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Shyla Shy’s Long, Hot Summer

Shyla Shy’s Lengthy, Hot Summer

Shyla Shy's Long, Hot Summer

One reason Shyla Coy was drawn to SCORELAND was her ex-partner.

“Whenever we were in ottoman, my ex-boyfriend did not desire to shag me normally, this Lothario just wanted to bonk my mellons, and this ladies man always wanted to cum on my whoppers,” Shyla explained.

“I’d have to say to him, ‘I have a snatch, u know!’ But even walking around the house, whenever I passed him, he’d be handling ’em all the time, and if we were sat around watching TV, he’d play with them while we watched. All that guy wanted to do was screw my tits, and that got mature.”

Shyla has not-so-shy advice for us tit-men ‘cuz there are times when we probably do receive also captivated with just jugs. “Guys who date cuties with larger than typical fun bags get to know that they’re more than just a pair of love bubbles,” Shyla emphasized.

“Their entire body needs attention. Almost any males crave to do the one and the other. You know, they’ll bonk me, then they’ll tit-fuck me, or sometimes they’ll do it the other way around. I adore it better in my twat, but u got to keep the boyz pleased! Plenty of boys adore me to wrap my mangos around their dong during the time that I’m giving them head. I do that, likewise.”

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Sofia Santana Bikini-Busting Brunette hair

Sofia Santana Bikini-Busting Darksome brown

Sofia Santana Bikini-Busting Brunette

Sofia Santana has curves to spare and bigger in size than standard, heavy bra-busters more common in a guy’s dreams than in real life. When we saw this stunner’s test photos sent in by an agent, our photo team was ready for act. Sofia speaks Spanish and so does our team. Our editors added English captions to her movie.

“When I go out, I wear low-cut, hot tops to show my deep cleavage,” Sofia said. “My bras are fitted for me or I’ll wear peculiar bras that are velvety and provide gentle compression.

“I hope everyone likes seeing me wear my swim dress. I am interested in reading what the boyz have to say. I have always gotten lots of attention but it doesn’t bother me so much anymore cuz I’ve gotten used to the looks and questions from people and I am contented of my body.”

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Hope For The Best: Lissa Hope

Hope For The Best: Lissa Hope

Hope For The Best: Lissa Hope

The mirror by no means lies. The beauty in the mirror is a voluptuous goddess. Lissa Hope‘s curves have curves. “I adore to wear constricted or low-cut tops to accentuate my curves,” told Lissa, who grew up on a farm. (Kaytee Carter likewise grew up on a farm.)

“Growing up, I was known for my pantoons. I receive stared at often. I am usually flattered by it ‘cuz I guess my body is handsome and unparalleled.”


“Most lads usually go to my milk cans but then they tell me I’ve gorgeous eyes. If I ask them on the spot what color they are they will not be skilled to answer. They’ll usually tell me, ‘I just know that they’re the color of the ocean.’ But they aren’t.”

When Lissa checked out SCORELAND for the first time, that babe was interested in becoming a part of The Large Reveal. There was some hesitation but that dissipated.

“We were looking at Linsey Dawn McKenzie, and I was like, ‘Yeah, she and I are close.’ She is a little bit bigger in size than I am. I had interviews with a web-cam service that I blew off to come here, and I thought, ‘This is a little more reliable.'”

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Amy Villainous & Her Two-Man Date At

Amy Villainous & Her Two-Man Date At

Amy Villainous & Her Two-Man Date At

Bra-busting superwoman Amy Villainous has a hot date with Sam Shock. They “met” on a dating site and are rencounter for real at his place. Meanwhile, Sam eagerly exposes his housemate Anthony Gaultier a photo of Amy. Anthony says he’ll go out and give ’em some privacy.

Amy arrives at Sam’s place and gets cozy on the sofa. They talk about her awesome 38J wonders, nature’s bounty. Amy lifts up her shirt and displays Sam her whoppers in her undergarment. This Lothario begins to feel her up. Amy looks out the window and sees Anthony spying on ’em. Sam tells her who he’s and this babe tells Sam to invite him in. Almost all cuties in this situation would put their scoops away and walk out the door but not Amy. She tells Sam that babe likes to be viewed having sex or masturbating.

