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Red Shoe Sexbomb

Red Shoe Sexbomb

Red Shoe Sexbomb

On a chair and on the floor, Patty Michova gives herself the finger, savouring the pleasures of the pink, and is her pussy ever pink. Whenever we photograph Patty, we have to whittle down the list of porn bucks batty to get their hands on her bangin’, exceedingly fit body.

When’s Patty’s not busy shooting scenes, at the Health Lap dancing club or shopping, she likes to look at TV and her prefered unveil is The Simpsons. Yes, The Simpsons. The reveal runs in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. Her much loved character is Homer Simpson. Homer and family speaking Slovak? Patty can’t live out of it.

What does Patty wear in nice, sunny weather when that babe leaves the abode? “Shorts, little skirts and little tops. I receive lots of compliments about my legs. Open shirts and small bras.” No, Patty does not dress like Marge Simpson. Fortunately.

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Slick Goddess

Slick Babe

Slick Chick

“Mariya is a very worthy model,” our contributing photographer said about Mariya Mills, XL Girls’ finest kept secret. He discovered her through a ally of hers who thought that babe was just right. “Mariya clutched anything very quickly and was not hesitant. I have photographed many gals so I was impressed by her personality and interest. She’s a very affable hotty and had admirable ideas.”

XLGirls: Mariya, how do you care for your fullsome funbags?

Mariya: Each night I rub ball cream into ’em. This is a special sperm with many vitamins. I don’t stay in the sun for likewise much time when I go to a park or the sea shore. I donot go to tanning spas. Sometimes I get particular massages to remove toxins.

XLGirls: Have you ever been with a gal?

Mariya: No. I’ve had fantasies of this but I’ve not at all been with girls. I like boyz. Now I am single. I would love to detect a fresh partner who is ardent and will be my hero. This chab should accept my modeling activities. But you know, many men in my country are jealous.

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Ultimate Summer Sinn

Topmost Summer Sinn

Ultimate Summer Sinn

Summer Sinn reads a letter from a fan and being the generous sort, Summer brandishes how that babe can blow his trousers clean off.

Wrote SCORE editor Dave, “Summer, who splits her time betwixt Boston and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a SCORE Beauty in the classic tradition: slim ‘n’ ultra-stacked.”

Tit males wanna spend quality time with Summer to get busy on her stupendous pantoons.

“Lick ’em and engulf ’em,” Summer told. “I adore it. Softly, ‘cuz they’re sensitive. Don’t bite ’em. I’m not into domination. Maybe begin out by touching with tongue ’em a little, then mouthing them a little, then licking with tongue ’em some more, then engulfing some more. Pay plenty of attention to ’em. Go from one to the other. Give the one and the other of them tons of attention. That gets me going. I at no time cum from having ’em sucked but engulfing on my milk shakes receives me all wet. That smooth operator doesn’t even need to touch my cookie to acquire me moist. Just lightly touch my bra-busters and teats.”

So the first place a charmer should go when he’s got a date with Summer is her hooters. Not her neck, not her cunt, not her butt, not her feet.

“Most of the time a gent begins on my mounds. Sometimes they’re polite and they’ll kiss me, but almost all of the time they’ll go for my mellons. But I do not crave the same thing all the time. That’s no joy.”

It’s usually Summer telling a lad to copulate her love melons. We do not mean porn boyz. We mean regular boys that babe receives busy with.

“He’ll be tongueing and sucking my juggs, and I’ll just say to him, ‘Fuck ’em!’ I adore it. I do not do it for the man. My scoops are so sensitive, it feels nice to have a guy’s knob betwixt ’em. First, I gotta get it all juicy. Then I’ll rub his ding-dong against my nipps. Then I’ll acquire it all soaked anew, rub it up and down to make sure it is real stiff, then I’ll wrap my melons around it and move ’em up and down. Sometimes boys receive lost in my bazookas, but they don’t appear to be to mind. I can make just about any dick vanish.”

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Legendary XL Beauties

Legendary XL Beauties

Legendary XL Girls

“Toni” Kat Vixen was one of the early XL Girls. This babe and her hubby were internet porn pioneers. They started doing porn in 1994, got married in 1997 and began a website in 2000. They’re still active in the adult scene.

XL Girls: Why do boob-men like to tit-fuck big busted angels?

Kat Vixen: Cuz u can move the milk cans and change the pressure on the rod. Plus there’s the added bonus of being competent to cum on her bouncy bosoms or face after having the fucking feeling.

XL Girls: What do you love about tit-fucking?

Kat Vixen: I love to titty-fuck, but scarcely any gals do. What I adore is the rhythm of the meat-thermometer movement, kind of like the rogering of the snatch. It’s even more astonishing when I’ve a toy in, screwing me at the same time. Very intense.

XL Girls: What dick size do you like?

Kat Vixen: I most like at least six inches, but any greater then 10 can hurt if they do not know how to use it. I have had 4-inchers who made me scream with enjoyment and 10-inchers that hurt.

