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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Dressing The Pumpkins

Written on September 30, 2017 at 11:06 pm, by

Dressing The Pumpkins

Dressing The Pumpkins

Princess Pumpkins tries on some hawt outfits, and yeah, this babe does wear clothes adore this when she is shopping and doing usual errands. After she approves her mirror pix, Princess exposes her in nature’s garb royal rack and gets busy. To say she has greater than run of the mill mounds is the understatement of the year.

SCORELAND: Which busty SCORE adult models would u adore to meet face-to-face? Or boob-to-boob?

Princess: Hitomi and Sheridan Like have always been my SCORE idols for lack of a more astonishing term. There are so many marvelous girls I’d like to meet from SCORE, whether it is face-to-face, boob-to-boob or pussy- to-pussy. Preferably the last 2!

SCORELAND: They would be flattered to know that. A percentage of SCORE fans always ask if a angel will do hardcore. What are your thoughts about that?

Princess: I’m dying to shag a astronomical meat-thermometer on-camera as long as that titanic 10-Pounder is attached to a hot SCORE model with monumental melons. All the time, we see a lot of males nailing gals and it’s super sexy. I wish to bring the fans something recent. I wanna unveil ’em all the raw excitement and kooky sex you have seen from boy-girl shoots and be the 1st SCORE Beauty to do a true hardcore girl-girl clip. I am not talking about just eating out and using a fake penis on each other. I mean full-blown, wearing a large, juicy, strap-on jock and screwing each other into oblivion.

SCORELAND: Do any of your web camera viewers ask you about hardcore?

Princess: They do! In fact, it was my webcam viewers who said me to bring up the girl-on-girl hardcore idea to SCORE. Since my guests come to see me not quite daily, they give me lots of worthwhile ideas as to what people crave to watch more of!

SCORELAND: Do you tend to keep your Princess Pumpkins and your cosplayer Bunny Blaze roles separate?

Princess: In the starting, I tried to separate ’em but they have become one and the same. I do some glamorous hot cosplay that could very easily be considered 18+ and I’m really hoping to do some even naughtier cosplay in the future.

SCORELAND: I’ve see some very breasty cosplayers who would be priceless SCORE glamour models but they don’t seem interested. How many cosplay expos do u attend on commonplace?

Princess: I’d say I go to about ten a year. I can not assist myself. I like to get clothed up in barely-fitting hentai costumes and shop for comic book artwork and amorous manga statues.

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Lucy Is Wet

Written on September 30, 2017 at 10:32 pm, by

Lucy Is Moist

Lucy Is Juicy

Lucy Lenore was working in an adult merely store. Surrounded by all those DVDs, toys, magazines, porny lingerie and other sexy products, it was only natural for Lucy to think about an alternate future.

“One of my regular customers noticed your ad looking for recent adult models and suggested I apply. I captivated over whether or not to do it for about a week and then just said, ‘Fuck it!’ Within Twenty four hours of submitting my test shots, you called me and put me on a jet.”

XLGirls: Were you the bustiest hotty growing up?

Lucy: No, but I was the smallest cutie with the huge fun bags. I’ve a priceless hips-to-waist-to-boobie ratio goin’ on!

XLGirls: U began doing masturbation clips at XL Angels.

Lucy: I masturbate at least 3 times a day, and that’s even on days I’m on-cam. I’m nice-looking much always touching myself.

XLGirls: What satisfies you best of all?

Lucy: If I am not out of breath with a sore pussy when it is over, I’m not happy. I get to be fucked and drilled subrigid. The longer the recovery time after sex, the happier I am.

XLGirls: Has anyone in person ever viewed u having sex with a BF?

Lucy: Nope. I have always been a serial monogamist, and excitement is the almost all astounding part of sex. If my partners wanted to explore voyeurism, I would have been open to it, though, and will be if it ever happens!

XLGirls: Compared to commonplace boyz you’ve dated, how did you find your 1st porn lad as a sex husband?

