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Ariane Saint-Amour: Skintight Makes Right

Ariane Saint-Amour: Skintight Makes Right

Ariane Saint-Amour: Skintight Makes Right

Montreal’s cosplay and fetish star Ariane Saint-Amour one time called herself an “Otaku geek girl” who spends her free time playing clip games and reading mangas. This babe has a thing for clowns. The world needs more geek angels like this.

Have u ever had a raunchy collision with another angel?

Ariane: I am well-versed in girl-to-girl pleasures. I’ve a very “decent” strap-on at home for the ladies.

SCORELAND: Have u ever had sex in public?

Ariane: If there’s a way to do it in public out of getting into bother, I endevoured it or will.

SCORELAND: Are you assertive or passive?

Ariane: I am a switch.

SCORELAND: What satisfies u the finest?

Ariane: A ladies man and a beauty. Or 2….

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Katrin Porto Tit Chat

Katrin Porto Tit Chat

Katrin Porto Tit Chat

Katrin Porto chats with the photographer and fills us in with some details about herself. The interview is in Russian so we have added English captions. Katrin is a delicious angel with a volcanic sex drive.

“I love to spend my time studying the techniques of sexual massage and orall-service. I attach great importance to my carnal development. I prefer an active role in sex cuz I believe that it is important for a woman to do it so that it’s worthwhile.

I take an active role in sex. I adore engulfing a lot. I adore mouthing and bawdy cleft play very much during sex, previous to sex and after sex. I like oral stimulation. I love doggie; being on top and the missionary poses are comfortable and practical.”

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My Living Busty Doll

My Living Big boobed Doll

My Living Big breasted Doll

Woman sex-bots may be taking over. More and more of them are being produced. Even Korina Kova is having one made in her likeness by a company in Texas. Will they be taking over for real sweethearts?

Who’s that knock-knock-knocking on JMac’s door? It is a courier with a large box marked “Handle with care.” It’s a mystery. Who sent it? Was it sent by accident to the incorrect address? What’s in it? JMac lifts off the top half and is surprised at what he sees, and he’s rarely surprised.

It is not what’s in the box. It is who is in the box. It is the Savannah Stevens sex-droid, life-sized to the minutest detail and made out of the foremost, majority realistic and flesh-like material science has created. Bigger than average, soft, jutting bouncy bosoms. A feels-real snatch and anal opening. A fetching doll face, an booty crafted for male hands to cup and ideal legs. A womanoid even clothed in the tiniest stripper-wear to show her sexy body in.

JMac examines this modern marvel of science and thinks of the things this gent can do with this fem-bot. He touches it and feels the synthetic skin that’s as smooth as a girl’s skin. Does it, or rather “she,” actually work or is it just like a waxwork figure? He sees a tag on its back. “Pull here to activate.” With a tug, it, or rather “she” shudders, a beeping sound is heard and that babe takes a deep breath. Her milk cans thrust out and this babe awakens with a smile, her hands not fast leaking down her skinny, stacked torso. She lives!

JMac touches a boob encased in its beneath garment cup. “What are u?” this charmer asks. “I feel so much better now,” says Savannah-bot. JMac cant await to try her and test out her realistic throat and snatch. Whoever programmed this sex doll in mouthing and rogering knew his code work. And one time the test bang is over, there is one more important question: Does Savannah-bot know how to make coffee?

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Billie Austin’s Getting Busy

Billie Austin’s Getting Busy

Billie Austin's Getting Busy

“I have a confession,” Billie Austin says as this scene spreads. “I have my eye on the neighbor chap.”

There is no thing not right with this at all. Gracious, full figured chicks have wicked needs, and if Billie’s neighbour is anything like us, he’s had his eye on this H-cup sweet heart for quite some time.

“When I watch a sexy man my knickers receive luscious and I can not control myself,” Billie adds.

Like we suspected, Billie’s neighbour enjoys the look at, also. They say the grass isn’t always greener, but if the grass is Billie Austin’s, you’d more mind blowing get your a-hole over there. Which is what her neighbour, our friend JMac, does. Bilie catches him peeping through the window, and being the concupiscent angel that she’s, that babe invites him in.

JMac doesn’t waste any time gonna work on Billie’s fascinating female lumps. In 2 shakes, that ladies man is groping her and pulling her funbags out of her top and bra.

“Oh yep, take those pointer sisters,” Billie groans.

JMac takes several mouthfuls and handfuls of milk cans and this chab gives her a mouthful and cunt-ful of schlong in return. That buck fucks her cowgirl, front, back, side-to-side and even fills her with a pile-driver in advance of dropping a load of man cream on her face and scones.

“Thanks for stopping by!” Billie says, caressing his juice into her wobblers.

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Schoolgirl Hitomi Takes A Study Break For Fun bags

Schoolgirl Hitomi Takes A Study Break For Meatballs

Schoolgirl Hitomi Takes A Study Break For Boobs

School’s out for Hitomi. This babe cuts through a secluded garden on her way home and makes a decision to study there since the weather is precious. That doesn’t final lengthy. The book bores her. Nature calls.

No one is around and there are plenty of trees and bushes for cover so Hitomi acquires out of the shapeless schoolgirl outfit to play with her big, heavy bra-busters and her bawdy cleft.

Hitomi does masturbate often at home. That babe told that babe likes to use her fingers but will use toys sometimes ‘cuz her fingers acquire fatigued. “Sometimes I don’t masturbate for a full week,” Hitomi said. “Sometimes I do it 3 times a day, four times a week. When I check out TV, I will masturbate sometimes.”

