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Star Woman

Star Lady

Star Woman

Early on, Sandra Star was inspired by Minka and Elizabeth Star. This babe admires Amy Anderssen, one of the hottest of the super-boobed porn stars, love Sandra is.

Sandra is a free-spirit. “I adore to live my life spontaneously,” told Sandra. “I do not have a list of goals I urge to achieve. I just believe in being the finest I can be.”

Sandra’s prefered cuisine is French and Italian and this babe drinks white wine and malt whisky. She loves to go to beach bars when she is on holiday. “I love to wear taut swimsuits that flaunt a lot of breast valley and cut high in the hips like Baywatch-style or bikinis.

“Men usually ask me questions about my meatballs. About their size, their weight and the effect they have on people. They fascinate the boys I meet and I can watch in their eyes that they desire to touch and kiss ’em.”

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Heavy-Hootered Homemaker

Heavy-Hootered Homemaker

Heavy-Hootered Homemaker

Lucy Lenore has been contemplating patiently in the kitchen, all dolled-up in her happy-homemaker-with-huge-hooters dress. Now she can fetch out her lovely treats and display what she is made of: sugar, spice and anything wonderful. It’s a shame that every kitchen doesn’t come with a Lucy Lenore, but at least Lucy Lenore cums in this kitchen!

“I live a fairly active lifestyle,” said Lucy, who first learned about XL Cuties when that babe worked in an adults solely store and checked out all the latest SCORE Group magazines when they arrived. “I spend a worthy amount of time outside hiking, kayaking, camping and joy ram love that. I am by no means plan to be accomplished to dedicate myself to a Health Undress club or everything. I’m not that self-disciplined. I am too used to doing soever I desire.”

Lucy draws male eyes wherever that babe goes. “At this point I’m used to it. I used to receive a lot of attention from way old boyz when I was really juvenile because of it. It drove my daddy crazy!”

Lucy said she is low-key. “I like going to the videos and mature bookstores on dates. I just adore spending time with somebody and getting to know them. I read a lot. I am a large fan of youth sci-fi and I am a huge Harry Potter fan.”

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Sex On The Beach

Sex On The Beach

Sex On The Beach

“I kick off sex,” Arianna Sinn told. “I adore to be in instruct. But once it begins, I love the dude to be a little more aggressive. I can make sex happen, but then I like him to tell me what this stud urges and do what he desires with me. But sometimes, I will take control. I love to shake my juggs in a man’s face and watch his reaction.”

Relaxing on the beach enjoying a cocktail, Arianna soaks up the sun. This beach is remote and empty. There’s no one around for miles. Arianna lifts up her bottle of sun gel. Sat behind her is her dude toy, her private assistant. That babe keeps him close by to satisfy her every need, and we do mean each need.

Arianna prefers a bigger in size than standard lady-killer with a bigger in size than typical schlong ‘coz she’s a entire lot of female. After giving her a breast massage in the sun, his next task is to give his breasty boss a hawt copulate on her beach blanket and give her total fun. She certainly deserves it.

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The Lap Dancer

The Lap dancer

The Lap Dancer

When Merilyn Sakova debuted, there was only one thing to do. Photograph her as much as possible coz you never know when a peculiar chick adore Merilyn resolves to pack it all in.

In this pictorial, filmed in Kiev along with the accompanying clip, Merilyn plays a hawt dancer. Merilyn was at not time a lap dancer, as far as we know, but the dream is hawt.

One day, the SCORE crew was walking with Merilyn in Kiev looking at the sights when a passerby with obviously well-trained boob radar recognized her and asked if that lady-killer could acquire a few images taken with her. The boy was so nervous that skirt chaser was shaking. Merilyn has that effect on boyz.

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East Meets Breast 2

East Meets Breast 2

East Meets Breast 2

Hitomi and Lily Madison get it on in a fetish-style pairing. It’s Lily who’s the whispery lady and Hitomi the villein. They’re both slaves to their mutual lust for each other.

Her legs clad in shiny dark PVC boots and holding a pink S&M toy resembling a feminine version of a cat o’ nine tails, Lily calls the shots and tractable Hitomi doesn’t resist for a second. Lily has her on a leash as another reminder of who the boss is.

Getting her greater than average scones and little butt whipped makes Hitomi moan and cry out and Lily enjoys each second of their pang and pleasure game, knowing this babe is Hitomi’s owner. Each beauty had to voyage a long distance from home for this perverted, little game and they make each second count.

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Sweet 40H Knockers

Enjoyable 40H Bra buddies

Sweet 40H Breasts

Mia Hottie and her 40H whoppers and thick, soaked body have given many a charmer a tent-pole in his trousers. She has a girl-next-door personality and a sultry gleam in her eyes. A popular webcam goddess, Mia turns heads in the real world just as much as this babe does on-camera.

XL Girls: When u are talking to a Lothario, what are some qualities you detect fetching?

Mia: I love a boy who can make me snicker and pay a lot of attention to me.

XL Girls: What makes you chortle the hardest?

Mia: Very nasty jokes!

XL Girls: What excites you, makes u excited?

Mia: I adore it when a Lothario lazily touches my wrists. Those are my weak points. Strange right?