Lucy: It was definitely different. Not bad, not better, but different.

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Blissful Boobs

Written on September 28, 2017 at 11:23 pm, by

Blissful Wobblers

Blissful Boobs

“My hobbies and interests are mostly things that are about the body,” Joana told. “Physical things. Yoga and Tantra. Sometimes I do therapeutic massage on the back. I know how to do sexual massage. It is always all about the sensual touch. Of course! But that’s something I do in intimate with a specific person.”

A celebrity in her native Romania, Joana is one time some other time on the ballot for Voluptuous Adult model of the year 2017. She won fthe 2013 and 2014 contests. The competition is very unyielding, as ordinary, with two-time winner Vanessa Y. going for win number three and such outstanding honey bunnys as Demmy Blaze, Juliana Simms and Rachel Raxxx in the leaking.

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Takin’ Selfies With Roxee Robinson

Written on September 28, 2017 at 10:33 pm, by

Takin’ Selfies With Roxee Robinson

Takin' Selfies With Roxee Robinson

Roxee Robinson unveils us how this babe takes selfies, and then we need to see the finished photos on her phone’s screen. Roxee doesn’t need the smartphone’s wide-angle lens. Her melons are naturally and eye-poppingly mountainous and they do not need the exaggerated breast enlargement u watch on the selfies that lesser-endowed girls post on the web. Roxee’s fuckin’ colossal!

Roxee takes some shots of her bustin’ out of her taut costume, then unzips to let her juggs out. This babe creams them with lotion and takes more selfies of her bare marangos.

Roxee is one of the topmost. She’s extraordinary.

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Chocolate Thunderboobs

Written on September 26, 2017 at 10:45 pm, by

Chocolate Thunderboobs

Chocolate Thunderboobs

Simone Staxxx lives up to her name.

“By the time I was 14, I was wearing a D-cup undergarment,” said Simone. “I thought that would be about it, but they just kept getting bigger in size and bigger in size each year. That made my boyfriends glad, for sure.”

Almost certainly Simone had tons of boyfriends fighting for her attention even though this babe has tons of jug-meat for all.

“I have a scarcely any passions. One is titty-fucking. I adore it when boys copulate my pointer sisters. The foremost position is on my back with the woman chaser facing my feet, adore a 69. This way he can fuck my mounds during the time that I lick his balls and gazoo. I love to view porn episodes that have lots of tit-fucking. The other is dangling out with big-booty angels. I like a bigger in size than run of the mill, chubby gazoo on a hawt gal. But I don’t have sex with ’em. I just love them.”

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Casino of Cleavage

Written on September 26, 2017 at 10:29 pm, by

Casino of Breast valley

Casino of Cleavage

This is not a sucker bet. You can let it all ride on Isis Haze. No one craps out at her table and that babe pays off in full.

A SCORE fan and photographer named Ricky Rich saw Isis lap dancing at Silk Exotic in Juneau, Wisconsin and talked to her about posing for SCORE. Strippers with big, natural mounds have always been uncommon. We’d have not at all known about Isis if that chap hadn’t approached her about posing.

“I dance down to nudity,” Isis told. “I love to do a lot of tittie things when I’m on stage. I’ll lay on stage and poke my knockers together. I’ll receive on my hands and knees and dangle and not fast swing my love muffins. I’ll clap ’em jointly. Titties are great things to have.”

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Michaela’s large, pierced tits and pussy and gaping rectal hole brandish

Written on September 25, 2017 at 9:30 pm, by

Michaela’s larger than typical, pierced billibongs and vagina and gaping anal opening flaunt

Michaela's bigger in size than run of the mill, pierced wobblers and bawdy cleft and gaping backdoor show

“I liked having my teats pierced so much that I knew I was going to acquire my cum-hole done next,” 57-year-old Michaela told. “I know piercings are somewhat common those days, but I got mine over 15 years agone. Not many people had ’em then and certainly not in Germany. I have always been ahead of the times in that sense. I too advocated for anal in the ’80s, but my friends were all scared to try it. I was the 1st one of the bunch to love it, and eventually they followed my path.”

