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Beautiful Ho Picked-up For Motel Sex

Beautiful Ho Picked-up For Motel Sex

Beautiful Ho Picked-up For Motel Sex

What makes a beautiful, busty, fresh-faced girl want to wear slutty, tight, short, low-cut dresses that show cleavage, and long, gold whore boots and want to sell her fresh, pink pussy on the street?

What compels her to shamelessly ask total strangers in back alleys and desolate streets if they want to fuck her perfect mouth, natural, big tits and tight, young cunt in a motel room for money and never see her again?

We don’t know but we like to watch them do it.

Our adults-only show, “Beautiful Ho Picked-up For Motel Sex” dramatizes this reality with the participation of the lovely and talented Kali West and a lucky porn-schmuck.

We watch Kali in an alley adjust her clothing, unmindful of any stray pedestrians or drivers who may be watching her. She lounges by the dumpster, a shocking location for a beautiful angel to spend her day and evening fishing for clients she can service.

What kind of filthy animals can she expect to find in this forsaken place? Sleazy dudes with a few hundred dollars they earned from selling their sperm who have a few pints left to spray on a hooker’s body and face.

Why, Kali? Why? Part of us plead silently that Kali not go off with this man. Our unheard protests go unheeded.

Watch as this trick has his way with this gorgeous, delicate flower in a pervert’s motel, fucking her sweet pussy and mouth on dirty sheets still damp from the previous whore and her trick. She has one of the most-talented pussies and throats a man could want to pump. So innocent…so nasty.

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Mer, Angie Bravo & Isa Gomez Play Kiss

Mer, Angie Bravo & Isa Gomez Play Kiss

Mer, Angie Bravo & Isa Gomez Play Kiss

It’s chilly, so Mer, Angie Bravo and Isa Gomez have the fireplace going and a blanket to keep warm. It’s no surprise the three amazing amigas are cold. They’re only wearing their bras and panties.

Mer has an idea to warm themselves up, and what a great idea it is.

Gathered around a table that has a deck of playing cards on it, Mer says to her big-boobed girlfriends, “Let’s play with the cards. Let’s play Kiss. Whoever loses removes an item of clothing.” Angie and Isa are all in on this game.

Kiss works like this. Mer takes a card and places it against her lips. She sucks so the card sticks to her lips by suction. Mer leans over to Angie who puts her lips on the card and sucks so now it sticks to Angie’s lips. Angie transfers the card to Isa who “kisses” it to Mer. Think mouth-to-mouth with a card between their lips. Whoever drops the card loses the round.

It’s a horny game for fun-loving girls, like this incredible trio. When everyone drops the cards and their underwear’s gone, the girls come up with something even sexier to heat themselves up on this chilly day.

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What Happens In Emma Shay’s Bedroom Doesn’t Stay There

What Happens In Emma Shay’s Bedroom Doesn’t Stay There

What Happens In Emma Shay's Bedroom Doesn't Stay There

“So, I get she appears to be married but wondering if her husband would loan her to me. She’s so horny and, man, would I love to eat her and listen to her moan. I love the fact that she’s a real woman and loves to be pleased.”

“Emma in a double penetration or Lesbian scene would be awesome.”

“New young stuff. Keep her cum-ing back. Okay! Back, front, hanging those big tits down.”

Emma Shay enjoys reading comments about her. She gets off when the camera is on and pointing in her direction. Emma found her calling and has a liberal husband who is one lucky man.

SCORELAND: Are you called by any pet names?

Emma Shay: Just babe or baby.

SCORELAND: Do you wear any T-shirts with sexy or funny sayings?

Emma Shay: Sometimes!

SCORELAND: Do you go to the beach or pools?

Emma Shay: Yes, I love the beach and like to go swimming.

SCORELAND: What kind of swimsuits do you like to wear?

Emma Shay: Underwire bikinis when actually swimming or micro-bikinis for shoots.

