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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Joana – Carry On Nurse

Written on November 24, 2013 at 1:10 am, by

Carry On Nurse

Carry On Nurse

A pretty angel who walks and talks softly and carries handsome large mounds, Joana is one of the more quiet SCORE and Voluptuous Gals. It is not that she’s timid. Joana would rather let her body do all the communicating over the past ten years. There is not one inch of her that is not 100% sexy. We hope to get some interviews with Joana in the future and learn more about her.

As a hot dream nurse, Joana fills the prescription. No hard-on pills are needed with a beauty like this. All Joana needs to do is receive undressed. That babe can’t live without the camera and the digi camera likes her.

Joana has only gotten sexier and shapelier over the years. She’s never lost her enthusiasm or interest. What’s her secret? Maybe it’s her yoga practices, vegan diet or her pleased and ethereal personality. Joana may change her hair color at times but her love bubbles remain full, enormous, suckable and ripe with out sag or droop and this babe keeps her figure toned yet flexible and buxom.

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Stacy Adams – Fuck Her Mouth, Tits & Pussy

Written on November 23, 2013 at 5:24 pm, by

Copulate Her Throat, Bosoms & Muff

Fuck Her Mouth, Love melons & Pussy

Fuck Stacy Adams’ throat and muff. Then drop your load on Stacy’s larger than standard bumpers. That is the point of this virtual POV bang-a-thon. Stacy’s rod mouthing and knob riding skills are at the top. This is a honey who will at no time acquire a cramp in her legs doing a reverse cowgirl. U can watch the pride in her face when a cock bulges her cheeks.

“I adore doing porn,” said Stacy, a hotty dedicated to pleasing chaps. That babe likes sex, porn, plan to porn events and drooping out with her girlfriend sex stars. “I adore anything about it. I’ve joy what I do. I get tons of great ramrods and acquire great sex with out any strings and I love all the attention. ‘cuz everyone is tested, I guess it’s really safer than if a goddess was having sex with a petticoat chaser this babe is just met.”

If you have watched Stacy shag, u know that she can take a rock hard pounding and can handle the pile-driver, one of the toughest shag poses a girl can try. That babe handles that wanton upside-down jamming like a walk in the park. Stacy is built tough on the outside and creamy on the inside.

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April McKenzie – April Visits The Analyst

Written on November 23, 2013 at 4:44 am, by

April Visits The Analyst

April Visits The Analyst

April McKenzie is back to prove that absence does make the rock hard cock grow harder. And to drill the point all the way in, returning XL Goddess April is doing her first on-camera anal sexing. Now that is bringing it home to bigger in size than average dad. This babe talks to our cameraman about it in the movie portion of this scene.

The analyst is ready for April. All that gent was told was that April has been naked modeling for The SCORE Group since 2007 and that that babe has humongous zeppelins. He’ll must intimately know April, her bigger in size than run of the mill wobblers and her snatch and gazoo quickly.

April says she can be passive or confident with a boy depending on the situation. With her analyst, April is more assertive, sucking and tit-wanking his unyielding cock with plenty of zest and craving. April seems more mad than ever to get his meat-thermometer pushed into her wet crack. Mr. Analyst follows up the twat mashing by sliding into April’s grinding dark hole and pumps it priceless. It’s wonderful and tight. April did warn him that her arse will make him come. She is going to make his swimmers prepare to parachute out and land on her humongous titties!

April McKenzie, always a joy.

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Cameron Skye – Tits In Tight Tops

Written on November 22, 2013 at 9:31 am, by

Marangos In Taut Tops

Tits In Constricted Tops

Marvelous lady Cameron Skye is rocking a low-cut dress in her photo set, and in this video–shot right previous to that photo set–Cameron acquires to unveil you more of her spectacular curves and her cheerful, bubbly personality.

We 1st meet Cameron in the models’ dressing room wearing a peach beneath garment and knicker thingie that does her big tits justice. We have a bit of a chat with the smiling golden-haired and then Cameron reveals some of her work-out routines in a spontaneous display. Seeing these hip thrusts while she’s on the floor could make anyone’s day.

