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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Puma Swede – Two Fucked Girls

Written on August 31, 2013 at 5:20 pm, by

Two Screwed Beauties

Two Banged Girls

Puma Swede and Carly Parker have a no-nonsense approach to sex. Everything goes! They do not hold back. The interesting thing about Puma is that when that babe started out undressed modeling, this babe solely went topless and would not even brandish her bottom half. Then she went all the way but like a fucking tornado and she’s still going strong! As for Carly, that babe started doing porn from the begin. Put those 2 together and u have a boob-nado on your hands.

This is a P.O.V. scene which makes it even better ‘cuz you’re the Lothario. It moves at 100 miles per sixty minutes! It’s your knob in their thrilling snatches and soaked throats. After the cuties frantically ravish each other like insane sex maniacs with giving a kiss, fur pie tongueing and toy rogering, they are banged unyielding by the lady-killer in the all-time #1 male fantasy: 2 girls and one charmer.

They share your knob betwixt their lips, smiling and staring at u. They every take turns jamming your shlong into their ravishing holes in different positions. They talk indecent and filthy love doxies, spitting and screaming indecent words. The sounds of wild sex fill the room. And when u lastly blast ’em with your cream after banging ’em adore a drill, their groans and cries get even louder. Overspread in your cum, the gals kiss. What a pair!

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Skye Sinn – 38DDD Corpulent Doll’s Gazoo Boning

Written on August 31, 2013 at 10:55 am, by

38DDD Chubby Doll’s Ass Boning

38DDD Bulky Doll's Booty Boning

It’s a arse boning party for the hawt, hawt, sexy Skye Sinn, the muscly blond who has anything u need and wanna make life a fun. This is Skye’s fourth XXX scene and each time that babe bonks, it’s magic time.

Super-busty Skye gets the greater than run of the mill jock of Largo this time. Can that babe handle his trouser-hose in her ass? Can he handle her larger than typical glamourous female-dom and very dangerous curves? We’re not telling. That’s for you to discover out.

“I have no gag reflex, so I adore giving deep mouth blow jobs and making a lad batty with my large bumpers. My taut rectal hole is there awaiting if u want to go there. I will let a fellow know what I desire. I will gulp your cum. Sometimes to be a fantasy, I will gargle, then I drink. My needs and craves are always stated. I adore anal play. Give it to me doggie position, hard and deep, and make me wanna think later about what you have done to me and how valuable you’ve made me feel.”

Intense twat rogering, unfathomable mouth BJ’s and butt-drilling Fresh England-style is on the menu. Dig in and savor the sex force of the one and solely Skye Sinn.

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Jessica Roberts – Stacked Brunette’s Hardcore Bust-Out

Written on August 31, 2013 at 1:01 am, by

Stacked Brunette’s Hardcore Bust-Out

Stacked Brunette's Hardcore Bust-Out

It seemed love solely yesterday that Jessica Roberts launched as a “Campus Cop” ready to bust you up in her 1st SCORELAND episode. Indeed, it wasn’t quite yesterday, give or take several days. Now big-boobed Jessica’s a good-girl-next-door ready to turn bad beauty with the larger than typical bone in no time at all. Willing to give her all and sexabrate in a hawt and heavy-duty hook-up with SCORE regular JMac. This laid-back sweetheart will actually receive laid-back. If only all the big-boobed beauties from Chicago were this desirous to sow the wild oats like that babe does.

Jessica talked with SCORE‘s editor in the models’ dressing room about her upcoming pipe-laying plans after having banged in the photo set portion of this scene. (This brief chat is in the opener of the clip.) A hotty of slight in number words and many laughs (this babe has a great sense of humor), Jessica just could not get the word “fuck” without her mouth during their chat. “Sex” is the word she uses. She too uses her hands to describe 10-Pounder size. Whatsoever the words, Jessica has many well-developed skills in the art of boffing, rogering and bonking as you will watch. Plus this babe can lick her own nipples, some other appreciated skill.