That babe desires Anthony to view her and Sam, then has Anthony join in. The boyz each aid themselves to a humongous breast. Trousers are dropped so Amy can suck each dick in turn and rub their schlongs on her heavy mambos. This babe blows them down to the root, jerking one lad during the time that this babe is engulfing the other. They take turns giving Amy woman chaser service, rogering her unbending and changing positions. That babe sucks Sam during the time that getting the schlong doggy position in a spit roasting. She sits on Anthony’s pole as this babe swallows Sam. This babe rides Sam facing him during the time that mouthing off Anthony.

Soever dating app Sam uses is very effective.

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Hardcore Galore For Codi Vore At SCORE

Hardcore Galore For Codi Vore At SCORE

Hardcore Galore For Codi Vore At SCORE

When Codi Vore did her first hardcore series at SCORELAND, that babe said, “You cant just expect anything to be authentic on-camera, but the more authentic, the more fun it’s, so it makes sense that I urge it to be authentic as possible, and I am really fortunate that I acquire to have sex with such sexy people cuz it makes it really simple to be authentic when the people are so kind and respectful and hawt as hell.”

Codi plays hitchhiker with biggest bazookas in this 3some scene, her first SCORE three-some with two lads. It is a sure bet that a car will avoid to pick her up. That babe is attractive and she is wearing a constricted, low-cut top and cut-off shorts.

When Brad and Juan stop for her on a quiet, hilltop road, Codi hops in the back seat, lowers her top and, giggling, reveals off her greater than average, nice-looking marangos. They do not need an engraved invitation to guess what’s on Codi’s mind.

One time at her place, the three-some undress off their alluring raiment. The chaps go crazy checking out Codi’s voluptuous body, plus, they rarely see a goddess with a bush. Codi takes a pecker in every hand and gives them some stroking, then kneels to blow ’em.

The sex-party people receive into daybed to have a private little orgy, screwing and mouthing each which way. Codi is very pliant and can get into any position. By the time she is throughout with her 2 pick-ups, they’re absolutely drained of spunk.

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Trinity’s Jailhouse Pecker

Trinity’s Jailhouse Dick

Trinity's Jailhouse Cock

Jail is no joy. Unless the prisoner is XL Cutie Trinity Michaels in this spectacular XXX screw scene. Trinity is prisoner number 42-32-40-38DDD. She’s still waiting for charges to be crammed against her. The wheels of justice move sluggishly. In the meantime, smth else is intend to be pressed against Trinity.

Standing by Trinity’s jail cell, guard JMac eats a chocolate bar. Trinity wants some of that. She’s a got a enchanting tooth for candy. She likewise has a enjoyable tooth for jock that’s as unbending as her cell’s bars. JMac is in a bartering mood. This stud teases Trinity. A boob feel for a bite. Trinity eagerly accedes. Bartering is how it is done in and with out the hoosegow.

It doesn’t take lengthy for Trinity to switch from the candy bar to JMac’s beef bar. This nasty-hot dark-skinned brown can suck the paint off these prison bars and her larger than run of the mill fuckin’ bosoms were made for fuckin’ weenie. JMac breaks the rules by entering Trinity’s cell but he cant assist it. He’s gotta display Trinity why jail is called the slammer and sink his knob into her! Case dismissed!

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Red Vixen XXX

Red Gal XXX

Red Honey bunny XXX

What acquires Red Playgirl hawt? What prepares her for the game of sex? What are the fucking poses that actually turn her on to the max? Red will tell u and then she will brandish you as the cameras roll. Red knows how to make it hot and satisfying for herself and her daybed partners.

The wife of a SCORE browser, Red was encouraged by her hub to pose but it took her time to finally take the step. We’re merely sorry it didn’t happen earlier! Red’s made up for lost time with her introductory shoots and now this very steamy connection.

Red brings her particular style of sex appeal to the bigger in size than average boob reveal, a mix of carnal seduction and sexual heat. Her porcelain skin, blue eyes and brilliant red hair add even more zoom to her photogenic sex appeal. Breasty gingers (such as Jolie Rain and Brandy Dean) have always been difficult to discover.

We congratulate this trend of wives of browsers (such as Barbie Kelley, Victoria Lobov and Shelby Gibson) sending in their at-home snaps and applying to to become members of the “Busty Housewives of SCORE“.