The adult models read the comments posted on our sites so we printed out some of Cameron’s pages. This babe reads numerous of them on-camera and gives a shout-out to the writers. We may start to do this kind of movie scene greeting periodically with returning models. Cameron enjoyed it.

When Cameron wraps up her call-outs, this babe changes into the “sensual goddess” suit this babe wears in the glamour photoshoot and heads out to the studio for her photo session.

Thank’s for sharing the dressing room fun, Cameron!

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Natalie Fiore – Dream Girls

Written on November 21, 2013 at 11:08 am, by

Fantasy Gals

Dream Girls

It’s sexy in paradise. Micky Bells and Natalie Fiore are two of the world’s finest breast queens. The size and weight of their titanic boobies and their sex kitten personalities (the term “big boobs” just does not do them justice) have made them world celebrated. Separately, they have made many appearances for The SCORE Group and have attracted loads of attention and admiration. Together on-camera, they are unmatched when it comes to tit-power.

In the starting of this rare encounter, the gals wear arse shorts and titty tops. Micky is in green, Natalie is in pink. While the world is in awe of ’em, they are in awe of every other. Maybe every hotty has met her match or maybe they have detected their breastmates. It appears to be that way as they enjoyment each other and themselves first in a tub, then in couch. One time in sofa, Micky dildos herself to agonorgasmos while Natalie operates the wired controller to the vibrating toy and uses her fingers to acquire off. Birds of a feather have fun their colossal fullsome funbags and cum together.

Watch More of Natalie Fiore at XLGIRLS.COM!

Harmony Sweet – Harmony Sweet

Written on November 21, 2013 at 1:06 am, by

Harmony Fascinating

Harmony Sweet

Harmony Enjoyable was a terrific find for SCORE and Voluptuous. Had she continued to model, that babe would have been a frequent visitor but it was a fling for her.

“I have a full-time career in the business sector,” Harmony said. “Modeling is merely a joy thing for me, a dream I’d always daydreamed about until I wrote to The SCORE Group and they invited me to Miami.”

A very sexual woman, Harmony likes chaps who know how to eat out a angel after he takes her out to eat at a nice place. “Dinner, wine, a room full of candles. Then we fuck until we pass out from exhaustion. The bigger a man’s lips, the better that guy can engulf my fur pie.”

“I adore to copulate with a fake penis buzzing my vagina and clitoris. I’ll run my sex toy along my clit and lips as his meat-thermometer slides in and out. U talk about multiple orgasms! I love to titty shag and I love to use toys.”

Harmony felt compelled to stick to her office position instead of finding recent poses at SCORE. The business world’s gain was the large boob world’s loss.

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Brittany Kendall – Breastfest At Breakfast

Written on November 20, 2013 at 5:12 pm, by

Breastfest At Breakfast

Breastfest At Breakfast

Porcelain doll Brittany Kendall may not look adore the Suzie Homemaker sort but she’s very adaptable as this photo-shoot proves. “I’ve not at all been called a domestic kind of a girl but I know I’ll make a good wife one day. One of my hobbies is cooking. Right now I’m having too much joy being single.”

A dancer in San Diego, Brittany was urged by a ally to glamour model. She can’t live with out to costume to impress with taut fetching clothing and tops that brandish off her bigger than standard juggs. Anywhere that babe goes, people notice her. She doesn’t blend in well.

“I love oral job. Having my pussy licked is so sexy. I desire my neck and areolas sucked for foreplay. Tongueing me all over and slapping my butt gets me juicy.”

Brittany is up for adventurous sex. “Sex with porn studs I’ll not at all watch once more is about as no-strings as a gal can acquire. That was a dream I had for a long-time. I’ve had sex in public also, in theaters and at a restroom at the beach. I was nervous about that but it worked out ok. Being scared of getting caught made my big O bonkers. My legs were shaking.”

What’s Brittany’s consummate day? “A day at the beach and a late lunch at a valuable beachfront restaurant with good food.”

