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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Big, Oiled Tits

Written on August 31, 2017 at 10:59 pm, by

Large, Oiled Zeppelins

Big, Oiled Tits

Poor Daria. She opened a spa that offers massages but she has no customers. Since Daria has some time on her hands, this babe puts her larger than average, captivating mambos in her hands and gives herself a full-body greasy oil rub-down on her massage table in a very uplifting photo-shoot.

SCORELAND: What position do u sleep in?

Daria: I sleep on my stomach, hugging the pillow.

SCORELAND: What garments do u feel u look sexiest in?

Daria: Jeans and high heels. Also I guess that office-style clothes is very hot.

SCORELAND: Do u know how much your meatballs weigh?

Daria: I weighed them. They are about TWO.9 kilos [6 pounds] together.

SCORELAND: What are some of the things that excite u?

Daria: Rub-down, teasing and saying things adore “I’m plan to do…(fill in the blank) with u.”

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The Smiley Expose

Written on August 31, 2017 at 10:56 pm, by

The Smiley Display

The Smiley Show

High above Toronto, statuesque Smiley Emma brings her own specific style of razzle-dazzle to the big show at XL Cuties.

XLGirls: We like your smiling. Are you a born optimist?

Emma: I would not say I am a born optimist as I do have my pessimistic tendencies but I don’t let things prevent me from smiling and trying to put a smile on others’ faces.

XLGirls: U can suck your teat and hold your boob with your throat, hands-free. A particular talent.

Emma: I can and do very often when I am online camming.

XLGirls: What kinds of questions do the web digi camera audiences ask you?

Emma: The most common question I acquire is what size my fun bags are and when did I commence developing ’em.

XLGirls: How did u get into the web digital camera world in the 1st place?

Emma: I was looking for a new job and my fiance had mentioned I’d make a killing at camming as a joke but then we seriously started considering it. After much discussion I lastly decided to take the plunge and have been relishing it ever since.

XLGirls: Sometimes we receive the impression that guys go into a cam-room to chat and not ask the models to do everything. Or are we not correct?

Emma: I’ve plenty of people that come to my chat room just to talk about music, clips, movie games and other things whether I am fully clothed or not and I even have some private flaunts that I will remain fully dressed and just chat. That being told, I’ve plenty of people that come to my room and immediately ask me to do something adore expose my love bubbles or butt. As long as they tip appropriately, I am happy to comply!

XLGirls: Do u know any other breasty Canadians who’d desire to glamour model for us?

Emma: Not at this time but I will keep an eye out.

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Sundae Kind of Girl

Written on August 29, 2017 at 11:23 pm, by

Sundae Kind of Angel

Sundae Kind of Girl

Every single day is sundae with Janet Jade. This babe is palatable and sweet enough with out the whipped jism, cherries and sprinkles. Turning her shapely body into an ice spunk tray in our kitchen, Janet inspires the want to lick the creamy confection right off her fun bags. She gives herself a touching with tongue to satisfy her sweet tooth.

Janet knows this babe is particular. We have said her sufficient times. Talk about a goddess who’s pure eye candy. Janet Jade is a human candy bar. Fascinating on the inside, enjoyable on the out side and packed with damp goodness.

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Double Stuffed

Written on August 29, 2017 at 11:04 pm, by

Double Stuffed

Double Stuffed

Damp Skyie Blew wishes to lose weight! This babe is expecting giving life to the worst nightmare of a thick hotty lover. This babe Programmed by the cruel ones who produce videos, celebrity magazines and reality TV urging sweethearts to become so thin their shadows weigh more, Skyie is being hypnotized and brainwashed into an unrealistic way of living.

Our phony doctors are interventionists who have concocted a scheme to prevent this insanity. Claiming to be operators of a weight loss clinic as a cover, they are desperately trying to bring bulky honey bunnys to their senses, throughout confidence-building techniques love tag-team fucking and mouthing. They are trying their superlatively fine, one cutie at a time.

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Sexy Kitty

Written on August 27, 2017 at 11:23 pm, by

Sexy Kitty

Sexy Kitty

The word cute may not come to mind when checking out the curvacious bod of sexy babe Kitty Cute. That babe has more curves than the mountain roads of Romania’s Carpathian Mountains.

SCORELAND: Do you have any sexual dreams?

Kitty: My fantasy is to have sex in an elevator.

SCORELAND: How would you describe your raunchy personality?

Kitty: Passive. The charmer should be the leader in sex.

SCORELAND: What satisfies u?

Kitty: A priceless rubdown and nice fellatio.

SCORELAND: What about kinky play?

Kitty: I don’t have any. I most like average sex. I have no fetishes or interest in fetish.

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Hawt Office assistant

Written on August 27, 2017 at 11:01 pm, by

Hawt PA

Sexy Secretary

“People tell me I have a lovely body and admirable bra-busters,” told hot office assistant Ann Calis. “When I hear that, I feel worthwhile. I don’t care for crude remarks. Sometimes chaps say this to shock. I try not to pay attention. I can tell who is a gentleman when I watch him previous to this woman chaser says a word.”

Like almost all chesty ladies, Ann has to spend more time on her brassiere and top selections than less-gifted cuties.

“I need to buy bras from special stores and that takes time. I don’t like to buy on the web. If they do not fit properly, it’s uncomfortable to wear. Almost any guys do not indeed understand what it is adore. I can acquire the ones I want that are comfortable but it costs more and they are harder to identify.”

