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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Fetish Doll Training

Written on November 30, 2012 at 11:26 pm, by

Fetish Doll Training

Fetish Doll Training

“A priceless cutie? Maybe out in the world, but not in the bedroom. I am a bad gal there,” Felicia Clover spills whilst her suckable, fuckable 34F-cup deep cleavage is spilling out at the same time. In this rare spin on her topmost good-girl next door image, creamy, red-haired Felicia becomes a fetish doll in training with long dark boots, a dark bustier and a sheer dark top with holes that her glamorous wobblers let without. Not so much fetish training though. Her would-be dom is handling a paddle but can’t bring himself to indeed whack that arse. No one urges to mark that squeezable, enjoyable arse! This is sex training. Not that Felicia needs any training in that! That babe is smokin’ hot smokin’ Sergio’s trouser-paddle. “I am a freak when it comes to sex!” admits Felicia. “I like my areolas to be played with and bitten indeed rock hard!” Freaky truly but u just can’t take the Voluptuous girl-next-door out of Felicia Clover and that works for us! Watch how Felicia rolls in this new photo-shoot and matching clip!

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Butt Ball cream For Christina

Written on November 30, 2012 at 2:33 am, by

Ass Jism For Christina

Ass Cock juice For Christina

After she juggles her 38G funbags up-close for him, Christina Kline’s booty-call Sergio is willing to tackle the chesty redhead with his weapon drawn. If it’s a showdown that babe desires, it’s a showdown she’ll get. Christina does not just give him an introductory oral-service. That babe completely worships his shlong down to the root, washing every millimeter with her tongue, cleaning his schlong with skillful licks. Christina has had plenty of practice with blowjob gratifying. Her veiny danglehangers shake and jiggle as her throat engulfs the shaft. Sergio holds her head as that babe swallows his cockhead and holds his penis for her so that babe can play blowjob games. This chab asks if that babe is willing for act. Christina happily nods and removes her panties. This babe scoots over and this chab lays back so this babe can mount his saddle cowgirl-style and ride in a hawt and sweaty bout. Christina desires her wazoo fucked whilst her bawdy cleft is being filled sideways so Sergio unplugs and re-plugs into her anal opening. The thrusts into her anal opening drive her desirous as this babe diddles her like button, doubling her passion. She wishes his sex cream injected into her tailpipe. Here’s a cutie who knows what she likes! Ass ball cream for dessert! This truly was a a-hole call.

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Big Bongos

Written on November 29, 2012 at 7:37 am, by

Big Bongos

Big Bongos

Melissa Manning is not the same hotty this babe was when that babe first visited SCORELAND. That babe is changed. Yeah, her hair color has changed from redhead to golden-haired (Melissa is a natural blonde in any case). Her new coloring looks very worthwhile but that is not what seized V-mag editor Maria G.’s attention when that babe greeted her in the models’ dressing room. Melissa looked bustier. She was bustier. It was obvious so Maria decided to scientifically research the situation resulting in the movie scene Melissa’s Cups Runneth over. “You watch, most of the time when I speak to adult models about their bras, they tell me that they don’t even know what size they are anymore,” Maria told. “The task of buying bras that fit is so arduous that they just detect soever fits and that is that. Melissa is one of those angels. This babe has to eyeball bras and type of figure out if they are plan to fit because that babe hasn’t had a proper undergarment measuring since that babe was 15. She thought that babe was a 34G, but her love bubbles definitely grew since this babe was here last, so I decided to tackle the problem with science.” It turns out that Melissa now measures 36H, an event that will brighten the life of all dedicated tit-fans. Look at as girl-next-door Melissa stretches this sweater with the high-reaching of ease.

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Southern Dude

Written on November 28, 2012 at 8:58 am, by

Southern Gent

Southern Charmer

Similar in looks and body to British glamour model Roxie Heart, Ellie May says she can’t live without showing off her scones and ass–our kind of gal (She’s allergic to raiment). Ellie can’t live without to voyage and watch other states. She is a tourist attraction herself. Make almost certainly of it or not, when Ellie was here, that babe said that babe hadn’t had sex in a during the time that. “I haven’t had a boyfriend in months,” Ellie told your head-shaking editor. Now, how does a cutie like this not get to beat off the horn-dogs? Ellie says this babe swallows when this babe is giving some lucky lad a BJ, loves to be spanked and will give up her ass for “someone she’s super into.” She masturbates as much as possible, says her much loved position is 69 and can’t live without a dominating, confident petticoat chaser in ottoman. “I love a dude who leads and tells me what positions to get into. I suppose most girls do.” Sounds adore the consummate girlfriend.

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The SCORE Big Boob Hall of Fame

Written on November 27, 2012 at 3:02 pm, by

The SCORE Big Boob Hall of Fame

The SCORE Big Boob Hall of Fame

Siri with her gorgeous looks and voluptuous figure made a bigger in size than standard splash in 2012. I thought this year’s nominees for the Bigger in size than standard Boob Hall Of Fame was a bit light, and I wonder if some adult models of years past have been forgotten and/or overlooked. As a long-time subscriber to SCORE since its initial six issue a year offering in 1992, maybe a retro category should be included for the Big Boob Hall Of Fame, even if it involves models that posed pre-SCORE…just a thought.-B.B.

Which earlier glamour models do u feel are overlooked? A adult model who at no time posed in SCORE previous to would have no relevance to the voters and to the contest itself.

