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Faye Day! Faye Day!

Faye Day! Faye Day!

Faye Day! Faye Day!

Alexsis Faye doesn’t dance on tabletops. She has something else in mind for this scene.

SCORELAND: Alexsis, thank you for taking the time to speak to us. If we were to see u shopping at the mall, what would you be wearing?

Alexsis: Hot raiment that can be easily taken off! Dresses with cleavage and maybe a top with a jean petticoat.

SCORELAND: U told you like to go exotic dancing with girlfriends?

Alexsis: I just got back from a music festival in Romania and had four days of nonstop stripping, so yeah! I love dancing around. My beloved DJ now is Tiesto. My favorite style of music is EDM –electronic dance music.

SCORELAND: That is lots of jumping up and down. Do you adore to sing also?

Alexsis: After a scarcely any glasses of wine, who doesn’t like to sing?

SCORELAND: Do u sing at karaoke clubs?

Alexsis: I stay away from ’em. I do not crave to lose all my friends.

SCORELAND: Do u have any girlfriends with larger than run of the mill boobies love yours?

Alexsis: All my friends have slight love bubbles.

SCORELAND: That’s likewise bad…for us.

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Plumper Pumping

Plumper Pumping

Plumper Pumping

It is time to play pump the plumper and our special guest is pleasant Lila Fascinating. The pumper is JMac and this petticoat chaser gives plumper pumpee Lila a rough, powerhouse pumpin’ hump to remember.

From nipple engulfing and tit-banging to throat screwing and cum eating, the action is non-stop and starts immediately.

40F-cupper Lila says that babe usually doesn’t view any of her movies, except for movies. “I tend to be too critical of myself. I let other people tell me how sexy they are and that makes me feel valuable. I do relish seeing a friend being turned on by seeing my scenes. It pleases me to please a buck and the men who view my videos and have joy the pictures. It is a larger than average boost to my confidence.”

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Bikini Shower With Merilyn Sakova

Bikini Shower With Merilyn Sakova

Bikini Shower With Merilyn Sakova

Merilyn always had enjoyment with the SCORE team. Spain, Kiev, Prague. A local celebrity, she’s often recognized when that babe leaves her home. That babe did not think this babe was illustrious outside of Ukraine but that babe definitely is a big breasted legend in North The United States of America and Europe.

When they visited Merilyn in Kiev, they were strolling around the center of town shooting movie scene when a boy recognized and approached her. He asked if this babe would take a picture with him. She told she could feel him tremble with nervousness when they took the photo. Merilyn has a powerful affect on us.

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Inside Barbie Crystal’s Cum-hole & Butt

Inside Barbie Crystal’s Wet crack & Gazoo

Inside Barbie Crystal's Muff & Ass

“Barbie has a great mouth and a tight twat and asshole,” told Tyler, Barbie Crystal‘s shag date. “I loved playing with these king-size bazookas.”

These giant milk cans got a larger than run of the mill load of cum all over them. Barbie ate some of his skeet and rubbed the rest into her mounds. “When I give a oral-job, I’d rather drink than spit but it depends on the smack of the semen.”

Barbie is a referral from SCORE Gal Korina Kova.

“My unsurpassable raunchy fantasy is to be in group sex with white dudes. I love hard sex. One more larger than run of the mill fantasy is having a threesome. My kinkiest experience was make-up sex with my ex when I was hanging upside-down on the couch and did a blowjob with spit all over my face and let him splash out all his sticky spunk on it that way.”

Barbie enjoys a subrigid pecker inside her anal opening. “I adore anal invasion, fingering, touching with tongue, banging. I adore all of it.”

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Katy Ann’s Really Big, Big, Big Bra Show

Katy Ann’s Indeed Big, Bigger in size than run of the mill, Large Beneath garment Show

Katy Ann's Really Large, Big, Bigger in size than standard Bra Show

Admire Katy Ann admiring herself in a full-length mirror. She’s wearing a skintight, two-piece blue outfit with high heels and looks more smashing than smashing. Katy Ann has an carnal, sultry personality and a very sexy voice.

Katy Ann has four bras to put on for our viewing fun. A white lace number, a white one with a grey design, an L-cup floral bra with a dark band and a red one. In this photo set, Katy tries them on during the time that kneeling in couch.

Katy Ann’s personal much loved brand of under garment is Panache. “I like Panache. I know I wear a 32J in that, and they lift and separate the cuties love no other.”

Her long legs in the air, Katy Ann slips off her petticoat. It appears to be that her briefs are missing. With her bra try-outs completed, Katy sucks her nipps, leaving a lipstick kiss, and caresses her pussy.

“I typically wear a brassiere. The hardly any times I’m not wearing a undergarment is when an outfit doesn’t look right with a bra. On a uncommon occasion, I sleep with out a under garment.”

