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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Tits & Tuggin’ Double Play

Written on January 31, 2018 at 12:14 am, by

Billibongs & Tuggin’ Double Play

Tits & Tuggin' Double Play

Christy Marks and Janet Jade. Two princesses of pulchritude. Woman Luck smiled upon this wretch and blessed him when those two tanked his crank.

“Your milk shakes are alluring!” Christy told to Janet. “So, we’re down here in Miami, Florida. Do you love warm weather in Miami or are you a cold-weather person?”

“I adore the warm weather, but I’m from Detroit where it is very cold, and I don’t love that,” answered Janet. “The warm weather is more fantastic. I’ve to wear less raiment, too, which is priceless. I don’t adore covering up my body so much.”

“I wager each time you walk down the street, u get lots of attention no matter what you are wearing,” Christy replied. “It’s gotta be impossible to hide your boobies! And another thing I like about u is you not solely have captivating wobblers but you’ve a captivating gazoo.”

“Thank u,” Janet answered. “I’ve been told that. Lots of boys adore my butt, but almost all guys mostly pay attention to my mounds.”

And then they kneel previous to their target and tit-fuck and jerk him until that lady-killer nuts, like every one of us would have in the hands of those 2 remarkably stacked goddesses.

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Milk cans In Taut Tops

Written on January 31, 2018 at 12:11 am, by

Whoppers In Tight Tops

Tits In Taut Tops

Miss Isabelle from Fresh York said we could call her “Izzy.” This babe buys 40G bras, and for bottoms, she told that babe used to wear tons of panties but now prefers boyshorts. This babe has a hardly any fetishes including the look of the dominant-bitch foot in a high-heeled shoe.

“My breasts got so greater than average so fast that I was very self-conscious when I was growing up. I’d hunch over to try to minimize their size. In time I’ve gotten more comfortable and I’m pleasured of my boobies now.”

Miss Isabelle would love to try out a sextoy machine one day. “I’ve observed them online,” that babe said. The honey bunnys in these videos look like they’re in heaven.” The charming plumper plays with an outside swing and gets busy with a cock-toy.

“I tend to play with my nipples and clitoris when I masturbate. I rarely permeate. I have a couple of back massagers plugged in next to my daybed. I used them just about each evening. I keep one on my teats and one on my clitoris. I have a nice orgasm and then drift off to sleep.”

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Cosmia: First XXX

Written on January 29, 2018 at 12:14 am, by

Cosmia: First XXX

Cosmia: First XXX

Cosmia‘s a slutty little doll with a baby face and this babe decided she wanted to try porn sex after her 1st discharge at XL Cuties. This babe discussed some of her erotic interests, love giving sloppy blow jobs, before Johnny showed up to give her the high, unbending one.

“I like feeling sexually wanted. I like to acquire a lad going and then satisfy him totally. I adore to know I am doing the almost any breathtaking possible. I am talented and I adore to expose that off.”

Cosmia gives Johnny the immodest BJ she talked to the photographer about, spit everywhere as she sucked his strapon and sack. She lies back to acquire her big boobs rogered, then her new friend undresses her, puts Cosmia on her hands and knees and slips his shlong in her juvenile cunt doggy style.

“I’m mostly passive. I love being pounded until I squirt everywhere. That’s all I ever really wish. I like it from behind with my hair being pulled and I adore it when my legs are on my partner’s shoulders.”

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Tigerr Takes Titillating Tit Selfies

Written on January 28, 2018 at 11:32 pm, by

Tigerr Takes Titillating Tit Selfies

Tigerr Takes Titillating Tit Selfies

British-Asian superstar Tigerr Benson does a selfie show-and-tell session, taking a selfie, showing the photo on her phone and doing it afresh in a different position. Dressed in a SCORE top and miniskirt (and forgetting to put on her panties), Tigerr takes selfies of her knockout breasts and even shoots love tunnel selfies. Her favourite body parts are her boobs, lips and feet. In the second half, Tigerr changes into a tank top and shorts and kneels on the floor for a step-by-step POV tutorial cam unveil on tit-fucking. That babe is a very verbal honey. Hotter than a volcano, exotic and captivating Tigerr is raw sex in the flesh in anything she does.