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Thank Heaven For XL Angels

Written on November 26, 2012 at 3:55 pm, by

Thank Heaven For XL Beauties

Thank Heaven For XL Girls

Previous to Sashaa Titties comes back for another guy-in-girl scene, one more watch the curves and inclines of the hottie who we call The Body at XLGirls. Sashaa tells us her mammoth mounds sprouted at a young age. “I had very big breasts as a teenager and they keep on growing. I’m merely Twenty two so maybe I have a small in number more years more to grow left. I love to wear low-cut and very colorful hawt garments and expose off my scoops. I adore having large mangos and I do not care what jealous honeys need to say. I relish seeing lads stare at me. I like fit chaps who adore aggressive sex and take care of their girlfriends in every way. When I meet the right gent, I will prevent exotic dancing and glamour modeling but will just do it for him alone. Until then, I have enjoyment go out with and rencounter different fellows. Dave, the editor of SCORE, wrote when this chab 1st saw Sashaa: “When I first saw pictures of Sashaa Pantoons, I told out loud, ‘Holy, shit!’ Now, I’ve been at The SCORE Group for over 11 years, and it takes a lot for me to say, ‘Holy, shit!’ But Sashaa Boobs…this gal has anything u desire in a great XL Girl: beautiful face, greater than typical, fat whoppers, large, round booty, curves that go on forever…Sashaa Tits is a ‘Holy, shit!’ beauty.” High praise truly.

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“I’m A Bad Girl When I’m Here.”

Written on November 25, 2012 at 11:52 pm, by

“I’m A Bad Beauty When I’m Here.”

“I’m a bad goddess when I’m here,” Kitana Flores says. “Right now. For a few hours. In the bedroom. Boys are sometimes surprised by that ‘cuz I usually don’t dress likewise sexy and I can be kind of laid back, but when they receive me in the bedroom, I can be glamorous wild. I guess lots of Puerto Rican gals are that way. We hide our wild side until we acquire into private situations. We don’t think it’s proper to be also out there in public, even though we can dress sexy.”

“I can be very assured when I am excited or see a guy I like. I almost always make the 1st move. If I’m interested in you and I can tell you are interested in me, you’ll know it. Then you’ll watch my wild side. I will not waste time. I mean, it could take hours in advance of a guy makes a decision to make a move, and a lot of lads are afraid to, so I’ll do it for ’em.”

“I’d rather be in nature’s garb than wear fetching garments, but I guess there’s a time and a place for anything. I always wear a undergarment, even though I can probably receive away with out wearing one. Part of the reason I wear a undergarment is ‘cuz I do not wish my nipples shoving throughout and part of the reason is because I crave to keep my bosoms valuable. I do not urge ’em to sag likewise much when I acquire mature.”

“I love to be comfortable in everything I wear. I adore to be spruce but stylish. I don’t love to put it all out there. I like to keep the lads guessing a little bit.”

“Girls say my fun bags are my most nice body part. Boys say it is my ass. How about that? Males adore the butt, but they adore the milk cans, also, especially if they’re Italian. But lads do not acquire to choose. They can have the entire thing if they’re valuable and honest.”

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Stairway To Heaven

Written on November 24, 2012 at 11:21 pm, by

Stairway To Heaven

Stairway To Heaven

It is really a stairway to heaven when Angelina Vallem is the big busted hotty using it as a place to undress for our enjoyment. Miss Vallem is one of those gals who’s always trying to prove to the world that this babe is more excellent and hotter at showing her bod, hawt face and eyes and her prowess at sex than any slim youthful thing.

Not stripped modeling much those days, Angelina still makes her home in Prague, Czechia and works full-time for a communications company. It is a wonderful fit for a beauty who communicates so much with her plush, cushioned and shapely body and her expressive face.

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Triple Play

Written on November 24, 2012 at 6:57 am, by

Triple Play

Triple Play

The shipping and handling chaps at SCORE‘s warehouse spend a considerable amount of time getting intimately acquainted with the products. They know every magazine, novelty and DVD and have it all memorized. It’s great when staff indeed know the products and study ’em for countless hours. But when a recent employee named Siri joins the customer service team (looking amazingly like Siri the gracious new adult model), they’re in for a disruption of their carefully structured daily schedule. Look at as this Siri teaches ’em how to work more efficiently and productively. In instruct to expedite the work flow, Siri exposes ’em how this babe blows two studs at the same time, thus cutting down on wasted time and effort. That babe explains how workers can increase their teamwork and cooperation–they can screw her throat and love tunnel at the same time, lowering energy usage and costs. Yes, this fresh employee will train those lazy bums the advantages and benefits of being stiff at work. It appears adore there’s a fresh warehouse manager in city at SCORELAND and her name is Siri. And she looks amazingly love that new glamour model Siri.

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Student Body

Written on November 24, 2012 at 12:37 am, by

Student Body

Student Body

At, studying is rock hard work. TMI. Likewise much information. That is why uni coeds packing bigger than average love bubbles like Felicia Clover need a special kind of study break to settle their boiling hormones. Also much booking and not enough rogering is not healthy for a comely juvenile dominant-bitch. Some nookie is needed. Felicia’s favourable study guide will assist her relieve the stress of higher education with a hot rogering on her coed ottoman, and she’s wholeheartedly for it.

“I’m a admirable hotty but not in the bedroom. I’m a bad angel there. I’m a freak when it comes to sex!” Felicia says.

We suspect she walks around campus with the bottoms of her moist butt cheeks spilling out underneath her constricted shorts and a low-cut sweater.

“I do have a precious ass,” Felicia admits. “I wish to say that I wasn’t the bustiest girl in college, even though everybody thinks I was. I truly wasn’t.”

Felicia checks her ass and her breast valley exposure in the mirror every day in advance of leaving the abode. She actually is BMOC (Large Mams On Campus). More power to Felicia Clover.

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