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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Officer Angelina

Written on November 29, 2016 at 2:20 am, by

Officer Angelina

Officer Angelina

While on her rounds, Officer Angelina Verdi has captured a man jacking off in a public men’s room. She’s nailed this pervert dead to rights as this woman chaser beat the meat with a copy of V-Mag in the other hand. Officer Angelina enjoys capturing sleaze adore this so that babe can train ’em a lesson as this babe administers her own brand of juggy justice.

Officer Angelina studiously watched the perp jerking for numerous minutes, taking detailed notes, until that babe was contented. That man flagrantly ignored the No-Jack Zone signs posted everywhere.

After ascertaining that the perp is not a politician or celebrity actor and automatically immune to arrest and legal prosecution, Officer Angelina takes this jacker to the station abode where this ladies man is about to acquire an interrogation that he won’t at any time forget. In fact, that skirt chaser will make it a point to try to acquire caught again tossing off on Officer Angelina’s Boob Beat.

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Breast of UK

Written on November 29, 2016 at 2:06 am, by

Breast of Great Britain

Breast of Britain

“Where would you adore me?” asked Madison Lee when it came time to elect what setting to photograph her in. Our digi camera staff had set up headquarters in a house in the London area and Madison looked adore a very worthy XL Cutie. This belief was confirmed when her test shots were studied by the editors.

We decided to photograph Madison in that most-secret and intimate of hideaways for all women. A place where chicks cleanse and beautify themselves in intimate, mostly to please men–the bath, or in British terms, the loo.

Madison said she was “open minded, crazy to please and punctual.” This babe wanted to do a lot more posing in the future. But that at not time happened. Ya win some, ya lose some. At least we got 2 videos and 2 photo sets in advance of that babe dropped out.

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Island fever

Written on November 27, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

Island fever

Island fever

When Angela is in front of a clip digital camera, this babe has a particular way of making you feel as if she’s talking directly to u. Drooping her naturals directly in your face, too. This is a way of connecting that small in number gals have in such abundance. It is no surprise that Angela became a TV star on the Australian comedy brandish Chunky Pizza. That babe has that charm and natural effervescence. But the television-viewing masses are deprived the fun of savouring Angela as SCORE and Voluptuous Chaps can, as this episode once anew proves. That is their tough luck.

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Sealing The Deal

Written on November 27, 2016 at 2:02 am, by

Sealing The Deal

Sealing The Deal

Plush and hot Amiee Roberts is a blonde vixen with 40H-cup funbags. That babe works for Mr. Dix, a real-estate broker and stages houses for sale. This morning, all’s set to go at one of the houses…except for one thing. Dix doesn’t adore Amiee’s red costume that clings to her pleasingly and teasingly corpulent figure adore plastic wrap. This smooth operator urges her to change, fearing her oomph-power will turn-off his lady clients.

Amiee didn’t bring anything else and definitely not a brassiere so they go to the abode owner’s bedroom to check her closets for a more business-like outfit. The closets are empty and at this point–at this critical time–with customers arriving, Amiee comes to a culmination to reveal the boss her undressed major mams. That petticoat chaser succumbs instantly, takes ’em in hand and sucks on her nipples. The force of the twat at work! They strip and acquire into sofa where Dix exposes he is both a rough boss and a coarse fucker, drilling Amiee every which way and having her engulf his nuts and drool and gag on his penis. The customers are on their way. Who cares? The boss and his assistant are also busy turning the bedroom into a sex parlor.

“I love my scenes at XL Angels,” told Amiee. This is her second hardcore fling. “I watch ’em alone. I always do ‘coz I judge myself the hardest. At 1st I thought it was weird seeing myself on-camera but I think I look worthwhile and that makes me feel fine. I get slutty watching them!”

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Fantastic Breasts & Where To Find Them

Written on November 27, 2016 at 1:25 am, by

Fantastic Fullsome funbags & Where To Find Them

Fantastic Milk shakes & Where To Discover Them

Katie Thornton: swim costume perfection. The SCORE Beginner of the Year contest winner is a bathing dress goddess lover’s dream in this photo shoot. Bathing suit glamour models don’t get more precious. Katie could do each scene in a small bikini ‘cuz it could at not time receive stale.

Happy-go-lucky Katie says “Self-confidence is the ultimate outfit” and “Chase your dreams.” That is what Katie is doing, pursuing and catching her fantasies. It’s her time in the sun, figuratively and literally.

“I love to voyage and explore fresh countries. I’m too a beautician and semi-permanent makeup artist. My mum is my finest ally of all. I am very family-focused and I keep my circle dunky.”

Our brains turn to jelly when she’s at SCORE. There is no antidote available.

Will Katie win the Sex star of the year Contest for 2016? We will see.

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Butthole Fun With Carly Parker

Written on November 26, 2016 at 1:32 am, by

Backdoor Pleasure With Carly Parker

Butthole Fun With Carly Parker

Sex-bomber Carly Parker has prepared a appealing picnic spread in the backyard. But Carly is more interested in eating ramrod first in advance of eating lunch. “You’ll must feed me first,” that babe tells you. This babe unties her “Daisy-Mae” country girl blouse knotted in the front to tempt you with her larger than average titties. Food can wait if u have an open invitation from a sexy stunner adore this!

