Valory Irene. “So impressive. I can watch why she is a star.”

One time their Tees are moist, Sha and Hitomi slide with out their moist things and head off to dry themselves and have a tropical lunch. They may not speak the same verbal language but they were not ever at a loss for communication. They spoke the same body language.

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Bra Bonus Time

Below garment Bonus Time

Bra Bonus Time

Maya Milano. It is not easy for this stacked brunette to discover brassieres that fit her funbags comfortably and ones that she feels look good on her mind blowing naturals. In this under garment expose, Maya investigates a selection of tit-slings this babe picked from the wardrobe closet. One of them will be her number-one.

Today marks Maya’s return to SCORELAND after over a year away from the cameras. That babe is as gracious and big-boobed as ever. A true work of living art. We missed her and we’re pleased to have her back.

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