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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Alana Lace – Alana Receives A Facial

Written on December 31, 2014 at 10:42 pm, by

Alana Acquires A Facial

Alana Gets A Facial

Alana Lace is a filthy hotty. And we could not be more complimentary when we say that. Being a cute DDD-cup sex doll will acquire u nice-looking far around these parts. And you’d be hard-pressed to identify a hotter bonk buddy than Alana. Our good friend and veteran cocksman, Seth Diamond, is about to experience this firsthand.

“I’m charming insatiable,” Alana told. “I like to play with cuties and boyz, coz why not savour the superlatively good of one as well as the other worlds? I can be controlling or passive when I’m with a boy, but I am always confident when I am with a girl. So, yep, u can manhandle me a bit. Or maybe I’ll use your wang as my recent much loved sex tool. You’ll not at any time know which version of Alana you’re intend to receive when I am banging a lad.”

We’ll take any and all versions of this ridiculously hot and sexually excited Sunshine State babe. Today, Seth is getting the masterful version of Alana. And we can not assist but feel a little jealous of this fortunate bastard. Alana is noted for her cock-sucking skills, and that babe unleashes each bit of her professional tonsil torque. That babe takes every inch of Seth’s manhood into her throat and down her mouth in this juicy and sloppy romp. This babe stuffs his schlong between her fleshy juggs, too, and we’re charming impressed Seth didn’t blow a large load onto those flawless naturals. What a champ.

“I take pride in my dick-sucking,” Alana told us. “I’ve had plenty of boys say I’m the finest, and it always makes me smile when I hear that.”

This babe sure does know how to prep a knob for her cookie. So Seth gives Alana the sort of subrigid, no-holds-barred, all-hands-on-deck, leave-her-pussy-sore-and-dripping-wet sex a shapely, cock-thirsty hotty deserves. Alana cums a handful of times in this sizzling hawt scene, and when these 2 are done, that babe is left with a mouthful of ball cream, too.

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Alana Lace – Breast of SCORELAND Newcomers 2014

Written on December 31, 2014 at 10:18 am, by

Breast of SCORELAND Newcomers 2014

Breast of SCORELAND Newcomers 2014

There were thirty-three newcomers to SCORELAND in 2014. We would have liked to have included each one of them in this episode flashback of 2014 because all of the newcomers are winners and we thank each and each one of ’em. Based on ratings, number of views, bust size, number of downloads, feedback from various sources and other factors, the list of fresh vixens in this Thirty six minute clip features a dozen agreeable and daring damsels. Ten of the twelve did XXX but that wasn’t a deciding factor. Alana Lace, Amy Anderssen, Brook Ultra, Cat Bangles, Harlow Nyx, Liza Biggs, Maya Milano, Mia Callista, Olivia Jackson, Red Goddess, Shelby Gibson and Tigerr Benson helped make this year a great one for new arrivals. We look forward to finding and bringing you more busty super-hotties in 2015.

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Kamille Amora – Goddess Who Makes U Double Take

Written on December 30, 2014 at 6:05 am, by

Girl Who Makes You Double Take

Girl Who Makes U Double Take

Some girls are so hawt, taking one check out ’em just isn’t sufficient. These angels make u double take and darn near break your neck as u confirm that your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Yeah, Kamille Amora is one of these girls who make you believe your eyes are deceiving you. Especially when she’s wearing an outfit love this. Kamille’s denim jumper hugs her curves and can barely contain her I-cup boobs. Kamille is the height of femininity, and that babe entices instant hard-ons that last so long some would suggest contacting your physician. But for a angel adore Kamille, you’ll need that long-lasting wood. She has a sex-drive not many studs can handle.

“Yeah, I am a nympho,” Kamille told. “Of course, I adore tit-fucking but I’m also into domination. I adore when males take control. I’ve been to a scarcely any swinging couples lap dancing clubs in Las Vegas, also. Hands leaking all over me, slit juice and cum everywhere. It receives me hot just thinking about it.”

Kamille is into lads and gals, and she understandably acquires a lot of attention from the one and the other sexes. When you look like this, you’ve heard every pickup line in the book…and then some.

“I’ve heard tons of precious ones,” Kamille said. “The funniest one probably was, ‘Girl come over here and hypnotize me with those I’s.’ Referring to my meatballs, certainly. I couldn’t help but laugh at that one. It was clever.”