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Spanish Eyes & Big Tits

Spanish Eyes & Bigger than average Milk shakes

Spanish Eyes & Bigger in size than run of the mill Tits

You know Marta is super-hot when another SCORE Cutie tells you how much this babe urges to get with her and take up with the tongue her cum-hole. Behind the daybed curtain, seriously sensuous and delectably sensuous Marta La Croft waits for her date-mate to display up. That babe wishes her bigger in size than average bazookas fondelled and her love tunnel filled with the greater than average lad.

In her hardcore videos, Marta looks directly into the digital camera with her big Spanish eyes that say “You wanna screw me.” Eye-fucking the camera is common in still fotos but less common in movie scenes unless it is a P.O.V. scene. It definitely adds heat.

Matt tastes Marta’s shaven vagina, licking with tongue her pleasing juices to prepare her pink taco for the beef filler. This babe lifts one high-heeled foot after Matt fingers her so that gent can permeate her with his knob. He begins pumping her vagina as that charmer holds her bazookas in the one and the other hands.

The long-haired muchacha wails loudly and has an expression of the one and the other joy and ache on her face. Marta has a “so-good-it-hurts” look throughout the poses they bonk in and only when Matt unloads on Marta’s big love muffins does she smile, anew directly into the digi camera, glad that babe has inspired his spurt and cheerful for these who have viewed her receive gangbanged “con mucho gusto.”

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Larger than standard Goddess Undress Club: Julia Marangos

Big Hotty Disrobe Club: Julia Marangos

Big Angel Undress Club: Julia Juggs

At the Bigger than run of the mill Goddess Club, slender exotic dancers have no place. This is a exotic dancing club for males who wanna be intoxicated by the pleasant scent of well-padded ladies with big booties, fleshy haunches and massive pointer sisters. They come here to get boob drunk in the dim, crowded room where sex lingers in the air and penetrates the mind of the excited lad. The Big Goddess Lap dancing club is a feast of flesh for the senses.

As Charlie Cooper and Alix Lakehurst bump, grind and shake their moneymakers at separate stages, Julia Scoops climbs on the stage to treat the boys to her own carnal and seductive striptease, the kind she does in Las Vegas a few nights a week.

The crowd watches with glazed eyes as Julia beckons cocktail server Daniella Grey to the stage. Daniella climbs on and the two chubby goddesses play precious for the ringsiders. Daniella walks the stage on all fours as Julia receives off and approaches Peter, one of the ringsiders.

Miss Bumpers whispers in his ear and the 2 go off to the Champagne Room for some privacy so this babe can hump his banging brains out in a spectacular anal grind with non-stop ribald talking that he doesn’t acquire at home! Julia’s as lustful as she desires to be and that gets her off as much as it does Peter. Everyone comes to, and cums at, the Greater than average Beauty Lap dancing club.

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Kelly Christiansen Rides The Stiff One

Kelly Christiansen Rides The Rock hard One

Kelly Christiansen Rides The Hard One

Fair-skinned golden-haired mistress Kelly Christiansen treats John to a sensuous, hawt dance before they get down to the sex. Her heavy meatballs, with their bigger than run of the mill areolae, are edging over her tight, sheer green slip as that babe gyrates, grinds and tanalises him by the couch. Kelly’s stripping doesn’t go on for too lengthy. She’s also nutty for stiff meat-thermometer in her mouth.

Hovering over him and with boobies dangling in his face so this chab can stick her gorgeous teats in his mouth, Kelly sticks her hand down his pants to feel his junk, then pulls it out and lowers her head to suck. This babe loves to make that slurping, sucking sound.

There’s great tit-fucking action next. Kelly knows how to joy a man’s shaft to the max with her 36H-cup sweater-puppies.

Kelly urges the large meat thrusting subrigid into her squishy soft, taut bawdy cleft. This babe wishes it to pound her slick fur pie, the cock-hilt bumping into her like button head with each down-stroke. Her funbags tremble, jiggle and shake as they copulate in a diversity of concupiscent positions. Sometimes Kelly has to restrain her knockers with her arms ‘coz they move so vigorously. Big busted bed-bouncing with Kelly is a thrill ride.

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