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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Making Sparks With Christy Sparks

Written on October 20, 2019 at 10:52 pm, by

Making Sparks With Christy Sparks

Making Sparks With Christy Sparks

Christy Sparks and Sean Lawless chat a bit in advance of they set off the fireworks. Christy is a little nervous, worried about looking silly. Sean makes sure this babe won’t. He is got a porn virgin on his hands but that babe is no wallflower and turns into a screamer when Sean gives her the dick-down after relishing her 34DDD wobblers, a blow job and a tit-fucking.

“I adore rock hard rogering and teat play,” told Christy, who emailed after a referral.

“I’m still exploring different kinds of foreplay but I’ve fun nipp play. I try to have sex as often but as safely as I can. I have had sex in a park and on the beach. I loved it and wanna do more public sex. I relish the thrill of being in the open. When it comes to anal play, I like having my booty eaten out but that’s all. When I give a oral, I do the one and the other spitting or swallowing.”

Christy’s got shaggy, darksome hair and braces. Voluptuous mag editor Dave renowned “Because we normally associate braces with teenage gals, they usually make a cutie appear to be younger than she is, and that young ‘n’ stacked button is a hot one for lots of us, me included.”

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Alexsis Faye: Busty Bathing Beauty In The Buff

Written on October 20, 2019 at 2:45 pm, by

Alexsis Faye: Big breasted Bathing Ravisher In The Buff

Alexsis Faye: Big busted Bathing Dish In The Buff

Alexsis Faye invites us into a girl’s interior sanctum–the bathroom–so we can spend some quality time watching this big breasted bathing looker in the strapping.

SCORELAND: Alexsis, what is the most-unusual sex position you’ve ever endevoured?

Alexsis: I have no idea if it is likewise weird but I discover it very unyielding to detect a ladies man who can do this one since I am not exactly light as a feather. It’s called the clasp and it is when the ladies man stands and I wrap my legs around his waist during the time that this dude supports me by holding my a-hole.

SCORELAND: Do u adore looking in a mirror during sex?

Alexsis: I adore it! That’s why I am now searching for a king-size mirror to insert my bedroom.

SCORELAND: Do u watch adult episodes and if yep, what kind?

Alexsis: I do check out adult clips. I have a fetish for she-males.

SCORELAND: I would have not at any time guessed that. Do you’ve any much loved books or magazines?

Alexsis: I love to read in advance of going to couch and my favourite book this year is Intelligence: The Creative Response To Now by Osho and it is about learning how to approach problems and solve them.

SCORELAND: What do u like to drink when u party?

Alexsis: My favorites are champagne and rose wine.

SCORELAND: Are there any SCORELAND models you would love to meet?

Alexsis: My favourite SCORELAND models are Gal Wicky, Dolly Fox and Katarina Dubrova

SCORELAND: Alexsis, thank u for being you.

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Ana Montes: Homegrown Melon Squeezer

Written on October 18, 2019 at 11:25 pm, by

Ana Montes: Homegrown Melon Squeezer

Ana Montes: Homegrown Melon Squeezer

Ana Montes is proud of her Colombian casabas. We can tell that from her tugging and tossing her tan-lined tetas with abandon, giving lip-service to her greater than typical teats and areolae with vacuum-like self-sucking, doing jug jumping jacks and going knuckle-deep inside her cookie.

“To be honest, wherever I go, they observe me and their eyes go to my big billibongs,” said Ana. “Before, I didn’t like it so much but now I love it. It makes me feel that I’m impressive cuz I’ve greater than typical boobies. It is a male-dominant population so I receive tons of attention and boyz wanting to talk to me, date me.

“I love anal play, finger penetration and anal dance. The penetration feels more intense in my opinion besides stimulating my G-spot exquisitely. I too love to be penetrated with fingers in my asshole whilst I’ve vaginal sex.

“When I’ve a husband I may swallow his spunk but it depends on the smack. When his man cream is very acidic I truly cannot drink it, but when it is not, I swallow very well. Generally I prefer that that charmer does not cum in my face hole or on my face. I most like to watch the cream squirted on my tits.”

