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Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Green Party

Written on December 31, 2016 at 2:21 am, by

The Green Party

The Green Party

It is a Green party as Maggie Green hooks up with X-Man Jimmy. This chab wishes to force shag Maggie and then coat the hawt blonde’s big natural mellons with X-Man cock juice. But 1st, some celebratory champagne on her areola and his dong. Maggie is Jimmy’s play-mate for the day, his to do with as that lady-killer wants, so he sucks her teats and face-fucks her first.

Maggie swallows his shaft, gags on it and drools all over it in a fine, impure, sloppy oral stimulation. This woman chaser tit-fucks her, followed by a hard boning. This is the second time he’s been lucky sufficient to group-sex Maggie, the first in an office as her micro-managing supervisor who catches her looking at porn during business hours.

SCORELAND: What is the almost any amazing thing that has ever happened to you ‘coz of your funbags?

Maggie: My love muffins have opened many doors for me but the paramount thing was getting my 1st naked modeling suggest for a big breasted pinup web resource.

SCORELAND: What do you love to do for fun?

Maggie: I love running, biking, playing with my dog, drinking wine and watching episodes, flashing strangers in public, laying on the beach watching sexy hotties in bikinis, traveling, exotic dancing and sleeping.

SCORELAND: How do you rate your sex drive from 1, low to 10, high?

Maggie: 11! One time I’ve sex, I want more! And then more!

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Cat In Heat

Written on December 31, 2016 at 2:08 am, by

Cat In Heat

Cat In Heat

“I have had a threesome and I loved it! I can’t expect to do it again. I believe in the saying, the more the merrier,” told Cat Bangles, Latin chick super-hottie.

“It was with a hotty and a lad. It was with a couple of allies of mine. We were all sat around having some drinks and talking on a Friday evening. The beauty was my preeminent friend and the gent was interested in me, but I was interested in my girlfriend. He wanted to do smth with me, and I basically said this smooth operator could jump in and we could all have some pleasure. Next thing you know, we’re throwing back some shots and we’re in the bedroom and one as well as the other of us are giving him a oral stimulation and then we’re fucking. I would definitely do it all over another time.”

It took some time but now Cat’s had her first on-camera three-some with 2 boyz. But not just any porn dudes. JMac has boned Cat three times.

“His ding-dong was mountainous,” told Cat about her 1st time with JMac. “But I took it all down my mouth. He loved it, of course. This chab told it was outstanding and that my love tunnel was worthy and tight. Valuable and taut adore a little star. It was a great scene. This buck had to stop to keep himself from coming. This chab tapped out three times, really. He could not handle me with my tight wet crack, moist face hole and these pantoons.”

Tony’s done the bawdy 3 times with Cat. His first time doing Cat included filling her gazoo. Tony was also the dude who convinced Cat through the web to contact The SCORE Group in the 1st place.

“One of Tony’s comments was that any sexy gals should click this link contact with him if they were interested in nude modeling with The SCORE Group. Interestingly, I had applied to The SCORE Group a year prior. This ladies man said this woman chaser would click here contact with u all for me some other time, and now, here I am shaking my scones for all of you. All thank u to Tony.”

So here we’ve Cat with two of her lads. Sucking. Rogering. Anal. Sexy ain’t the word.

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Playtime For A Breasty Ravisher

Written on December 29, 2016 at 2:14 am, by

Playtime For A Big boobed Stunner

Playtime For A Busty Beauty

When Aspen got it cooking on-set as she does here with Joey, that babe did not change and turn into somebody else. Like Cherry Brady, that babe was always herself whether in front of a camera or just having lunch with the crew.

“It gives me a chance to be more of who I really am,” Aspen told. “At home I work in a expert environment for a larger than average company, so I do not must be this side of my personality. Here I have the freedom to truly savour and explore my sexuality and my openness. I love to be viewed, so it’s very thrilling and it is different and it is safe and comfortable and it is enjoyment. It is so much fun here

“I costume conservatively, naturally. That’s not always facile with a rack the size of mine. In fact, my boss compliments me on the days when I hide ‘the girls’ a little more than usual. It’s subrigid to detect professional sexy outfit that fit me ‘coz of the size of my chest. I can cover up the deep cleavage. I can’t easily hide the size and shape of my bra buddies, but I can at least control how much of them is actually showing.”