On this day, Jessica’s voluptuous body and big boobies are the new playground to relish. JMac plays with her hefty bouncy bosoms, pulling, mouthing, touching with tongue and squeezing them. That babe tosses her hawt clothes away and opens her legs wide, wider, widest so this chab can see all the way inside her pure pink hottie pot. After giving Jessica’s tunnel of lust a finger screwing and a tongue lashing, that ladies man fills her throat with pumping prick and dangles his nuts over her to lick.

Jessica’s natural jugs demand the skin bus drive throughout her titty tunnel and she has great funbags to slip betwixt. No written invitation for this ride is necessary. Jessica’s beloved form of foreplay is plenty of tit-play including tit-fucking. What satisfies her most wondrous and acquires her off? “A bigger than run of the mill, rock hard schlong inside me.”

That Jessica acquires in many stiffening poses as this feisty, wide-eyed greenhorn with major mammary muffins has a stuffin’ in her first SCORELAND end-of-summer fling. Welcome aboard, Jessica Roberts, some other great Fresh Discovery.

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Daniella Grey – Larger than typical Girl Strip Club: Daniella Grey

Written on August 29, 2013 at 5:58 pm, by

Bigger than average Hotty Undress Club: Daniella Grey

Big Gal Disrobe Club: Daniella Grey

The Greater than run of the mill Angel Club boasts many sexy and fleshy dancers. Daniella Grey’s one of the most-popular strippers at BGSC. Daniella likes to entertain the lads on stage when she is in the mood to take a booking at the strip club. That babe is very agile and pulls Alix Lakehurst on stage to dance with her.

The stud in the suit and sunglasses goes to BGSC one time a week to get a intimate dance from Daniella in the Boom Boom Room when she is performing. Everything goes in the private room so that gent can have his way with her. This chab can have enjoyment her unfathomable face hole blow jobs, her large, natural milk shakes on a small, curvacious body and her perfect, pink wet crack. When that fellow is done, that man can blow a load on the body part of his choice. Her pantoons catch the cum after this screw.

“She gives me a subrigid cock that will not go down,” raves Mr. X. This dude talks about Daniella to each mate patron in the undress club. Perfectly understandable! Large Angel Disrobe club on DVD is obtainable at

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Sha Rizel – Hottie In A Red Dress

Written on August 29, 2013 at 9:21 am, by

Honey bunny In A Red Costume

Hottie In A Red Dress

Sha Rizel wearing a red reservoir costume over a hot undergarment and panties. Life is wonderful. And it acquires better when Sha takes it all off and reveals it all.

“I wear constricted dresses, constricted shirts and low-cut tops,” says Sha. Words to appreciate. “I love attention. The more, the more worthwhile.”

The funniest come-on that Sha remembers is being told that she has fashionable eyes whilst the gent was staring at her scones.

“‘Wow!’ is not adequate to describe Sha Rizel. She is awesome. I’m glad she’s glamour modeling,” T.J. pitches in. Make no doubt of us, so’s everybody else!

Sha is likewise a dancer and appears on television. That babe keeps her marvelous bod in tit-top shape with Pilates.

“Sha Rizel may have just upped the ante for this year’s Newcomer of the Year,” writes Indy. That’s a sure wager conclusion.

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Sunshine – Cream My Tits: Sunshine

Written on August 29, 2013 at 1:50 am, by

Jizz My Tits: Sunshine

Cream My Tits: Sunshine

Sunshine walks without a bakery holding a Key Lime pie and heads to a contemplating truck. Her ginormous titties rumble with each step. In the front seat of the lorry, her fullsome funbags are dipped into the pie and then licked off. Sunshine heads to the driver’s place. He craves a piece of Sunshine’s pie. This is a goddess who always puts out so no have to stress and wonder if she’ll widen for the sausage filling.

In the bedroom, Sunshine dips his shlong in the pie filling and widens the dessert on his schlong with her melons. Instead of engulfing his knob, Sushine widens her face hole so he can shag it as this babe tickles and squeezes his testicles. This babe was always a fuck-toy for boys. A high-calorie, high-carb afternoon is the plan and no one is concerned about gaining weight. They might even lose numerous pounds with the fucking that follows. Her pie is so right and constricted that Tony goes berserk.

Tony has his own creamy spread to give Sunshine and after pounding her to exhaustion, he frosts her humongous fun bags with his special sauce. Watching her weight can await.