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Head To The Mountains of Africa Sexxx

Written on October 18, 2019 at 11:06 pm, by

Head To The Mountains of Africa Sexxx

Head To The Mountains of Africa Sexxx

“I’m naturally extra sexually excited all the time,” said Africa Sexxx. “But when a seemingly, ravishing and blameless boy does something sexually assertive and a wee bit aggressive, that is supplementary gripping.”

Africa’s sudden return and fantastic breast growth caught us with our trousers down. Not having heard from her in a lengthy time and then seeing this development was a major surprise.

BBBWluva commented “Goodness, this babe was always hot, but has now reached her fall potential. Yep, I mean fall…a bigger in size than typical fall for these magnificent, full floppers. Still just as glamourous but bigger, hotter. For a flopper lover though, I eagerly wait to watch if the coming years bring an even lower dangling couple…in a T-shirt…the imagination runs wild!”

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Olivia Jackson HardSCORE XXX

Written on October 17, 2019 at 6:44 am, by

Olivia Jackson HardSCORE XXX

Olivia Jackson HardSCORE XXX

The SCORELAND movie scene editors, boyz who have viewed and edited thousands of scenes, thought that superbusty and booty-rich Olivia Jackson had lots of prior glamour modeling experience.

“I always wanted to adult model,” says naturally blessed Olivia. “But I by no means did. I not ever thought I could search it cuz u watch the magazines and these beauties look impressive and perfect. Everyone has little things they don’t like about their bodies.”

Olivia was encouraged to contact BeASCOREModel by a friend.

Olivia is from Las Vegas. This babe has not ever been a stripper although that babe enjoys plan to undress clubs with her girlfriends.

“No, I am not a gogo dancer,” Olivia said. “I get that a lot, likewise. People who meet me for the 1st time, I need to tell them, ‘No, I’ve never been a stripper’ and ‘Yes, my bazookas are real.’ ‘coz there are so many fake love bubbles in Las Vegas and I am from Vegas so they think all gals with breasts this size are strippers. My billibongs are gigantic so they just stick out no matter what I wear, and my butt is large so it does the same thing no matter what I put on. If I don’t look love I’m dressing for the Amish, people assume I’m a gogo dancer.

“I usually wear shirts that cover my neckline as much as possible, and the bottom part, I adore to wear pencil skirts and pencil dresses, but I do try to cover my zeppelins. My billibongs are large enough that it’s just likewise much to wear anything that is revealing or will make them look even greater.”

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Take Her To The Maxx

Written on October 16, 2019 at 10:34 pm, by

Take Her To The Maxx

Take Her To The Maxx

“I’m ok with being in nature’s garb, but when it comes to talking, I am timid,” nice-looking goddess on the block Kelli Maxx tells the XL Gals director. That’s precious. Not everyone can be talkative on-camera.

Meanwhile, Kelli can play with her magnificent greater than average love bubbles for as long as she loves. Kelli knows tons of tit tricks and that babe is not timid about playing with her hawt fur pie.

Kelli dresses to flaunt off her figure when she goes out, but she says she usually keeps her zeppelins covered. She’ll wear taut, form-fitting hawt raiment so u can tell just now that this babe has bigger in size than standard titties.

“I love Balconette bras. They poke my scoops jointly and create indeed hot deep cleavage. I can usually tell if a undergarment will fit me or not so I by no means acquire a fitting.”

Kelli is an attention magnet.

“I like lots of attention. I like to let things happen naturally when I meet anybody, but if I adore or desire smth, you’ll know it.”

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Shyla Shy’s Long, Hot Summer

Written on October 15, 2019 at 2:35 pm, by

Shyla Shy’s Long, Sexy Summer

Shyla Shy's Lengthy, Hawt Summer

One reason Shyla Timid was drawn to SCORELAND was her ex-partner.

“Whenever we were in couch, my ex-boyfriend didn’t desire to fuck me normally, this fellow just wanted to shag my boobies, and this chab always wanted to cum on my love muffins,” Shyla explained.

“I’d must say to him, ‘I have a cum-hole, u know!’ But even walking around the abode, whenever I passed him, he’d be handling them all the time, and if we were sat around watching TV, he’d play with them during the time that we watched. All he wanted to do was copulate my pantoons, and that got old.”