“Get over here,” that babe demands. “Get over here and feel those pantoons!” Your rod turns into a rock as u reach out to touch Carly’s larger than standard marangos and stick a forefinger in her mouth to engulf on. “Want me to shove it down my throat?” Does she need to ask? Not indeed, but you love hearing angels talk like that.

Carly kneels to deep face hole your schlong and rubdown your balls. She’s a great cock sucker. No wonder that babe is a top pornstar. Carly takes her hot outfit off and acquires on the picnic table, legs spread wide. You screw her cunt unbending, admiring each inch of her body.

When that babe is riding your rod on top, that babe asks you if you wanna drill her butt, her voice running with naughty joy. This babe has a smutty mouth which is fetching. U shove it in and out of her butt-hole while she rubs her clitoris and vagina stiff and fast. “My butthole is milking your wang!” Carly shouts. Maybe the neighbors will peek over the fence to watch u douse her jugs with seed. This scene is on DVD in Greater than run of the mill Tit POV Anal.

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Stacked and Soaped

Written on November 25, 2016 at 2:10 am, by

Stacked and Soaped

Stacked and Soaped

Nila Mason‘s cameraman asks Nila her name as a matter of editorial protocol, not coz he’s breast-blitzed. After all, this chab is leveled his lens at her incredible bouncy bosoms and ravishing twat a bunch of times. It’s close to impossible not to be boob-drunk being in Nila’s presence. We’d forget our own names if we were in the shower with an XL Beauty.

Nila grants him and his camera permission to hang with her during the time that this babe showers, soaps, dries off and moisturizes (an important step, we say). Watch Nila do her magic act. Explore her super-natural body and watch her acquire breastfully clean in this Bonus movie scene. What a doll!

Nila leaves her slip on when this babe turns-on the tap, so at first her showering is like a wet-Tee brandish as her slide turns translucent. When Nila peels it off her sexy bod, it is hooter-heaven time.

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Holiday of Hooters

Written on November 25, 2016 at 2:08 am, by

Holiday of Zeppelins

Holiday of Hooters

Alexya takes over the kitchen and does things her way. Her method of food handling is not solely approved, it is encouraged. She juices her body the right way. This is SCORELAND‘s version of a TV food channel. This babe is awfully cute in her apron but it’s much more appetizing when that babe takes each stitch off. Bon appe-tit!

Alexya can be a tease. She related an experience this babe had that receive to have driven this boy avid. “I was in the cinema. It was not quite full. The movie was in 3D and we were all wearing these glasses. I was alone and I started to touch myself sluggishly. After a while, a petticoat chaser near me saw me and viewed what I was doing. I did not prevent. When the clip was over, I left the theater. I suppose this ladies man tried to chase me but I was with the crowds so this chab could not find me.” That lady-killer is probably still wandering the streets looking for Alexya. So would we.

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Busty MILF From Fucktown

Written on November 24, 2016 at 3:35 pm, by

Big boobed SEXY HOUSEWIFE From Fucktown

Busty Mamma I'D LIKE TO FUCK From Fucktown

Porsche Lane turns heads wherever she goes. She is gratified of being a old monster boobed swinger and all-around doxy. She is into group action and swinger cruises on ships. She is an ex-cheerleader and now a personal coach. Of what? Screwing? She loves vaginas likewise. It is obvious that this babe likes a stud to pound the shit without her.

Now about these bra-stuffers. “I like having large love muffins. It makes me feel like more of a lady,” Porsche told. “And, of course, there’s the added benefit of them looking so wonderful in constricted hawt outfit, and that always attracts attention from males.” Carlos, who’s assigned to fill her sexy grab, 1st quizzes Porsche during the time that this charmer thinks of what part of her body to goo on after this petticoat chaser screws her. We’re figuring her mangos. He is impressed by her sexy body.

Porsche says she works out six days a week not counting rogering, which is a lot per week. Their lustful talk receives both of ’em hot for sex. That is the great thing about being a porn buck. Knowing you’re going to screw the hottie when the chat is over, guaranteed. This chab is learned a thing or 2 so this stud asks Porsche to get off the ottoman and stand up for a body inspection. That fellow wants to see those mounds. This dude wants to see her ringed clit-hood. He fingers her rectal hole whilst munching down and caressing her muff and engulfing her areolas. Porsche widens her throat for sausage, inflating it for injection into her hole.

They start banging in doggie, then switch over to reverse cowgirl. Porsche likes fucking finest of all. You can tell. This babe changes to cowgirl, facing him, and rides, his finger up her butt-tunnel. They try rogering in side-saddle, and that gets the meat deep in her oven. Porsche could use a cool-down and suggests her bouncy bosoms for the cream explosion. That babe jerks the last not many drops out.

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Flexin’ Fox

Written on November 23, 2016 at 2:26 am, by

Flexin’ Fox

Flexin' Fox

You are here to watch busty hotty’s walking and jogging in tight tops. And, of course, their large love melons should fall without their shirts and go flying in all directions or the exercise class is a waste of time.

We instructed Katarina to work-out her mangos and include teat fitness exercises, which stimulate the release of the brain chemical oxytocin, a pleasure hormone that is too released during orgasm as well as pregnancy. For a closing training routine, Katarina was handed this thing called a battery operated muscle stimulator.

This babe asked our photographer if this buck had any additional batteries on him, just in case she wanted to keep exercising after this chab prevented taking fotos. U have to wake up beautiful early in the morning to keep up with Katarina.

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