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Monthly Archives: December 2019

Bikini Stuffing

Written on December 16, 2019 at 7:54 am, by

Bathing costume Stuffing

Bikini Stuffing

Erin and Helen Star along with pal Kitty Cute are having a beer at the Coco Bar when Dave calls them with the latest North Coast defiance. They’re ready for soever task he’s gonna assign.

“Hello, beauties, your next challenge is to try on the smallest bikini tops u can identify,” Dave tells them.

The idea is to see who can tuck her massive marangos into the smallest bathing costume tops they can detect in a box at the Coco Bar.

They initiate with the titanic bathing dress tops and work their way to the smallest tops, their bazookas spilling out. The final bikinis they put on are extreme swimsuits. They walk to the lawn and break into a 3 cutie dance, their king-size scoops bouncing and swinging. Seeing ’em dance may lead to becoming very boob-drunk so check out responsibly.

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Ivanna Lace’s Heavy Honeycups From Hooter Heaven

Written on December 15, 2019 at 3:59 pm, by

Ivanna Lace’s Enormous Honeycups From Hooter Heaven

Ivanna Lace's Heavy Honeycups From Hooter Heaven

The hot and gorgeous Ivanna Lace has many super-powers and knows how to use them for the fine of humanity. Her body is spectacular and her 38J honeycups are marvels of mammary glory.

“I developed early and from then on, I was always the center of attention. I love it. Boys say to me, ‘Your smile is so impressive, I forgot where I acquire to go,’ or they follow me and try to engage me in conversation.”

Ivanna has an unconventional bathtub to soak in, and whilst in it, that babe tries smth with a realistic fake penis that’s a first at XL Girls.

A hotty who’s straightforward about sex, Ivanna explained what turns her on.

“When I do a blow job, I take his penis without my throat so that this chab can cum on my milk cans. I like to see that. I like sensitive fingering, role playing, touching, kissing, licking with tongue of areolas and jerking. I am assertive in ottoman but if my hubby loves to be the dominant one, I will be the topmost passive spouse. I did have an experience with a goddess and it was indeed astounding. I didn’t imagine it could be so delicate and tender.”

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Lucy Laistner: Russian Cowgirl Will Rope You In

Written on December 14, 2019 at 4:13 pm, by

Lucy Laistner: Russian Cowgirl Will Rope You In

Lucy Laistner: Russian Cowgirl Will Rope U In

There’re over a thousand Russian cowboys working in their country as wranglers but Russian cowgirls are uncommon. Big-boobed, bodacious legal age teenager Lucy Laistner makes up for this scarcity in this scene. Lucy has the boots, the hat and the handsome clothes. What a stylish sight! Lucy also has a jug of milk to pour all over her flawless body once she receives in the muscular.

“I’m a student,” told Lucy who turned Eighteen in 2019. “I love photo discharges. Posing is so kewl. Preparing for pix and clips and the process of making ’em gives me great fun.”

It was Lucy’s fantasy to meet some of her idols. She is made some of that fantasy come true.

“I love gals with large breasts. Demmy Blaze, Cheryl Blossom, Maria Body, Samantha Lily, they are so ravishing to me and I admire ’em. They inspire me. I love to spend time with them when I can.”

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Christy Sparks: Finger Lickin’ Fine

Written on December 13, 2019 at 3:52 pm, by

Christy Sparks: Finger Lickin’ Fine

Christy Sparks: Finger Lickin' Good

Youthful, cute and thick Christy Sparks is a high-school pupil looking for new experiences and she detected some of ’em at XL Beauties. This babe said that babe doesn’t usually date, smth that surprises us. We’re sure that plenty of lads in her city have their eye on this curly-haired, flirty, breasty girl-next-door with braces.

“I get shy but I like attention,” told Christy. “I dress to display off my bumpers. I even wear hot bras. I adore to wear reservoir tops and tight T-shirts, for myself and to brandish off.”