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Big Tit Anal Trio

Written on August 25, 2017 at 10:43 pm, by

Bigger than run of the mill Tit Anal Threesome

Big Tit Anal Trio

When it comes to wall-to-wall, big-tit fucking and engulfing, Stephanie Stalls is a wildcat. Even 2 fellows at the same time have a real sexbomb on their hands. Stephanie’s humongous jugs and hot throat, cum-hole and rectal hole demand action. This babe has one of the dirtiest throats in the game and listening to her fuck is just as boner-inspiring as watching her fuck.

Waiting for Stephanie at the bottom of the stairs, Peter and Joe are in for a major workout with this feisty southern fellow. This babe reveals ’em how flexible her legs and hips are by using the staircase’s hand rail as a balance beam. That gives them an idea of how far this babe can widen her legs for the penis.

“Are u ready for this, lads?” Stephanie teases. She’s not the coy type, as we all know very well. “I wish one in my muff and one in my arse.” Stephanie can’t live out of one-on-one action, but whenever that babe can receive a second fellow to make it a threesome, that babe is game for it. Keeping one chap busy with her cock sucker mouth, she keeps the other dude busy stuffing her pink taco and arsehole. When it comes to rogering Stephanie Stalls, a boy needs stamina.

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Breasty Neighbour Banging

Written on August 25, 2017 at 10:41 pm, by

Busty Neighbor Rogering

Busty Neighbor Fucking

The bodaciously muscly Reyna Mae agrees to have a swallow with worthy neighbour Tony. This babe was gonna go out by herself because her spouse isn’t around but then that babe bumped into him right outside her door. Coincidence? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Tony’s had his eye on curvy Reyna Mae and her bigger in size than average love bubbles and would love to stick his face and other body parts betwixt these hefty jugs. Now this ladies man is got his foot in the door.

Their conversation centers around her hubby. Tony changes the petite talk to the much better subject of her bra buddies, a subject Reyna Mae loves to chat about, likewise. That babe looks quietly game for some pleasure, and previous to long, Tony’s gonna get it on works out nicely.

This chab fingers her hairless fur pie and enjoys her heavy hangers, his face sinking into her squishy, flexible breast-flesh. Reyna Mae bookmarks his wang between her mambos and then takes it by the hand so she can suck on it like a sugar-plum. It’s a screwing sexy afternoon and even hotter on Reyna Mae’s daybed as they pump and hump.

XLGirls: Do you ever go to topless beaches or adult resorts?

Reyna Mae: I was topless on a beach one time but haven’t been to a nude beach or adult resort yet. I have been to swinger clubs’ pool parties that are undressed. Does that count? I’d like to go to a tropical stripped resort though!

XLGirls: What makes your nipples hard, alone and with a hubby?

Reyna Mae: Touching or tongueing ’em. They are very sensitive so a gentle touch is more valuable.

XLGirls: Where was the most unusual place u had sex?

Reyna Mae: Probably the most unconventional was on a sail boat.

XLGirls: During the breaks betwixt a photo-shoot and the clip version, what do you generally do?

Reyna Mae: The makeup artist touches-up my hair and makeup. I check emails on my phone and take Snapchats for fans.

XLGirls: What do u urge to try sexually that you haven’t done yet?

Reyna Mae: An all-girl scene with at least four hotties. That sounds like heaven!

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Customer Service Style

Written on August 23, 2017 at 10:48 pm, by

Customer Service Style

Customer Service Style

Kendra Lee Ryan has a wham-bam-slam-ya-mam XXX scene. “She’s cute!” told XL Gal Nikki Smith who always warmly welcomes a sister-in-boobs.

Kendra is a salesgirl in a men’s raiment shop. She’s alone and kooky for a rock hard gent to copulate among the racks. Just love the salesgirls at raiment stores in your neighborhood. Not!

And as far as racks go, Kendra’s rack is stacked! Big knockers always look bigger in size on little (5’3″) angels. Mr. Levi walks in, although he acts love a stalker at first. But Kendra straightens him the shag right out with her bigger in size than average marangos, hungry throat and constricted pussy-hole.

“I try to have sex at least 2 times a day,” Kendra told. “Clitoral stimulation along with penetration and a little finger play with my gazoo actually make me explode. My prefered positions are doggie, reverse cowgirl and bent over a counter. I adore to engulf knob and use a rod to tanalize my like button.

“I’m bisexual. I like eating grasp and enchanting a hawt angel. I rarely have a bit of ass but I love my small butt-plug during sex and I adore being licked and finger-banged.”

Kendra’s greater than typical milk cans, face hole and cookie are well-filled and that babe receives to engulf down Levi’s nut-juice. This babe also rings up a sale at the store. Now that’s true customer service! That babe deserves the Salesgirl of the Month award.

“I love mouthing rod and I gulp. Real hotty’s gulp, plus I love the smack of cum.”

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Nude On The Dock

Written on August 23, 2017 at 10:31 pm, by

In nature’s garb On The Dock

Nude On The Dock

There’s a special insert the heart of every dedicated SCORE and V-man for Lorna Morgan, the “Welsh Wonderwoman.”

Lorna discussed her 1st time as a undressed model. Those discharges took place in London.

“I think a photographer helps a great deal when you’re adult modeling, especially if you’re very young and nervous. I guess I just dived str8 in. Did whatever I could, and the more chatty and more pleasure you make it, it’s much more excellent that way.

“It went well, It was wonderful. I got my head around it. I told, ‘I know what I’m intend to do, and I’m intend to do it. It’ll be precious.’ And it was. I’m definitely adore that. I receive all batty nervous the day before, and on the day, I am nice.”

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