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Roxanne Diamond – Diamond Girl

Written on December 29, 2014 at 6:26 pm, by

Diamond Cutie

Diamond Girl

“I savour the very basic activities of life,” Roxanne Diamond says. “I like to talk walks in the forest, listen to music, read books and poetry and write poetry. I’m interested in alternative healing and lifestyles. I don’t engage in the fast life of meaningless and empty pursuits.”

“I didn’t think about naked modeling and then I met Joana. I learned how famous this babe is and she’s a nice friend now. This babe encouraged me to try this. I respect her life philosophy and attitude. That babe is more spiritual than people know.”

“I’m not sure what turns me on most,” writes Rhah1. “Your awesome body? Your teasing little smile? Or your playful personality. You’re the flawless package!”

What does Roxanne like so much about hot modeling?

“I savour the freedom and the carnal feelings. The body is a stylish thing and nakedness should not be considered incorrect and depraved. We are all born stripped. I hope we can one day accept that we are raunchy beings and have natures that should be expressed with out fear and shame. Babes should be allowed to enjoy masturbation and sex with other people without society’s humiliation.”

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Trinety Guess – Titty Tugging, Twat Plugging

Written on December 28, 2014 at 1:10 pm, by

Titty Tugging, Pussy Plugging

Titty Tugging, Muff Plugging

Guess what Trinety will be doing today? She’s cum a lengthy way. XL Gals first photographed Trinety close to 3 years agone. Final year, Trinety did her 1st Bazookas & Tugs.

3 years ago when Trinety 1st visited XL Girls, “Old Etonian” wrote: “Jawdroppingly stunning. I could spend all day with that pretty cookie but would be sued for criminal neglect of a sensational body and absolutely enchanting face.”

On this day, the event is Trinety’s 1st XXX fling at XL Beauties and she’ll be riding the banger of buck Tony DeSergio. Trinety can’t live with out “pure, raw, ardent sex.” That’s what it is all about.

Eye-banging the camera in a hardcore still pictorial happens all the time. Trinety goes one further by eye-banging the clip digital camera. Tony fills her enchanting face hole and unfathomable deep cleavage valley, tastes her captivating nipples and bonks her snatch deep in horny poses. That buck copulates Trinety faster and harder the louder she cries and moans in this scorching sex date. 100% raw show-sex with no additives!

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Maggie Green – Busty Body Pumping

Written on December 28, 2014 at 2:06 am, by

Big breasted Body Pumping

Busty Body Pumping

Has it actually been a year since Maggie Green sexed it up at SCORELAND? Now she’s back and just as dick-drunk and as horny as ever. “I love having cum on my milk cans. I like to have it in my mouth and spit it out and play with it on my fullsome funbags,” Maggie told. Spoiler alert: That’s exactly what the happy ending is at the big O of this luscious and wild bonking session with SCORE smooth operator Tony DeSergio.

What does Maggie 1st do when she sees a man who turns her on?

“I adore to make major eye-contact. I screw with my eyes.”

Does Maggie view her SCORELAND scenes?

“I see some of ’em,” Maggie says. “Some I watch alone and some I look at with anybody. It’s always surreal to see yourself. It is hawt but I do get critical about myself. My Lothario loves watching with me so that’s hawt. I do not have sex watching them but I’ve masturbated to some episodes. I am cheerful my 1st scene was for SCORE. Being comfortable made it much more enjoyment and erotic. It is definitely opened me up more sexually. I realized I adore rogering on-cam.”

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Brittany O’Neil – Three’s Not A Crowd

Written on December 28, 2014 at 12:57 am, by

Three’s Not A Crowd

Three's Not A Crowd

“Would you chaps like to come inside my apartment?” big-bust superstar and SCORE centerfold Brittany O’Neil (SCORE Three-somes on DVD) asks JMac and Juan at her front door. “I’d like to shag you. And I would like to shag u,” Brittany says, squeezing their junk to make it clear. A less direct message to these 2 would be a humongous, blinking neon sign.

Three’s Not A Crowd is the 1st trio that Brittany has done with two chaps. Miss O’Neil one time teamed with the breathtaking mega-buster Angelique in London to lay waste to one boy but this was her 1st time with 2 studs on her.

