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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Angela’s locker room layover

Written on July 31, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

Angela’s locker room layover

Angela's locker room layover

Angela has often been called “The Paramount Girlfriend.” She is a real stud pleaser. Many of u know Angela’s background. How this babe started her career at SCORE and Voluptuous in 2003, how this babe found us and how many hot movie scenes and DVDs she is made with us.

“I did not indeed acquire much attention from boys when I was younger,” Angela said. “I was little and tiny. I didn’t look much love a dominatrix. And I was actually timid as well. They didn’t pay attention to me. So when I got my tits, my timidity just went away. I would not talk to people previous to. I would not come out, would not talk to anyone. So after that, all the boyz started paying attention to me. I spent all my specie on hawt raiment before my mangos got bigger, so I owed my mum tons of money. Then my mounds got mountainous, and all I had was my little gracious garments, so all I wore for a span of about six months was all those alluring clothing that fit me love B-cups. So the shirts were stretched right out!”

If there’s any doubt that females (at least the right ones) belong in a locker room, Angela is the verification. That Aussie accent is sexy, likewise.

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Lipstick Areolas

Written on July 30, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

Lipstick Nipples

Lipstick Nipples

Hitomi is great at self-sucking her pliable titties. That babe leaves her nipples overspread with red lipstick smears in the clip whilst that babe spanks it on top of a bar. Her nipples are clear of lipstick marks in this photo set.

Hitomi was in Prague for the 1st time after last year’s tour to Miami, which is featured in a SCORELAND special. She did not need to spend that much time touring the city’s historic spots but this babe did need to play admirable with British bird Lily Madison. She did get the trip of a bee museum, of all places, shown in a Bonus movie, “Boobs Over Bees.” (That town needs a priceless below garment museum.)

Hitomi’s English is getting better all the time and she works unyielding at it. When that babe first arrived in Mexico for her group shoot, she brought along a translator. In the Dominican Republic, Hitomi had a translating app on her smartphone. She’s always looking to improve herself.

Now if you ever met Hitomi in a exotic dancing club or bar, the last thing you’d urge is for her to get on a bar top and play with her big mangos and cookie. You’d try to take her to your place where u could be alone with her.

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Holly Halston – Tit-Job Interview

Written on July 30, 2016 at 4:15 pm, by

Tit-Job Interview

Tit-Job Interview

Busty golden-haired Holly Halston needs a job actually badly to pay her bills and keep this bra-shredding nympho in some nice sexy outfit and designer lingerie. So that babe pounds the pavement and starts going on job interviews at several offices. Whilst she knows that babe needs to get a job, that babe likewise knows that her skills are limited. She doesn’t sort, this babe doesn’t take shorthand, she doesn’t file and this babe doesn’t have any PC skills. But does that deter her from trying? Not at any time. Holly knows that although she doesn’t necessarily have clerical skills, that babe does have some skills that may land her a position in this specific company. And by position we are referring to either doggy-style or missionary. You see, Holly knows how to work the ramrod and all her skills revolve around that. So, she heads over to a company where that babe can seek a position below the CEO…literally. She lays down and lets this lad fuck her jugs and spray baby batter all over her. She lets him know that if that babe acquires the gig, she will blow his load for him standard. Now what boss would turn down an applicant love Holly?

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Katrin – Busty Blonde Likes To Be Watched

Written on July 30, 2016 at 2:03 am, by

Breasty Blond Loves To Be Watched

Busty Blond Loves To Be Watched

Voluptuous Katrin merely started adult modeling in 2016, and lady-killer, did that babe jump in with the one and the other feet right away–from spreading pink and masturbation to full-on real-deal sexxx. Katrin is an dilettante in the adult bigger in size than standard boob scene but is still a breasty bombshell powerhouse. This babe has all the right ram, from her fetching blonde looks to her enormous natural bra-busters and well-padded gazoo. Katrin instinctively eye-bangs the camera, pleasures her partner’s knob with her boobies as often as this babe can and pushes back with every thrust he makes into her love tunnel.