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April McKenzie – Cowgirl With Gigantic Milk cans

Written on November 19, 2013 at 6:21 pm, by

Cowgirl With Monumental Meatballs

Cowgirl With Stupendous Tits

April McKenzie is back at to ride Them, cowgirl, and it bears a resemblance to some extra boobage is rammed into April’s undergarment. A entire lotta boobage! Plus curves all over and a corpulent belly.

It appeared to be adore just the other day that April had won Voluptuous magazine’s Beginner of the Year award in 2007, appeared on SCOREtv Movie 5, co-starred in the vids Pounding The Pledges and Love bubbles On Top and posed for a score of V-mags. Her cover issue, July ’07 V-mag, is unfortunately sold-out.

April called about posing again and sent in some at-home shots. That babe is still savouring her bare modeling career. And now she’s here in all of her increasingly plush glory. Feast your eyes and feed your need for overweight babes.

April’s newly measured body taped in at 50-46-45 with an underbust of 39. Going by the formula for determining underneath garment sizes, she’d be most awesome fitted with a 39K beneath garment!

Welcome back, April McKenzie. April’s 1st anal job scene is on the way so stay tuned. It is plan to be a real arse knocker.

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Angel Wicky – Every Inch An Angel!

Written on November 19, 2013 at 1:09 am, by

Every Inch An Girl!

Every Inch An Beauty!

Who’s this handsome beauty?

Meet an Beauty. Hotty Wicky.

“I just like how you do everything in detail and how you treat the girls,” said Hotty after looking throughout copies of SCORE and at SCORELAND.

In Angel’s 1st movie at SCORELAND, she introduces herself and takes us into her world. Angel’s English is awesome and her voice is very hot.

Beauty is lively, bouncy and energetic. This babe enjoys working-out, lap dancing, people-watching, swimming, bicycling and sex. Gal will be showing her sex moves pretty soon in her first hardcore SCORELAND scene.

Angel’s exuberant and bubbly personality comes right throughout the digital camera lens. That babe has that peculiar talent that makes the viewer feel as though that babe is interacting directly with him.

Cutie calls herself an exhibitionist and likes to wear tops that reveal off her large mammaries. “I love it when people view me. I love to be visible when I go out. I like the attention.”

A excited, attractive angel, Cutie says “I masturbate every single day. I adore playing with my adore button with a miniature sex-toy and a sex toy in my pussy.”

Each inch an Beauty!

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Antica – Recent Discovery With Titanic Scoops

Written on November 18, 2013 at 1:14 am, by

Recent Discovery With Monumental Tits

New Discovery With Humongous Boobs

Antica is a recent discovery that one of our photographers detected by total happenstance. “I saw Antica in my neighborhood and I was shocked at the size of her pantoons,” this dude said. This ladies man had traipsed out of his apartment to go somewhere when that woman chaser saw her big jiggling 38G-cup scoops (in advance of that ladies man saw her) as that babe strolled down the street. His plans changed abruptly.

“So I traipsed over to her and talked to her. It took me three hours to talk to her about posing but in the end this babe acceded. You can see why I was so lustful. Another man would have just looked and done no thing. U don’t watch many girls with big funbags like this babe has. I had to do something quickly.”

Antica had not ever modeled before and was a bit leery at 1st but after showing the nice-looking blonde, that babe changed her mind. We’re pleased about that!

You’ll be seeing more of Antica again…unless she drops with out sight!

Antica’s majority favorite job previous to that babe decided to become a adult model was “An alcohol vendor in a grocery store.” No doubt that babe had many customers including teetotalers. “Your photographer saw me on the street and offered me a position as a SCORE Group glamour model. At 1st, I wasn’t sure.” Very slight in number photographers have pulled this off! Astounding.

“My favourite sport is boxing,” says Antica. “I enjoyed the epoch of great boxers adore Tyson, Hollyfield and Lewis. Now I’m the fan of local boxer Alexander Usik. I too like to go skating. I wanna try bungee jumping or parachute jumping.”

See Antica’s 1st video!

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