SCORELAND: What position do you sleep in?

Emma Shay: On my back, and I also switch between both sides.

SCORELAND: When you’re trying on a bra, what do you do to test whether it’s going to fit right?

Emma Shay: My way of testing it is jumping up and down and bending over.

SCORELAND: How long does a bra last you before you throw it out?

Emma Shay: Usually two-to-three years.

SCORELAND: What are your favorite kinds of gifts for Xmas or your birthday or in general?

Emma Shay: Video games and clothes.

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KeAloha Means Sex

KeAloha Means Sex

KeAloha Means Sex

Claudia and her bedmate are dozing when Claudia wakes up. She sleeps in a bra to keep her large hooters supported and secure. Horny immediately, Claudia touches her tits, pulls her bra down and rubs the nipples, getting excited.

She needs cock, bad. The hormones are pumping in the morning. She throws off the covers, still dressed in stockings, panties and bra, and starts engulfing his cock with her drooling mouth. Claudia has plans for his rod: stick it in her pussy hole and do a special pole dance on it. She’s got the horny morning blues and she needs action. She’s ready to ride the buckaroo to the Big O ranch.

“I love breast squeezing and sucking,” Claudia told SCORE‘s editors. “I like my tits handled roughly but gently at the same time. My tits are very soft and can be squeezed hard. My nipples are very, very sensitive so no biting or pulling hard on them. Gentle sucks are best for my nipples. Kissing and my tits being sucked make me cum the hardest.

“I like missionary position because I love to have my tits sucked while I have sex and also to be kissed. I like to see the guy’s face and have eye contact with him too. My least favorite is doggie because I can’t see anything.

“As you may have seen in my videos, I love giving head. I love to get my guy very hard by giving him head before I let him in my pussy. I am tight so I like big cocks, but due to my small pussy they can be hard to take. So it is important but I don’t need a really huge dick.”

Claudia gets a huge dick anyway. She deserves one.

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Trimming The Bushes

Trimming The Bushes

Trimming The Bushes

Lucy Lenore is a girly girl. She loves to primp, and she loves to feel pretty. Of course, when a girl looks like Lucy, grooming and looking pretty comes fairly easy.

“I do like to get dolled up,” Lucy said. “Especially on my nights out on the town with my girls. Of course, I’m always wearing a tight dress or top and showing off plenty of cleavage.”

We have to say, as much as we enjoy watching Lucy get dolled up, we love watching her take it all off and wash up. Watching Lucy peel her clothes off and lather up her plush naturals, soft belly and plump booty is mesmerizing. In our estimation, there’s no time when a woman looks sexier and more fuckable, than when she is dripping from head-to-toe during or after a hot bath or shower. We would love to slip-n-slide up and down every inch of Lucy’s ample, fleshy body.

While showering, Lucy notices that her bush has grown a little unruly. So she grabs her razor and cream, takes a seat in the shower, and lathers up her juicy cunt with shaving cream. Even if you visited Boston, you wouldn’t find a tastier-looking cream pie than Lucy’s freshly lathered cunt. She slowly and carefully shaves her pussy until it’s bare. Wet tits, slick curves and juicy pussy. It gets no better than this.

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An Eyeful of Brooklyn Springvalley

An Eyeful of Brooklyn Springvalley

An Eyeful of Brooklyn Springvalley

Brooklyn Springvalley is straightening out the patio furniture while you watch her work. Brooklyn knows you’re watching because she has extra-sensory perception, so she puts on a little show.

Dressed in a halter top and denim shorts designed to raise male blood pressure levels, Brooklyn bends over every which way to give you an eyeful of her big boobs and tasty cakes and dazzle you with her big, bright smile.

Leaving the patio, Brooklyn comes inside so she can cum inside. She greets you and has you hang out with her while she gets busy rubbing her massive tits and fingering her pussy as she eye-bangs you.