This scene is “clothed lady in nature’s garb male” (CFNM) which is usually about lady domination but Katrin’s copulate buddy is the one in charge each step of the way as that fellow goes nuts and ravishes her soaked, squishy body. Katrin likes playing movie scene games, laser tag, surfing the web and watching motor sports and says that babe is nice-looking much the homebody type of hotty. This babe wanted to try this because that babe has an exhibitionistic streak that that babe hasn’t lived out and desires to fulfill her dream of being observed whilst that babe is drilled. Katrin hasn’t told whether that babe craves to explore more of her fantasies on-camera.

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Anna Beck – Beck Is Back To Bone

Written on July 30, 2016 at 1:54 am, by

Beck Is Back To Bone

Beck Is Back To Bone

It is been months since Anna Beck came out to play at XL Gals so we put the call out to her hoping she was still onboard to be on-camera. All hail Anna. Her previous appearance was some time ago as “The Big boobed Busker” playing street guitar and making a very close friend. We’re pleased to say Beck is back and bustier with more to adore than ever. Just compare.

Sat with Dellon, Anna is brushing up on her English words and pronunciation. The word games they play have double meaning (huge, lengthy, bigger in size than average) and they use hands and body language to receive the message across. It’s the right kind of flirty icebreaker ‘coz Anna is laughing and appreciating her lesson.

Dellon can’t concentrate anymore. Anna’s making him likewise randy to think. This Lothario reaches out for her baskets of nature’s twin bounties and she accepts his roamin’ hands. When Anna stands up in front of Dellon and lowers her below garment to release her humongous mountains of mammary love muffins, look out!!! She’s incredible! Where’s 3D when u need it!

Anna’s juggs dwarf Dellon’s hands not to mention his head. Motorboating Anna proves that petticoat chaser is a certified tit-man. That smooth operator spends plenty of time with his hands on her billibongs and his meat-thermometer between her milk sacks then goes for the unforgetable thrill of spreading her legs and diving into the pink.

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Big boobed Golden-haired Likes To Be Viewed

Written on July 29, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

Breasty Blonde Can’t live without To Be Viewed

Busty Blond Likes To Be Watched

“I practiced in front of the mirrors at home the day previous to I came to the studio so I would look just right,” Katrin explained. “It was thrilling to do this. All I could think about was how sexy I could be for the guys who would be seeing me.”

An amateur with a moist and voluptuous body and a charming face, Katrin wanted to fulfill her dreams and decided to go for it. No amateur when it comes to getting it on, she said she receives as much sex as this babe desires at home and can’t live with out to use mirrors in her bedroom. This babe reads books and watches movie scenes about different carnal positions, not for stimulation but to learn fresh moves to try at home or on holiday.

So Katrin needed very little direction as far as the sex and nice-looking much knew anything (love Mia Khalifa in the beginning of her time in porn) and her fuck-man helped educate her for this scene when it came to doing the deed on-camera. This chab wanted to acquire into Katrin’s pink very badly the second he saw her. That babe was amused but eager to widen wide and get boned, occasionally eye-banging the digi camera until she got lost in the sex and forgot that the digi camera and the cameraman were even there.

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Daphne Rosen – Tapping The Tight Tops & Big Tits Girl

Written on July 28, 2016 at 3:36 pm, by

Tapping The Taut Tops & Greater than average Billibongs Hotty

Tapping The Tight Tops & Larger than average Melons Beauty

Jewish porn star Daphne Rosen tries on taut tops and the effect is total boner producing. It is rigid to even make almost certainly of that angels love Daphne exist in the flesh & blood world. But this babe is real. Remarkably real. After Daphne tanalizes, taunts and tantalizes in her constricted titty tops, that babe is brought to a abode and drilled in the ass. That babe won’t let the buck toss off on her and strokes his knob herself instead, milking his nuts so that babe can get his nut on her mammoth pantoons even though his spunk is not kosher. This is big tit porn for bigger in size than average tit porn’s sake. No story was needed. It’s true whack-off, go-to material.