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The Joggin’ Jugs of A Horny Hottie

Written on December 29, 2016 at 1:26 am, by

The Joggin’ Jugs of A Horny Playgirl

The Joggin' Jugs of A Lascivious Hottie

When Sheridan Like goes jogging past road worker Brick, her big mounds bouncing with each step, this chab has no idea that he’ll be shellacking these boobs in her bedroom that morning. It’s all coz of a nice deed that Brick did.

As the jiggling ravisher passed Brick, her wallet fell to the sidewalk. Brick picked it up and endevoured to receive her attention but this babe is listening to music and cant hear him. That fellow gives pursue and sees Sheridan come into a abode, forgetting to close her front door. Sheridan heads upstairs to shower after her morning run as Brick arrives at her abode. This charmer sees she is left her door open and decides to take a chance and go inside to return her wallet.

Wandering around the place, he tries to detect the lovely stranger. When this chab appears at her bath door, Sheridan’s without her jogging outfit and in a towel, willing to kewl her hawt body down. Brick stammers out his reason for being in her house and tries to make his exit. Sheridan comes to a culmination right then to award him…with her sexy body! She takes him by the hand into her bedroom and bonks his brains out. This is a pretty worthy tip for returning her wallet, proving that it pays for a guy to do admirable deeds for hawt hotty’s out of any thought of a payback.

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Gentlemen Prefer Pink

Written on December 27, 2016 at 1:43 am, by

Gentlemen Love most of all Pink

Gentlemen Prefer Pink

Now here’s a smiling sweater-missile girl who’s as amorous as she looks, up for almost everything. “I can not fit into any of my aged bras so I had to give ’em away,” Veronika told. Just observe how she’s nearly spilled without her top. There’s few greater sights in the world than that.

Joey is a buck of diminutive in number words, and that’s a worthwhile thing, ‘coz his assignment is to fuck the shit with out Veronika, not nuzzle her neck. Porn men call this work? Work is hauling freight 60 hours a week.

Toothsome Veronika always did appreciate a big strapon in her mouth with a digital camera a not many feet away recording all the right moves. “I adore boyz,” Veronika said. “I love a fellow who is an animal in couch and controls me but a fine gentleman with out couch.” Veronika has a habit of disappearing and resurfacing each hardly any years. She’ll do a bunch of scenes, drop with out sight and then come back for more.

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Ashley’s Bountiful Tits

Written on December 27, 2016 at 1:27 am, by

Ashley’s Bountiful Milk sacks

 Ashley's Bountiful Boobs

“I was the biggest-breasted goddess in school,” told fetching Brit Ashley Sage Ellison. “I was not at all tanalised in school coz we had to cover ’em up and hide them. I’d get inside a predicament if I didn’t. So no one saw ’em. I didn’t play plenty of sports in school. It’s a bit unyielding to run with hooters love this.”

At home:

“I tend to wear comfy sexy outfit when I’m home. But I too adore to walk around in nature’s garb majority of the time when I don’t receive to get clothed. If I go out stripping, I tend to glam it up. Corsets, short skirts, bigger in size than average heels, large hair, that sort of thing. I’ve got a large bum too but lads are more interested in my love melons. They always want to take a selfie with me.”

No surprise there.

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Bustin’ Into SCORELAND

Written on December 25, 2016 at 1:44 am, by

Bustin’ Into SCORELAND

Bustin' Into SCORELAND

Milly Marks is a 20-year-old goddess with 36H-cup mellons and a taste for adventure. Having her at SCORELAND is a match made in hooter heaven. The doe-eyed dark-skinned brown busts out of her constricted cardigan to flaunt her natural wonders in her 1st scene.

Milly lives with a group of beauties. That have to be joy. When this babe said us this, we wondered if any of them have bigger than average fun bags love Milly’s. This is how the mind of the tit-man operates.

“I do think that I have valuable deep cleavage,” Milly told in what is the understatement of the year. “It makes me feel hawt and womanly. I wear plenty of crop tops that are taut on my chest and accentuate ’em even more. Although it doesn’t matter what I wear because people stare even if I’m wearing a gigantic sweater.”

That smack for adventure led Milly to SCORE.

“I’m marvelous used to the stares so I barely notice. It’s usually my friends that are in shock ‘cuz I do not notice people blatantly staring at me and my bigger in size than average bouncy bosoms.”

Certainly people look. Milly’s an overall playgirl! How could they not look?