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Auto Buff

Written on January 27, 2018 at 12:03 am, by

Auto Strapping

Auto Buff

Danielle Derek shares her big-tit fetish, a fixation that’s at the core of SCORE. She loves bigger than standard bra buddies, hers and the boob of other like-minded women. Danielle combines that with her super-horny sex drive and her super-skills at booty slam, deep mouth and DP. She is so miniature and slender that her juggs look even bigger.

“I love that I’m so tiny, and when they’re this size, you acquire that fine side look that I like. I had lost that look. That look when they’re actually bubbling up. And I already
have that bounce that I love. Girls twerk, and I now have the booby version of twerking. They’re so big. I like them. My areolas are still so very sensitive. My areolas receive rock hard no matter where I am.

“They are the absolute almost any wonderful,” Danielle tweeted about SCORE. “I shot my 1st boy-girl scene with them. They are kind, fascinating people there. Especially for a fresh adult model to walk into a safe environment with a femdom-goddess studio manager calling the shots, you could not ask for anything else. Talented and no humorous business.”

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Greasy oil Me Up

Written on January 26, 2018 at 11:43 pm, by

Baby oil Me Up

Oil Me Up

Milly Marks plays indoors and out side, oils up her beautiful body and super-naturally big boobs with their wide nipples, and gives herself a hand, fingering her soaked, pink cookie.

“I masturbate all of the time,” Milly said. “At one point I thought I was addicted to it! Sometimes I am doing it on-cam for people to observe. Other times I am doing it just for myself.”

Milly is a lascivious angel with a beefy sex drive. “I adore watching other people have sex. I’ve talked about it with Jose the photographer. I like watching my friends have sex in front of me. Sometimes I masturbate whilst I lay next to them.

“I’m charming used to the stares when I go out so I barely notice. It is usually my friends that are in shock cuz I don’t notice people blatantly staring at me and my greater than run of the mill boobies. I do think that I have wonderful deep cleavage. It makes me feel hawt and womanly. I wear a lot of crop tops that are constricted on my chest and accentuate them even more. It doesn’t matter what I wear ‘coz people stare even if I’m wearing a titanic sweater.”

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There’s Something About Bridgette

Written on January 25, 2018 at 12:19 am, by

There’s Something About Bridgette

There's Something About Bridgette

Bridgette B. gives Tony R. a amorous intimate lap grinder previous to they group-sex their brains out. One of the prettiest adult stars, Bridgette B. is a blonde doll originally from Spain. This babe is been living in Los Angeles for over 20 years.

In 2007, Bridgette decided to change careers and do what this babe does best: Be a glamourous love doll to jack over in episodes and pictorials. She dances for Tony in a private room with a ottoman…for convenience. No have to check into a shag motel.

Kneeling before the seated hawt dance recipient, Bridgette strokes, tit-fucks and blows his bone to perfection. Bridgette is one of these LA women who loves to heavily drool, spit, choke and gag on the meat-thermometer, smth all self-respecting porn cuties should be accustomed at. She’s not a “dry head-sucker.”

One time Rubino’s shaft has been thoroughly spit-roasted by Bridgette’s hot throat, this babe acquires on her back to be tit-fucked and then her fur pie is spread and pounded. Now…where does Bridgette urge the load to fall.

There is Smth About Bridgette. What is it?

She is a bonk toy.