Christy told that babe likes engulfing weenie. JMac and Sean Lawless will agree that schlong engulfing is one of Christy’s talents. Christy was a little nervous previous to her scenes with the boys but she warmed up fast and it is obvious that she likes sex.

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Big Tit Showtime With Sirale

Written on December 12, 2019 at 11:40 pm, by

Big Tit Showtime With Sirale

Big Tit Showtime With Sirale

Sirale plays hot stripper and works the pole. Two poles, in fact. The brunette curvette looks sexy as this babe spins around the cold metallic tube. Her audience of 2 in this private exotic dancing club wanna give Sirale smth inflexible likewise.

Sirale can work it and that babe is got moves. Her grinding against the pole is working its magic. Next, this babe takes her larger than run of the mill love bubbles and wraps them around the pole. That babe taunts the 2 with the promise of a great time. And she will deliver, different from many other dancers.

Thomas and Neeo reach out for Sirale to come closer. They want her. That babe sits betwixt ’em and they every reach out to engulf a areola and squeeze her natural zeppelins. Sirale’s areolas become as rock hard and as hard as pencil erasers from the attention lavished by their lips and tongues. The elongation is noticeable.

Thomas has 1st rights to take up with the tongue Sirale’s seize. That sends her over the edge. She takes a meat-thermometer in each hand and sucks and jacks ’em. If one shaft is not in her mouth, she is jerking it. At one point, she takes one as well as the other knobs in her mouth.

They put Sirale on her back. Neeo bangs Sirale’s deep cleavage during the time that Thomas copulates her mouth. They pull off her knickers for a wonderful, unblocked see of her wet crack. Thomas pokes his prick into her while Neeo shags the brunette stripper’s face hole.

Now Neeo needs Sirale’s cunt. They turn her around so she’s in a doggy position, one knee on the sofa. Neeo takes her twat and Thomas gives her throat schlong. She sucks it hands-free.

Who has the almost all stamina left when this three-way fuck is over? Not those two strip joint punters.

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Ravishing Isabella

Written on December 11, 2019 at 4:01 pm, by

Lovely Isabella

Sweet Isabella

Isabella Grazzi‘s meatballs began their tour to bountiful at the age of 16. Now she’s got 50-inch juggs, measured by our people who work in the models’ dressing room.

Isabella says this babe buys 34FFF-cup bras. “Nordstroms have bras in my size,” says Isabella. “I usually wear these or sports bras.” When Isabella goes out, this babe doesn’t dress to show off her deep cleavage. “I hide ’em as much as possible.”

Isabella chats and then flaunts off her goodies, which are not only wonderful but priceless and plenty. That babe acquires comfy on the bed and does what she does at home when she’s lascivious. It receives her wet and sticky.

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The Hot Secretary

Written on December 11, 2019 at 8:10 am, by

The Sexy Typist

The Sexy Secretary

How is Rockell, born and raised in Alabama, a true, down-home southern gal?

“I spent many nights riding down dirt roads in the centre of nowhere,” explained Rockell, her always cheerful expression making everybody feel worthwhile. “We used to drink. That’s what you do in little southern towns, because there isn’t much else to do. U have bonfires and everybody acquires together. Everybody knows everyone’s business. In the South, there’s a thing about southern generosity, and it is true. I have gone to other places where they weren’t so hospitable, so I definitely like the South. Even here in south Florida!”

Rockell is a ladies man, almost certainly about it. A southern lady-killer. This babe could enchantment the little birdies without the trees. Now imagine Rockell as a receptionist. Your efficient, stacked receptionist. You’d not at all acquire a take up with the tongue of work done. You’d be lost in a trance for seven hours plus an sixty minutes for lunch as that babe went about her responsibilities.