XL Girls: Everyone has their pleasant spots. Do you adore to talk impure in ottoman?

Mia: Yep, I like to dirty-talk in sofa!

XL Girls: What is something you’ve attempted, but won’t ever do once more?

Mia: Be in a slight boat. I am scared of drowning.

XL Girls: What superpower would you like to have for one day?

Mia: Read people’s minds!

XL Girls: You’d be reading a lot of X-rated thoughts about you!

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Katie’s Morning Ritual–Part Two

Katie’s Morning Ritual–Part Two

Katie's Morning Ritual--Part Two

It is a rare event to be granted specific access to that almost any secret of feminine temples of beauty, the bath, where gals turn themselves into total glamour honey bunnys, if they are favourable enough to kick off out with the basics of face and figure. And no one has more of the basics of face and figure than Katie Thornton.

In part 2 of Katie’s Morning Ritual, SCORE covergirl Katie does her hair, her toes, her makeup and chooses what she is intend to wear to lay waste to any smooth operator in Miami who sees her.

One time this babe is clothed in her taut outfit and is ready to rock, Katie heads out to wine, dine and party in advance of that babe flies off to wherever her wanderlust takes her. This babe is total British eye-candy, ravishing and saucy.

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Busty Dulcinea Domesticated

Big breasted Dulcinea Domesticated

Busty Dulcinea Domesticated

Dulcinea is here to clean up your place. U can look at her if you love. It will be difficult to keep your eyes off her curvy body since she’s wearing a constricted tank top and skintight jeans. Her large juggs are in forward thrust mode but they don’t fall out when she bows over doing her chores. When Dulcinea pays attention your compass pointing north, that babe comes to a conclusion to clean your 10-Pounder with her tongue. This is a very fastidious beauty. It would be an incomplete afternoon if this babe couldn’t receive fucked in advance of that babe went home.

SCORELAND: What do u desire to try sexually that u haven’t done yet?

Dulcinea: I wanna try S&M with a disciplined slavemaster. I don’t so much savour the pain threshold part of it as much as total submission. I likewise urge to have sex in a very public place. Like at a baseball game or smth.

SCORELAND: What is the almost any unusual sex position you’ve ever tried?

Dulcinea: An upside-down blow job whilst that skirt chaser was eating my love tunnel. I’ve wanted to try this one for years, and my husband just picked me up one day and was love, “Wait, do a handstand real quick!” and then this chab snatched me and started eating my wet crack upside down. I was level with his 10-Pounder, so I just shoved it down my mouth and we the one and the other came love that. I was awesome!

SCORELAND: Have u ever busted a guy’s cherry?

Dulcinea: Nope, not unless u count tit-fucking for the first time.

SCORELAND: If u could change one thing about male pornstars, what would it be?

Dulcinea: I want they would eat vagina more! Solely two I’ve worked with ever do and I get it all the time! One of my beloved male adult stars that I view all the time is like the king of wet crack eating. I could masturbate to that all day lengthy!

SCORELAND: Out of all of your SCORELAND scenes, what is your beloved?

Dulcinea: My favourite was definitely the scene I did with JMac. I look at lots of his scenes and working with him was a mammoth dream of mine! I loved that it was a domination-esque scene and it was so coarse. This chab could pick me up, which I’ve at no time done in advance of! It was so thrilling!

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Double Her Pleasure

Double Her Fun

Double Her Pleasure

If you have been following Alaura Grey‘s appearances at XL Beauties, u know the large leaps that babe is made since returning after an absence that was way also lengthy for everyone, an agonizing await because no one knew for sure if this babe would ever return. But hope springs eternal, love big fullsome funbags about to bust out of a bra. Alaura’s made the move from solo to a Fun bags & Tugs to a hardcore scene with an X-Man to this threeway with two guys, one as well as the other males astounded and amazed by Alaura’s astronomical and real 36M-cup love melons. Keep in mind that Alaura’s 4’11”.

Alaura told this babe had a three-some with a hubby and one of her close girlfriends once but this babe is not at all had a 3some with two boyfriends. Alaura was game to try one with two porn fellows on-camera.

It’s a great honor for these 2 to just receive their hands and mouths on Alaura’s fun bags, let alone shag her in her first two-man 3some. The hands of most bucks are dwarfed trying to lift her milk sacks up and play with them, if they are fortunate enough to be in that position.

Alaura said she’s very coyness when it comes to her meatballs and this babe doesn’t adore also much attention. Here at XL Angels, this babe is savouring some of her raunchy fantasies while getting a giant amount of attention by all of the boys this babe sends over the moon.

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The Bouncing Bazookas Bonus

The Bouncing Fullsome funbags Bonus

The Bouncing Mangos Bonus

Nixie Night is awesome at distracting men at work. Here this babe is in TSG’s workshop area bouncing and jiggling and running in set in this XL Bonus vid. Naturally all work ceased as male crew observed with glazed-over eyeballs.

To top things off, the bouncing ravisher oils up her super-huge 42Gs and boing-boings all over the shop. Who can concentrate when this cutie is in your face swinging these face-bashers? U there watching this during the time that you are at work: doesn’t going back to your job appear to be dull and boring now?

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