Worthwhile for ’em! Worthy for Michaela! And, by the way, she’s right when she says piercings are somewhat common those days, but it is definitely not common for a 57-year-old woman who has children to have pierced areolas and six pieces of jewelry jingle-jangling from her pink flaps.

“Most of the males and chicks I have sex with seem to enjoy them,” she said. “They love the clinking noise they make when I have sex.”

That babe also said, “For some reason, people always seem to remember me.”

For some reason? Maybe these mountainous, super-sized bazookas and her pierced muff are the reason.

Here, hot Michaela is wearing a tight, purple costume that hugs her voluptuous body. Her boobies are pouring without her overmatched beneath garment. This babe is wearing stockings. That babe is all alone and playing with her copulate parts. That babe spits on her hand and lubes her cookie. This babe gets on all fours so we can see her open anal opening and bejeweled cookie.

For some reason, we think you’re going to remember those images and the episode for a lengthy time.

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Kiss Them For Us

Written on September 24, 2017 at 11:14 pm, by

Kiss ’em For Us

Kiss Them For Us

Aurora Rose moved away from the English seaside town of Brighton–famous for its arcades, casinos and hotels–to relish a recent way of life in Los Angeles, California, illustrious for its clip and TV industry, sunshine and terrible, smog-loaded traffic.

Whilst still living in United Realm, Aurora thought about posing for SCORE and asked for info, but it was not until she relocated to the THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that it worked out. LA suits Aurora well and that babe is keeping her slim, busty body well-tanned.

Inspect these tan-lined, bigger than standard scoops and pale bottom as Aurora swings on a hammock on a warm, sunny day. It is nice to see somebody as glamorous as Aurora keeping the British end up.

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Titty Tugger

Written on September 24, 2017 at 11:10 pm, by

Titty Tugger

Titty Tugger

Kat Bailey is one of the topmost titty tuggers ever viewed at XL Cuties and her shag scenes are raw and hawt. She is as packed with sex skills as her undergarment is packed with breast-meat. Any stud who gets to plough her fertile fields is one favourable dude.

Her workout and bonk scene hit all the right buttons. Kat said this babe doesn’t workout that much at home. “Sex is my workout,” told Kat, who has that wild-ass glint in her eyes at all times.

Kat wanted to try porn and she did. This babe is not done just yet with her carnal experimenting. XL Girls has a XXX scene completed with stuntcock Tony that rocked Kat’s world.

Kat doesn’t spank all that much. “I get so much sex when I want it that I don’t actually must masturbate a lot. I do have a magic wand that I like. G-spot stimulation is the foremost!”

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Busty Latina Sexbomb In Heat

Written on September 22, 2017 at 11:01 pm, by

Big breasted Latin chick Sexbomb In Heat

Busty Latin babe Sexbomb In Heat

Big breasted and fetching Latinas adore Alessandra Miller could recite their grocery shopping list and sound love they’re talking about sex. Erotic heat is in their DNA.

Alessandra wanted to acquire into sexy exposed modeling and hardcore so that babe did some investigating. She discovered SCORE online and contacted our studio staff. After an exchange of info and some selfies, Alessandra was on her way to a recent experience.

“I always viewed porn,” Alessandra told to our photographer. “And I’d think, ‘How does it feel to be on the other side?'” Now that babe knows after her 1st masturbation display and then her first XXX scene with JMac who gave her a hard-pounding fuck. Alessandra enjoyed one as well as the other and appears to be hawt for more. Being on-camera makes it more gripping for her. That babe glanced at the digi camera often during this scene and her look said it all.

“This is the most-fun thing I have ever done. I have wanted to do this for a ages and I’m cheerful I lastly did. I’m ready to do this another time.”

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