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Boob Science: Big Tit Boss Lady

Boob Science: Big Tit Boss Lady

Boob Science: Larger than run of the mill Tit Boss Lady

Boob scientist Dexter works as a delivery man for a bitchy, big boobed boss (Aileen Ghettman). This woman chaser would have no chance of getting in Miss Ghettman’s thongs on his own but with the super-power of Mandy (Daphne Rosen), things have a way of working out in the pursuit of cookie.

Daphne clears the conference room so Miss Ghettman can suggest her big-boobed body to her fresh crush, Dexter. The size of her zeppelins is absolutely nice-looking. He’s in hooter heaven.

The recent friends adjourn to the conference room couch so Dexter can relish stretching out Aileen and bang the bitchiness out of her.

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Push For The Tush & Semen For The Cooze

Push For The Tush & Ball cream For The Cooze

Push For The Tush & Jism For The Cooze

Twilight Starr wants to show Johnny her recent neon-green outfit that has the appearance of a cross betwixt a dress and a swimsuit. Would she wear this to the supermarket? Twilight craves to go-go dance for him and shake her milk cans and bum-bum in his face. This chab is very interested in this idea and enjoys seeing her spank her wazoo.

Twilight climbs on the bed behind Johnny and lays her mammoth 46-inch mambos on his head. That stud takes deep breaths before she covers his face with her twin flesh-pillows. When Twilight does this to a lad, it means that babe is blessing him and he’s in for a whole lot of big-titty pleasure.

Twilight feeds his need for teat mouthing, making sure this smooth operator gets his fill of velvety, warm breastmeat. This babe comes around to sit on his lap and grind-dance her way to his heart. That petticoat chaser turns her around to lower her string knickers and examine her ass-tastic ass. Using 2 fingers, he finger-bangs her warm lady-box as that babe stands bent forward from the waist. This babe can’t live without his high-speed fingering. When he pulls his fingers out to spank her asscheek, his fingers are soaked from her slit juices.

Twilight is a lusty and fleshly hotty and this babe really appreciates getting a lip-lock on a stupendous dong. This babe is always willing to kneel previous to the greater than average boy and gulp it. When this chab slides it into her tight pussy-hole after she gives him a great oral fun, Twilight acquires dick-drunk in no time.

Coming around from behind with Twilight on her side, Johnny sluggishly slides his sausage into her tight anus. This ass was made for fucking and Twilight at not time holds back on sharing her arse. This chab moves slowly at first, then builds up vigour. This drives her rogering mad. Johnny drills her butt in numerous ways, all whilst urging Twilight on. It’s the deep-doggie injection that pokes her over the edge.

This wild anal fuck is capped off with one of the creamiest cream-pie muff climaxes. It is a real pleased ending for a amorous XL Girl.

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String Swim suit For A Thick, Slick Angel

String Bathing costume For A Thick, Slick Chick

String Swim dress For A Thick, Slick Chick

Green-eyed Kentuckian Veronica Bow has a string swim costume that doesn’t receive any stringier. It looks love it’s made without red dental floss. We must say that Veronica looks smashable in it.

Veronica said she would probably wear it at a pool. It’s the kind of bathing costume that doesn’t get a glance in the south of France but in USA, people go nuts seeing it.

At swimming pool side, Veronica oils up her fleshy body until she’s absolutely coated and dripping (bouncing in slow motion likewise). After showering and drying off, Veronica meets us in the living room to finger her twat.

“I usually acquire a lot of attention but I am used to it and I’ve learned to roll with it,” said Veronica who has a DD/LG fetish. We had to look that one up. DD/LG stands for Dad Master, Little Goddess.

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Cheryl Blossom: Boobs-A-Poppin’ Top Droppin’

Cheryl Blossom: Boobs-A-Poppin’ Top Droppin’

Cheryl Blossom: Boobs-A-Poppin' Top Droppin'

Cheryl Blossom sets off a popcorn explosion in the kitchen. She just needed to touch the bowl and the air was filled with flying popcorn. She’s the kind of cutie who inspires fellows to consider a career in bra-fitting. This babe is an anatomy reward winner in every way, and alluring likewise.

Cheryl gives the impression of a calm, relaxed, well-read cutie who follows her own star and takes anything in stride, including what other people say, especially beauties.

“I remember one situation when I was in another town in my country, and I was walking down the street, and a cutie was walking toward me, and she said me that such bigger in size than typical silicone fun bags are horrible. And I said, ‘Okay.’ That babe just sauntered away and I thought, ‘I will not ever watch u afresh, I hope.'”

As Cheryl said earlier, “I crave to live with out paying attention to what people around me think about me. All of us crave it probably.”

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Lana Blanc: Beautiful & Busty.

Lana Blanc: Fashionable & Breasty.

Lana Blanc: Glamourous & Big breasted.

“I receive lots of attention when I am wearing very low-cut things, but honestly, I don’t costume in a very revealing way in my day-to-day life,” told gracious darksome brown Lana Blanc.

Lana’s voice is as seductive as her personality and her busty body, as the clip proves. “While I relish glamour modeling, getting so much attention in my intimate, archetypal life isn’t for me.

Lana has a Bachelor’s degree in marketing. This babe is an art paramour, likes to voyage, especially by air cuz she loves flying and airplanes, and craves to watch as much of the world as possible.

“I’m a foodie so I savour wonderful dining. I enjoy going to museums and reading travel magazines to give a decision where I wanna go next.”

Fortunately for all of us, one of Lana’s destinations included SCORELAND.

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