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Goldie’s Rub-out

Goldie’s Rub-out

Goldie's Rub-out

Goldie Blair is in need of unwinding. That babe desires beefy male hands all over her. Goldie sluggishly disrobes, not knowing that she’s being spied on. Her bigger in size than standard zeppelins look even bigger in size coz she’s slight. The rubdown therapist silently enters and oils Goldie up.

Goldie’s scoops and teats are his main areas of interest but her back and butt are not neglected. This is the kind of business a boob-man needs to acquire into, but only if guaranteed stacked clients love Goldie. After a slow breast rubdown, Goldie needs to cum or that babe is intend to be very disappointed so she pulls smth with out her bra to whole her rub-down therapy.

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Greasy oil For Three

Oil For 3

Oil For Three

It’s “Oil For Three” when Hitomi, Valory and Sha slick up their extraordinarily hot bodies underneath the tropical sun of the Dominican Republic. 3 of the all-time high-reaching skinny and stacked girls in big breasted photo history, Hitomi, Valory and Sha, got on love aged school chums. Ukrainians Sha and Valory had no issues with the language barrier with Hitomi, ruler of Japan. There’re no nationalistic differences among big boobed cuties.

No one kept exact records of how much greasy oil was used that week. At least several cases. The cuties were sunning European-style without any swim dress tops so they won’t receive tan-lines on their juggs and they wore the tiniest bottoms possible. If their location wasn’t intimate and secluded, we’d have had to hire armed guards.

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Rachel Raxxx Rocks

Rachel Raxxx Rocks

Rachel Raxxx Rocks

Living doll Rachel Raxxx ran track in high-school. How did Rachel do that?

Rachel explained that marvel, a result of a great feat of breast-binding.

“My grandmother would take ace bandages and wrap them around my milk shakes after I put on a sports bra, then I’d put on another sports under garment after that and a taut tank top, and that would hold ’em. I was skilled to run cross-country and do discus and shot-put. It held ’em, but it made it harder to breathe. I was truly the slowest ‘cuz I couldn’t move as fast.”

Rachel likewise faced the usual boob prejudice from creeps and mean angels. SCORE editors have ranted about boob prejudice for years.

“A lot of the gals used to make fun of me, but I learned to take care of myself. You know how cuties can be jealous. They’d say, ‘Your zeppelins are also big. They do not go with your body. U don’t have no butt.'”

Well, who’s laughing now?

Praises P.S., “Rachel’s rack is fantastic, out of a doubt one of the paramount ever in SCORE. Perfect in size and shape, her large, enormous hangers are magnificent. In each photo and from each angle, I love the way Rachel reveals off her ginormous 30JJs.”

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Asstounding Tails

Asstounding Tails

Asstounding Tails

Human porcelain doll with bigger than standard, amazing bosoms and a teasing tush, Suzumi Wilder has one of these plug & play things underneath her pillow and this babe is going to stick it betwixt her moist buttocks. With her other hand, Suzumi’s intend to rub her cotton candy pink wet crack until that babe has a screaming climax. Lying down on the job is encouraged here at XL Angels. “I think about anal a lot,” said Suzumi.

Roller derby, rugby, World of Warcraft…these are a few of the much loved things of a girl who discharged her very 1st porn scene on her birthday. It likewise was this smiling charmer’s first anal scene. Even though she’d observed a ton of porn at home, she was not sure what to do but everybody helped. “Reverse cowgirl standing on the sofa with heels,” was a 1st for Suzumi. After 2 years, Suzumi could now train recent angels how to be a porn star.

“I’ve always wanted to do a girl-girl-boy scene. I’d be more than cheerful to come here and shoot Lesbian scenes. I have never actually slept with a girl but I would love to. I have at not time had my vagina eaten by a beauty or eaten a girl’s fur pie. I like being here. If I could, I’d move here and live here.”

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Busty dancers Angela White and Gianna Rossi

Breasty dancers Angela White and Gianna Rossi

Busty dancers Angela White and Gianna Rossi

Angela knew all about Gianna Rossi’s adult movie career in advance of joining the Paradise Girls in The Bahamas. Now see Angela and her fresh pal Gianna dirty-dance for us all. One thing leads to some other and before ya know it, they’re engulfing on their hardening teats. Hey, we’d pay big guys for this in the VIP room at the local gents’ exotic dancing club!

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Busty Workin’ Sista

Big boobed Workin’ Sista

Busty Workin' Sista

Driving around, JT brags about his latest carnal exploits. His buddy CJ gets an earful and admits that this chab doesn’t acquire any fur pie. JT will not stand for this outrage and demands that his ally let him treat him to a beauty for 15 minutes.

They spot Miss Stacy Adams on her turf looking to befriend lost men and provide ’em with her disciplined, professional consultation.

Stacy and her recent boyfriends head to a trysting area so they can discuss CJ’s issues in detail. This babe gives CJ some head which gets JT worked up so both bucks initiate screwing her. They take turns screwing her face hole and whore-cunt in as many positions as this kind, handsome lady will grant ’em for their dollars.

Stacy jerks their jocks off, splattering her big ebon whoppers as a farewell gesture because she actually has a heart of gold. Her benevolence and kindness are a lesson for us all.

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