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Gracie Blue – Teacher Knows Breast

Written on August 28, 2013 at 1:31 am, by

Teacher Knows Breast

Teacher Knows Breast

Everybody knows that being a teacher is adore being in a pressure cooker. Some teachers have different ways of relieving stress. To reduce the stress that babe has grading plenty of papers before the next class, Gracie tends to take her bigger in size than typical melons out of her raiment and rub her areolas. This makes her feel good and calms her down. The stimulation makes her even hornier. She’ll get to take matters into her own hands even more.

She has a pile of papers to grade and it is already late. Gracie takes off each item of clothing (cardigan, bra, skirt and thongs) and sits on one of her student’s chairs. She digs her fingers unfathomable and inflexible into her curly twat and stirs her succulent gap, caressing the beefy internal walls. That receives her cookies off precious. Now this babe can go back and finish her grading. It is as difficult as ever being a teacher these days.

As for who left that apple on her desk, it was obviously some kiss-ass who she’s probably going to flunk. Miss Blue accepts no bribes.

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Estelle Taylor – Slim & Sexy

Written on August 27, 2013 at 5:05 pm, by

Skinny & Hot

Slim & Sexy

Estelle Taylor is willing for a recent body expose in her 5th SCORE clip. She said she hopes u are willing too. And her dunky and stacked body and her face are ultra-beautiful. Estelle is getting more daring in her posing and showing more. In her original vids and sets, Estelle was hesitant to unveil her cum-hole. Now this babe widens her legs to the camera so u can see her lips.

Estelle is always very sensual and sexual. She is very graceful and gentle in her flowing, delicate moves. Estelle moves from being seated at the kitchen counter to getting on the floor to standing up and this entire sequence looks like one continuous interpretative dance spectacle. Estelle’s lengthy legs entire this dance-like effect. Her moves are smooth and polished no matter what angles this babe is seen from. At the same time, her body language is erotic and arousing.

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Carol Brown – Adult Education

Written on August 26, 2013 at 8:14 am, by

Adult Education

Adult Education

After three years, a new set of the great Carol Brown of Great Britain was just what the dean ordered at 1998 V-mag Pornstar of the year Carol rocks a coed/stripper outfit in those fotos and gives new meaning to the term “Adult Education.”

Carol is hornier than ever and that babe was plenty lustful in the ’90s.

“I have modeled for The SCORE Group a number of times over the years,” Carol said the editor of XL Beauties magazine. “I am thrilled that u think I may look more nice these days. To keep myself looking fine, I’ve as much sex as possible. It is the solely exercise I savour. I do like a valuable facial. It helps to keep the wrinkles at bay.”

“Years agone, it was older men that found me stylish. Those days I acquire plenty of attention from younger blokes. I think that is ‘coz they know I am adept and could display them a thing or 2.”

“I like to have sex at least once a day. I love engulfing pecker. It receives my juices flowing. If my husband is overtired, I’ve got a bigger in size than standard selection of dildos and a sex machine to satisfy my desires. I masturbate almost any days.”

“The funniest thing a bloke has said to me was that he had wanked over my fotos five times in an hour and hoped that his wife did not want sex with him that night as that petticoat chaser did not think this chap could manage it.”

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Jessica Roberts – Campus Cop

Written on August 26, 2013 at 1:28 am, by

Campus Cop

Campus Cop

Meet Jessica Roberts, New Discovery. That is Officer Jessica Roberts to you. This very arresting brunette hair originally from Chicago will bust you up! Jessica will club you senseless with her 43-inches of enjoyment right here in her security office! 43 inches is certainly armed and dangerous in our playbook.

What kind of specific talents does Jessica have? We see many already. “I can lick my own nipples,” Jessica says. That alone means a lot at SCORELAND.

Is this babe a good cop or a bad cop? Is she assertive or passive? “I can be both. It depends on the fellow I’m with and his personality.” Either way, u can count on a precious frisking.

When she’s not making suspects squeal and supplicate for compassion, Jessica loves watching comedies, working out, and arts and crafts. This babe likes posing for images anytime, anyplace. Please note her lipstick kiss tattoo on her right wazoo cheek. Prepare to see Jessica’s hardcore scene coming in a short time!

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