“I was type of born for sex,” said Daphne. “I mean, fate dealt me a hand that I basically had no partiality. My throat is very, very skillful. I can obviously do a great titty fuck. My snatch, I’ve heard, is completely outstanding. My backdoor, very accommodating. The one and the other my holes are very tight at the beginning, and then inside, they apparently give the knob a real hug. Sometimes it’s subrigid to final with me.”

Fate dealt Miss Rosen a great hand.

Watch More of Daphne Rosen at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

Samantha 38G – Latex Woman

Written on July 28, 2016 at 2:22 am, by

Latex Femdom-goddess

Latex Mistress

Samantha 38G has a wicked paddle and an even more naughty red Latex dress this babe is poured into. It’s constricted and hugs each curve like it was painted on. That is the basics of Samantha’s clothes style for as lengthy as we have known her. Tight is right. Miniature lingerie, petite bras, bright colors. No dark-skinned gorgeous garments. Samantha makes almost certainly of darksome is boring in a clip or on a page. This red dress on Sam definitely pops.

“Samantha seems to receive sexier with age. I like the way her areolae have darkened,” L.B. wrote to XL Angels magazine.

B.W. mailed his own ode to Sam. “Samantha 38G has it all and continues to be great in all aspects of showing off that hot, sexy body. That babe keeps us plumper paramours inflexible and glad. I’d like to have sex with this vixen. I’d love to cosset and suck on these bigger than standard bosoms and eat that fascinating, succulent, warm, pink bawdy cleft and pump that glamorous arse.”

Where does the time go? It is been fifteen years since Samantha initially debuted but it doesn’t seem adore it. It appears to be love yesterday. With her friends Maria Moore and Sapphire, Samantha is one of the “Holy Trinity,” as Samantha calls it, of BIGGER THAN RUN OF THE MILL VOLUPTUOUS HEADMISTRESS porn. All three started here and went off to successful, ongoing careers. Beauties come, cum and go but Samantha 38G, Maria and Sapphire are the hardly any constants in this part of the adult universe.

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Mischel Lee – Bullet Bra Babe

Written on July 28, 2016 at 1:40 am, by

Bullet Brassiere Playgirl

Bullet Undergarment Babe

Mischel Lee’s got herself a bullet bra, the kind of bra with pointed cups that girls used to wear in the 1950s to get nose-cone mangos underneath their tight sweaters. Over her curly, pierced slit, Mischel’s likewise wearing what ladies bra peddlers call control belts. They’ve very taut and ass-hugging and Mischel’s arse is very fine of hugging.

“I love to wear tight garments. I love body stockings,” says Mischel.

Her photographer says that Mischel is truly very coy. This could have fooled us, especially about a girl who told that this babe uses studs for oral-stimulation when she’s in the mood. So she needs a controlling, dominating man when this babe does boy-girls.

“Yes, it is true. I’m very passive. I’m bashful. I donot costume to draw attention when I go out. Maybe sometimes at night, but almost all times, I don’t wear tops that brandish my pointer sisters.”

Quite a not many SCORE boys write that Mischel is their consummate dominatrix.

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Bullet Bra Playgirl

Written on July 27, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

Bullet Brassiere Honey

Bullet Undergarment Babe

“Some fellows are more interested in my hair than in my milk cans,” told Mischel Lee, who’s got her now-bigger boobs encased in a bullet bra, the pointed undergarment worn to create sweater missiles in the 1950s.

“I attract a lot of chaps ‘coz of my love muffins, but when they see me not wearing clothes, some fellows spend more time on my love tunnel. That is worthy ‘coz I cum foremost when my cunt is licked. I had my twat lips pierced for my enjoyment. The bucks I meet love the jewelry and my hair nearly as much as they adore my larger than typical breasts.”

Now that Mischel has larger tits than when she 1st appeared at SCORELAND, is her sex life sexier?

“I think so. My teats feel more sensitive. I adore to check out ’em in my mirror more than previous to. I am more aware of my bra buddies now so I suppose coz of this, and cuz they are larger, I get more people looking at them. I think boyz spend more time mouthing and licking my bouncy bosoms. They play with them more. My boyfriends can’t keep their hands off ’em. This makes sex better.”

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