Her dates sit on the daybed as Brittany changes into some hawt underware in her bedroom while they whisper about the opportunity that they have been handed. She returns, looking sexy-generous and ready for a smutty couch-ride. They lay back as this babe strokes their wood, one dong in every accomplished hand. This is a femdom-goddess who wrote the handbook on wicked porn-sex and she’s solely getting warmed up.

They stand up to acquire sucked admirable by her trained throat, their dicks licked love lollipops by her tongue dripping with saliva. The non-stop marathon of wang engulfing, breast-sex and twat drilling starts. Those guys have laid pipe with scores of SCORE Angels of each age and shape but they hadn’t able the intensive joy that breasty Brittany O’Neil has to suggest.

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Addison Fastened – Feisty, Enjoyment, Flirty

Written on December 26, 2014 at 7:50 pm, by

Feisty, Fun, Flirtatious

Feisty, Fun, Brazen

Webcam glamour models are among our favourite angels to shoot. They always have the majority bubbly personalities to go with their consummate chests and pleasantly chubby bodies. They are feisty, fun and brazen adore the title of Addison Bound’s latest posting. These words are just some of the descriptors that can be used for Addison. Certainly, with her HH-cup boobs, “stacked” and “busty” are applicable as well. Addison’s mellons are the kind u urge to dive head-first into when they break into your line of sight. And we mean one as well as the other of your heads, gentlemen.

“My titties draw attention to themselves,” Addison told. “I adore to say they have a mind of their own. They get attention no matter what I work out to wear. It is love they’re shouting, ‘Hey! View me!’ There is no use trying to contain ’em.”

We can definitely hear Addison’s bouncy bosoms calling out to us. They’re begging for a motorboat and a tit wank. Sure that’s just a fantasy playing out in our heads, but the thought of us fantasizing about her gets Addison off, too.

“Posing on-camera was really my mammoth fantasy,” she told. “Knowing that so many people are touching themselves looking at my pictures and thinking about me is a turn-on!”

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Karina Hart – Snug Fit

Written on December 26, 2014 at 9:27 am, by

Snug Fit

Snug Fit

Winner of numerous awards, Karina Hart remains one of the most-popular glamour models at SCORELAND–so great, a site devoted to her was created. With the exception of Christy Marks, Chloe Vevrier, Linsey Dawn McKenzie (the record holder for appearances) and a handful of others, no glamour model was filmed more times by The SCORE Group, the authority on titanic, moist, all-natural love melons.

Karina’s path to modeling took a detour when she matured. Her 1st goal was to be a fashion adult model. These cuties are all rail-thin with petite pointer sisters cuz that is what that industry generally cultivates. And that is not what Karina’s developing physique was about.

“Once my tits started to develop, I knew that I would not be professional to be a fashion model,” Karina said us. “They are all tall and petite with miniature boobies. I’ve large milk cans!”

To this day, Karina remains, and will remain, one of the highest-rated hotty’s in SCORE history. Karina was the one who found us, surfing on the net. This is often the case with many of SCORE‘s MVPs.

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Wow Nikki – Sex Room of Mirrors

Written on December 25, 2014 at 8:40 am, by

Sex Room of Mirrors

Sex Room of Mirrors

Wow Nikki was one of the early web-cam adult models previous to everybody and her aunt and her aunt’s aunt decided to get inside on the act. Nikki was a stacked, strapping, golden-haired brickhouse from Ontario, California when that babe first took off her hot clothes for the SCORE digi camera. That babe made her 1st appearance in April 2003 V-mag.

When the subject of blowjobs came up, Nikki said, “I have that perfected. Some have called me a corporalist of it. Nothing adore a hard dick down my mouth.”

Nikki was to later prove that sentiment in this video. That babe is super-hot in sofa. Anything came out well at the end with Nikki excitedly jacking Myles’ boner betwixt her mounds. She’s the kind of female who genuinely enjoys making her shag partners blow their load all over her large zeppelins. This babe licks the head of his penis also.

“If I could change everything about my sex life it would be not being down for seven days out of the month,” Nikki told. Trust us, that babe meant every word.

Nikki was direct and open about sex. “I love doggie style, hands-down. Penis size is not important to me. A medium size ramrod is great. It is all about the force behind the poke.” With regards to having some girl-fun, this babe enthusiastically stated, “I have lots of cute allies and I play that game a lot with beauties. No thing love licking some hawt pussy.”

Watch More of Wow Nikki at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!