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Big Boobs Underwater

Written on December 9, 2019 at 4:19 pm, by

Greater than typical Fullsome funbags Underwater

Big Pantoons Underwater

Swimsuit-busting cuties Erin and Helen Star and Daria are relaxing at swimming pool side in the second chapter of On Location North Coast. Daria and Erin are fondelling suntan lotion on Helen when SCORE mag editor Dave calls ’em with a defiance.

“Girls, I know you’re enjoying your day by the pool, but I think you’re intend to savour your next defiance even more. It is the underwater pool challenge. You’re gonna retrieve specific underwater dive rings from the bottom of the pool, and we’re gonna observe with our underwater cameras. The winner is the hotty who can pick up the most dive rings. So beauties, jump right in.”

The 3some pull off their tight shorts, ready to collect those rings. The swimsuits they wear for this challenge are little more than colored strings. The girls jump into the pool and kick off collecting the rings in a special way whilst the underwater cameras chase their every sexy move. Their gigantic mambos float and bob in a ballet of scones.

Their swimsuits come off and previous to the 3 voluptuous goddesses get out of the pool, they play in the water, laughing and relishing themselves.

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Diana Eisley: Breast Size Matters

Written on December 9, 2019 at 3:42 pm, by

Diana Eisley: Breast Size Matters

Diana Eisley: Breast Size Matters

Diana Eisley was spotted by one of our finders when that fellow went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. Diana was the hostess. Previous to leaving, that Lothario introduced himself and gave her his contact information. Finding models in the real world is one of the more difficult approaches.

“I sent her fotos to the SCORE studio,” our gent reported for a blog posting. “Usually, I receive to expect a not many days to acquire approval for a goddess to discharge. However, in this instance, it was an instant yeah. I followed up with Diana after her shoot and this babe said this babe was thrilled and was very thankful for the opportunity. This babe craves to proceed shooting with The SCORE Group, and make no doubt of me when I say, we are very glad to have her.”

From seeing Diana for the 1st time to her first-ever modeling session, the whole process took underneath a week. Diana does gymnastics and her flexibility is on-display in this scene.

“My mellons are kinda always on display,” Diana told. “I’ll wear taut, form-fitted clothing as well as the occasional low-hanging, off-the-shoulder and V-neck dresses. I always wear a brassiere unless there is a reason not to.”

A single girl, Diana calls herself “Pretty nerdy in real life, and gorgeous adventurous so everything out of the normal sounds love a fun date to me.”

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Billi Bardot Is Dressed For Sex

Written on December 8, 2019 at 12:04 am, by

Billi Bardot Is Dressed For Sex

Billi Bardot Is Dressed For Sex

Billi Bardot walks upstairs and finds Tyler Steele in her house. This chab tells Billi that her son let him sleep over. This chab is about to make his exit but Billi stops him. No one is home and she is randy. For Tyler, the temptation to screw the incredibly big breasted, extremely sexy golden-haired is too meaty to resist. This babe has him by the short hairs. Billi will let him leave after that man pounds her the way this babe likes it and after this chap leaves her big bra-busters splattered with nut-syrup. She needs jock for around 30 minutes. Sounds adore a great deal to us.

“I’ve always done soever I wanted,” Billi told. “I always lived by my own rules. Plenty of people say they do not care what people think. I genuinely do not care what anyone thinks of me. I do not dress to brandish off my body in my everyday life. I’m usually around kids doing Mother ram, so I do not think that’s appropriate. If I go to the food store, I’ll wear a baggy shirt, maybe some workout pants or yoga pants, shorts, T-shirt. Just standard stuff. Nothing that displays everything.

“I don’t think I ever get constrained. Well, that’s not true. I did have a guy come up to me in CVS and ask for my autograph, and I was dumbfounded, cuz there I am in CVS with this cart full of almond milk and cereal and different ram, and I looked at him sideways and said, ‘I think you’ve me confused with anybody else,’ and that dude said, ‘No I don’t. You’re Billi Bardot. I just saw you on Twitter,’ and I was adore, ‘I do not know what you’re talking about’ and traipsed away.”

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