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Waking Up With Cheryl Blossom

Awaking Up With Cheryl Blossom

Waking Up With Cheryl Blossom

Wakey-wakey, Cheryl Blossom. It’s time to receive up and prepare for the day. On second thought, Cheryl can spend some more time in sofa bare in advance of we follow her into the bath.

Cheryl chooses a sexy garments to wear. She’s sure to attract loads of attention and receive the best service wherever this babe goes today.

“I like to wear things with a neckline although I don’t think that in command to draw attention to my boobies, I’ve to wear revealing garments. I think my milk shakes are still growing. I used to hide the size of my chest to feel more comfortable in public. Now I have confidence to wear what I crave to wear and to take pix and movies in sexy outfit and bare.”

The photographer had nothing but the highest praise for Cheryl. “She is such a doll! A great adult model.”

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Codi Vore is Big-boobed & Pink

Codi Vore is Big-boobed & Pink

Codi Vore is Big-boobed & Pink

Codi Vore is in the pink as this babe pleasures herself in a garden. It is secluded and private. No one can spy on the pleasant blond as that babe enjoys her big melons and curly love tunnel.

“My favourite attention is the kind of attention I receive in the bedroom. If I’m private with anybody, I love to feel sexy. That is one of the reasons I got into camming and into glamour modeling in the 1st place, to feel hot and to be admired, and for anybody to be captivated with my titties is great. I love having my nipps played with, so that kind of attention is my favourite kind of attention.

“I’m really resigned. I love to be controlled, abused, objectified, all of those things. It’s definitely taboo the kind of stuff that I like. One of the more-vanilla things I adore is edging. Edging is any kind of denial to where if anybody is trying to acquire me off or finger me or anything love that, I love it when they touch me and then not touch me and not let me touch myself, so I’m constantly being stimulated and then denied stimulation.

“It makes me so wet, and I don’t care how lengthy it lasts. Orgasming is all I can think about. It’s a fine form of domination and submission ‘coz it exposes that this woman chaser has control over me and this guy is plan to tell me when I need to cum and when I don’t must cum, and that is just super sexy to me.”

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The Nice & Tight Rubber World of Merilyn Sakova

The Nice & Taut Rubber World of Merilyn Sakova

The Wonderful & Tight Rubber World of Merilyn Sakova

Merilyn Sakova has cos-played many roles in her shows: Nurse, cop, bar maid, bride and more. In this scene, Merilyn explored kinky fetish garments made of thin rubber. The people who regularly live this fetish are called rubberists. Merilyn looked very wanton, judging by her expressions and words of approval as this babe put the raiment on.

Merilyn powders her in nature’s garb body with talc so the taut rubber briefs, lengthy gloves and garter will slide on easier. This babe pours oil on herself one time she’s got her perverted outfit on, then wraps a sheet of plastic cling film around her stupendous milk cans. For her rubber expose finale, Merilyn rips the film off her titties. Nothing can restrain her from busting out.

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The Sexy Businesswoman

The Hot Businesswoman

The Hot Businesswoman

So how many businesswomen do you know who can talk to their vendors on the telephone and toy-bang themselves with a sex tool at the same time?

We at XL Angels on the other hand (the hand that’s jacking off watching Jasmine Jones fap it), know quite numerous.

During the time that Jasmine is drilling her succulent, pink Texas taco, she is tweaking her nips for extra fun. View how banging pointy this babe gets them. They could give a lad a dark eye.

Businesswomen such as Jasmine call this activity a mid-afternoon energizer. It keeps their executive skills honed and their love tunnel juices flowing. If only that chair could talk.

Divesting herself of her capital assets and not quite all of her garments except for the nylons and shoes, Jasmine receives on the floor so this babe can drive her little friend in deeper on her knees and on her back. The view is picture-postcard consummate as Jasmine pumps her mature cum-hole to a ‘gasm spasm.

Then it’s back to multi-tasking on the phone to make sure the business of the day is getting done at Jasmine Jones & Associates.

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Office Bust-Out

Office Bust-Out

Office Bust-Out

Claudia KeAloha has the right qualifications for the job as a strict manager who gets the tables turned on her by a hung employee. This babe brings out the beast in her staff with her hot bod, large mambos and a new face hole that could engulf a golf ball throughout a pantyhose.

But it is not Claudia’s mouth that’s injected with cum, it is her tight snatch that is packed with a sexy load which is squeezed out in a creampie filling. It is office politics at its horniest.

“What’s hawt to me about one charmer from the next? Pheromones, I suppose. Body chemistry. Some guys, for no peculiar reason, are a turn on.

Claudia is almost always the bustiest exotic entertainer in the disrobe club she’s dancing in.

“I at not time identify my size. But I try to squeeze into a DDD-cup. I’m a triple-E but it’s a size that is very hard to find, especially since I am 36″ around my ribs. U know, it is the cup size that tells how giant the milk sacks indeed are!”

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