Shyla has not-so-shy advice for us tit-men ‘cuz there are times when we probably do get likewise bewitched with just jugs. “Guys who date angels with larger than typical mambos need to know that they’re more than just a couple of fun bags,” Shyla emphasized.

“Their complete body needs attention. Most males crave to do both. U know, they’ll screw me, then they’ll tit-fuck me, or sometimes they’ll do it the other way around. I like it better in my love tunnel, but u gotta keep the dudes happy! Tons of boyz adore me to wrap my scones around their strapon while I’m giving them head. I do that, also.”

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Sofia Santana Bikini-Busting Brunette hair

Written on October 14, 2019 at 11:19 pm, by

Sofia Santana Bikini-Busting Dark brown

Sofia Santana Bikini-Busting Brunette

Sofia Santana has curves to spare and big, heavy milk shakes more common in a guy’s fantasies than in real life. When we saw this stunner’s test pix sent in by an agent, our photo team was ready for action. Sofia speaks Spanish and so does our team. Our editors added English captions to her movie.

“When I go out, I wear low-cut, hawt tops to show my deep cleavage,” Sofia said. “My bras are fitted for me or I’ll wear peculiar bras that are velvety and provide gentle compression.

“I hope everybody loves seeing me wear my bathing dress. I’m interested in reading what the boys must say. I’ve always gotten tons of attention but it doesn’t bother me so much anymore because I’ve gotten used to the looks and questions from people and I’m satisfied of my body.”

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Hope For The Best: Lissa Hope

Written on October 13, 2019 at 10:35 pm, by

Hope For The Best: Lissa Hope

Hope For The Best: Lissa Hope

The mirror at not time lies. The cutie in the mirror is a voluptuous looker. Lissa Hope‘s curves have curves. “I like to wear constricted or low-cut tops to accentuate my curves,” told Lissa, who grew up on a farm. (Kaytee Carter likewise grew up on a farm.)

“Growing up, I was known for my pointer sisters. I get stared at often. I am usually flattered by it coz I suppose my body is alluring and unique.”


“Most bucks usually go to my wobblers but then they tell me I have pretty eyes. If I ask them on the spot what color they are they won’t be talented to answer. They’ll usually tell me, ‘I just know that they’re the color of the ocean.’ But they aren’t.”

When Lissa checked out SCORELAND for the first time, this babe was interested in becoming a part of The Bigger than run of the mill Brandish. There was some hesitation but that dissipated.

“We were looking at Linsey Dawn McKenzie, and I was adore, ‘Yeah, she and I are close.’ She is a little bit larger than I am. I had interviews with a web-cam service that I blew off to come here, and I thought, ‘This is a little more reliable.'”

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Amy Villainous & Her Two-Man Date At

Written on October 12, 2019 at 10:45 pm, by

Amy Villainous & Her Two-Man Date At

Amy Villainous & Her Two-Man Date At

Bra-busting superwoman Amy Villainous has a sexy date with Sam Shock. They “met” on a dating site and are meeting for real at his place. Meanwhile, Sam eagerly reveals his housemate Anthony Gaultier a photo of Amy. Anthony says he’ll go out and give them some privacy.

Amy arrives at Sam’s place and acquires cozy on the bed. They talk about her fantastic 38J wonders, nature’s bounty. Amy lifts up her shirt and flaunts Sam her melons in her bra. That ladies man starts to feel her up. Amy looks out the window and sees Anthony spying on them. Sam tells her who he’s and that babe tells Sam to invite him in. Almost any girls in this situation would put their mellons away and walk out the door but not Amy. That babe tells Sam she loves to be viewed having sex or masturbating.

She wishes Anthony to see her and Sam, then has Anthony join in. The boys every aid themselves to a humongous breast. Pants are dropped so Amy can suck each knob in turn and rub their rods on her enormous bouncy bosoms. She blows them down to the root, jerking one lad while that babe is mouthing the other. They take turns giving Amy man service, rogering her rock hard and changing poses. That babe sucks Sam during the time that getting the wang doggystyle in a spit roasting. This babe sits on Anthony’s pole as that babe swallows Sam. She rides Sam facing him while engulfing off Anthony.

Whatsoever in a relationship with app Sam uses is very effective.

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