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XXX Body Rub

Written on December 25, 2016 at 1:42 am, by

XXX Body Rub

XXX Body Rub

The ravishing Nila Mason is a masseuse with a caboose and a set of twins that makes your head spin. Her client this day is Steve who’s in need of her touch, especially after seeing her on XL Gals. Nila tells Steve to acquire naked and on the table. That babe can’t resist watching. It will not be long before the fireworks begin but first a rubdown with ball cream.

When the great Nila works on his front, her glorious globes cover his face and this chab cant avoid from reaching out to touch. Nila pulls her brassiere down so her bazookas can pop out, pointer sisters that make you take a unfathomable breath. Steve has a suck while she reaches for his junk. Nila has a masseuse’s special for him so it’s not time to receive it on just yet.

Dancing down to her briefs, Nila squirts oil all over her lavish lulus and his erection. That babe plays with it, then climbs on top of him on the massage table. A roller party is the treat that babe has for him and when she’s done, that babe inches up further and steers his shaft up her taut pussyhole. Steve has found an always-smiling hotty who’s a fertility female-dominator of oily love, slippery but loads of enjoyment.

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Hot Beef Delivery

Written on December 24, 2016 at 4:20 pm, by

Hot Beef Delivery

Hot Beef Delivery

When they were young, they were stuck-up and snooty. Now that they’re HORNY HOUSEWIVES, they’ll screw any jock in pants even if he’d look more wondrous wearing a paper bag over his head. We adore that in a HORNY HOUSEWIFE. No discrimination!

We’re not saying that Brooke Tyler was snooty and snobbish when she was in her nubiles and ’20s. We’re saying that all priceless looking teenies and 20somethings think they’re hawt shit. That is basic female biology!

We tossed a boy into the room and locked the door so he could not receive out when Brooke attacked him. You’ll like it when she says, “Cum on my rogering face.” How many youthful porn starlets say that? Brooke wasn’t content to let the Lothario jack himself off as almost all porn guys appear to be to have to do to discharge their loads. She is so ravenous that she used 2 hands and worked him love a jammed fire hose until this babe squeezed a monumental load out that covered her face. But 1st this babe screwed him unyielding and tough.

Brooke is actually an energetic lady and rides coarse. The finest kind of copulate. “I costume as hot as I can get away with. I like to receive stares from all the boyz and I adore to get all the glares from the wives and girlfriends. I work hard to keep my body sexy and hawt, and, baby, I am intend to show it off!” U have done well, Brooke Tyler. Keep showing it off and jerking them off.

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The Girl Don Quixote Dreamt About

Written on December 23, 2016 at 2:04 am, by

The Hotty Don Quixote Dreamt About

The Goddess Don Quixote Dreamt About

Dulcinea made her initial appearance at XL Girls in late 2014.

“I indeed like being stripped truly. I’ve been to a naked beach before so it is kind of normal for me,” Dulcinea said on her 1st day. “I adore exhibitionism. So I like being observed. And I truly adore collision fresh people.”

Dulcinea dropped without sight after appearing at XL Cuties in solo and hardcore scenes. She not lengthy ago contacted us and wanted to model once more. During the past year, Dulcinea transformed her physique. Now she is a SCORELAND Angel.

SCORELAND: Welcome back. So tell us, how many times a day when you are out and about do boys try to be the Don Quixote to your Dulcinea?

Dulcinea: At least one time a day, but usually more than that. I adore it, though, and I especially love to tanalize. Love I’ll watch a boy staring at me, so I’ll bow over in front of him or kind of play with my love melons. Sometimes they come up and talk to me and other times they’re also demure. I acquire hit on way more often now that I’m less chubby.

SCORELAND: What brands of bras do u buy now? What size fits superlatively nice?

Dulcinea: I used to must special-order my bras from Europe but I stopped wearing ’em altogether about a year agone. I’ve saved a ton of cash, my boobs are indeed getting perkier, and I’m nice-looking sure everyone else likes getting to see my areolas push through my shirt at the coffee shop. I was fitted not long ago, though, and I measured as a 34HH. I thought it was kooky that after losing 50 pounds my cup size stayed the same!

SCORELAND: What are your plans for 2017?

Dulcinea: I am starting my own membership web resource for my non-professional content and camming full-time with my spouse doing couples reveals! I’m also hoping to do a bit more stripped modeling and maintain my new figure.

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