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Lola Paradise: T For Topheavy

Lola Paradise: T For Topheavy

Lola Paradise: T For Topheavy

You’ve got to love an adorable blonde who gets giddy, giggly and jiggly about her enormous tits. Lola Paradise is that kind of chesty charmer. She loves her big, beautiful, perfect breasts that she calls “boobies”, and she loves to show them off–along with every other centimeter of her shapely physique–for the XLGirls camera. The look of delight she has on her pretty face is priceless.

Lola’s brought her latest tops and bras to put on and take off. Her choices are always sexy and show off her national treasures perfectly. The latest additions to her wardrobe are keepers, for sure. She’s also brought her big squirting toy to play with.

XLGirls: Do you have any funny habits?

Lola Paradise: Maybe playing with my boobs when I am watching TV.

XLGirls: Do other women ever comment about your breasts?

Lola Paradise: Yes, they say, “Oh, my god, you are so busty!” or “What size they are?” They ask about my bras…where I buy them, and if my back hurts.

XLGirls: What is the most-unusual sex position you’ve ever tried?

Lola Paradise: I am still waiting for it! Anyone wanna buy me a Kama Sutra book?

XLGirls: What position do you sleep in?

Lola Paradise: I sleep on my back or my side, never on my belly.

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Best of Tits & Tugs: Roxi Red

Best of Tits & Tugs: Roxi Red

Best of Tits & Tugs: Roxi Red

Roxi Red is a member of the League Of Extraordinary Natural Bra-busters. This rare group of impossibly super-chesty women includes, but is not limited to, Miosotis, Mianna Thomas, Vanessa Del, Kristina Milan and, going back in time, Sammie Black and Jenny Hill. We believe that Roxi’s ultimate plan is domination of the big-boob world.

On the list above, only Roxi and Mianna are Americans (Roxi is from Minnesota), so let’s chalk up a win for Team USA. Carefully observe the skills and talents she possesses. When a man is confronted with such daunting mountains to conquer, he must cover them with his cum. We suggest you do not watch this early in the morning because you will be ruined for the rest of the day.

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Joslyn James: Big Boobs, Big Butt & String Bikinis

Joslyn James: Big Boobs, Big Butt & String Bikinis

Joslyn James: Big Boobs, Big Butt & String Bikinis

Joslyn James brought the big boobs, the big butt and the microscopic string bikinis. She also brought a giant dildo to pump her pussy and rub her large clit with. Joslyn tugs her bikini bottoms, giving herself a pussy wedgie and licks her fingers after rubbing her clit. Dirty talking comes easy to her.

“A man sucking my clit like a pacifier is very satisfying to me,” Joslyn wrote in her model bio. “I like to have sex daily. I love it all and I’ve done it all. When it comes to fetishes, I’m down for the mommy play.”

Wrote Titbert, “My eyes bugged out when I saw Joslyn James’ humongous, round boobs on her Barbie-Doll figure! Amazingly huge clit on her, too! Way to go, SCORELAND!”

J455bjm commented, “Wonderful! A woman that strives to push the envelope, improving her body and looks. An inspiration for fellow big boob models and all their fans!”

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Leona Loba: She-wolf of XLGirls

Leona Loba: She-wolf of XLGirls

Leona Loba: She-wolf of XLGirls

Leona Loba was encouraged by her husband to connect with XLGirls. Her names are Spanish translations for lioness and female wolf respectively, and her names could be metaphors for her sexual temperament, also. She and her husband like going to sex clubs and strip joints. Leona describes one of her group-sex experiences in the video version of this scene.

Leona masturbates a lot, too. “I have several drawers full of dildos and clit stimulators, but I really love shoving household items inside of me…like golf clubs, cooking utensils, golf balls and remotes,” Leona said.

Leona is a MILF, so when we asked how often she has sex she replied, “Before kids, every day. After kids, several times a week.” Her favorite kind of foreplay is “sucking dick.”

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