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Knob Is Her Tip

Written on January 24, 2018 at 11:28 pm, by

Jock Is Her Tip

Cock Is Her Tip

Harley Ann has it all. Downy curves, 40DD boobies, and she even dabbles in a little bit of mixology. Her customer is gonna give her much more than just a tip or the tip of his shlong to thank Harley for providing him with a great watch of her plump body and a hard gulp. That Lothario is intend to give her each inch of his cock. And he’s going to copulate her mouth, whoppers and cunt, likewise. That’s just what the Big-Boob bartender ordered!

After some teasing, Harley eagerly stuffs Juan’s meat into her hungry face hole and gives him a sloppy blow job. Harley lubes Juan’s rod perfectly for her corpulent pussy, and Juan slides right in when they’re willing to screw.

The ottoman is shaking, and Harley’s moans grow with every of Juan’s thrusts into her.

“Yeah, screw me,” she reiterates. “You bonk me so wonderful.”

There is only one way to screw a goddess this hot, this bulky and this slutty. Hard and with anything you have. You treat her like your new favourite copulate doll.

“Yeah, pull my hair,” Harley moans as Juan tugs on her red locks and fills her with penis. “Yeah, fill that snatch.”

Bonk sessions this hot and this stiff only conclude with the high-reaching of climaxes. Harley’s face is left drenched in Juan’s juice, and this babe smacks her lips as she laps it up.

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The Analysis Of Skye Sinn

Written on January 23, 2018 at 12:20 am, by

The Analysis Of Skye Sinn

The Analysis Of Skye Sinn

Skye Sinn is dressed to kill in a tight, red mini-dress and high heels. She’s ready to tear the house down in her seductive way. Everything that babe craves she’s plan to acquire. What Skye especially wants almost any of all is a hard rod in her wazoo. Ask and Skye shall receive. That greater than typical, soaked a-hole is made to be slapped and spanked. Solely the majority unmerciful studs on earth could resist her.

Her copulate buddy Rocky is batty to slip between those fun bags and then face-fuck her. They get on the sofa so Skye can receive on her hands and knees and go down on his hardon. What unfathomable mouth skills that babe has. This babe receives his entire shaft down her throat all the way to the balls and at times stares wide-eyed into the digital camera, 10-Pounder in her mouth. This alone can make a ladies man uncontrollably first appearance his jism. Skye is gratified of what she can do and urges everyone to watch her magic. Bucks fight wars for honey bunnys adore this.

Skye is shorn of her hawt raiment, and, still in her red underclothing, receives into a sat position on top of his lap. She slips his wood into her luscious slit. Her crotchless knickers make it easier. She doesn’t acquire to pull her knickers to the side to take the knob. She turns and faces him, riding him some more, the pumping making her hotter and hotter as each nerve in her body is electrified.

Skye’s undies are tossed away and that babe parts her legs afresh, this time so this chab can poke his wang into her backdoor whilst she is on her side, and then one time more when that babe acquires on her knees, butt in the air. And then anew as that babe is sat on top. The pressure of the pumping is leading them to detonation. It feels so priceless in Skye’s booty. Bawdy words flow out of her pleasing throat as her booty is filled by the man-drill.

When Skye Sinn gives it up, this babe gives up 100%.

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Boob Camp

Written on January 22, 2018 at 11:39 pm, by

Boob Camp

Boob Camp

Sgt. Tit Sucker should get down on his hands and knees and thank anybody for recruiting big-jugged sexbomb Candace Von. He rarely receives recruits with a rack like Candace at boob camp.

Candace has gotten all his attention since that babe arrived at the camp. In fact, all of the other recruits have left and enlisted in the navy instead. This dude doesn’t truly give a fuck, not when that charmer can give two shags or more about Private Von.

Now the 2 of ’em spend all day and night going over her basic training. It’s a miracle his overworked balls haven’t deserted and gone A.W.O.L.

Sgt. Tit Sucker won’t ever have to do jumping jacks ever some other time. With a recruit like Candace Von underneath him, he’ll not at all must jack one more time. He’ll be pitching enough tents to fill a camp ground.

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