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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Butthole Fun With Carly

Written on July 31, 2018 at 11:16 pm, by

Anus Enjoyment With Carly

Butthole Enjoyment With Carly

Carly Parker bears a resemblance to the girl-next-door. Just a big breasted, golden-haired, sexually excited version of the girl-next-door with a immodest mouth. Miss Parker was a college pupil at Florida State University when that babe decided to acquire into hardcore porn. Here that babe receives rogered in her throat, love tunnel and gazoo in P.O.V.-style outdoors on a picnic table.

SCORE editor Dave was impressed by Carly, “When I interviewed her on-the-set for SCOREtv, she had a anal insert in her ass. She told me so. Then this babe showed it to me. It was the 1st time, as far as I know, that I’d ever interviewed a girl whilst that babe was wearing a anal place in. I asked her why that babe had it in her, and that babe told, ‘To chill out your a-hole muscles previous to you acquire fucked in the gazoo. It makes it so I can have a lot of orgasms whilst I am getting my ass-fucked. I’ve slept with ’em in my a-hole sometimes.’

“Two more things: Her Mamma was her manager. That’s right. Carly was being managed by her Mother. And Carly would review her scenes with her Mamma, and Mamma would critique ’em for her.”

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Sex Education

Written on July 31, 2018 at 11:04 pm, by

Sex Education

Sex Education

“Wow, observe that outfit,” Tony Rubino remarks as our latest scene starts.

Trinety Guess’ form-fitting outfit is hugging every inch of her delectable body, and her natural treasures are pouring with out her white, see-through top.

“Well, I knew you were coming,” Trinety responds.

We suspect Trinety meant, “I know you will be cumming,” coz getting a ladies man off is the merely reason a angel with H-cup hooters would jump into an outfit like this.

“I like it when u play with my bigger in size than typical tits,” Trinety adds. “You should put them in your face.”

Tony’s face will be all over Trinety’s pillowy-soft body and milk sacks this day. That babe is a bitch girl with a lot to love, so you need to give her what this babe deserves: undivided attention, a unbending wang and a stiff copulate.

After engulfing and nibbling on one as well as the other of Trinety’s flawless meatballs, Tony sits her down and munches on bulky muff. Trinety returns the favor by deep-throating his schlong. When Tony finally slips inside her pussy, he’s rogering her doggy position and this babe is begging for more. Her groans grow louder as his pelvis smacks into her bulky, white gazoo. This is the way a large gal merits to be handled.

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Tall, Tan-lined and Titillating

Written on July 29, 2018 at 10:41 pm, by

Tall, Tan-lined and Titillating

Tall, Tan-lined and Titillating

“I receive lots of attention and I adore it,” Tina Lee said. Tall, attractive, tan-lined and titillating with 32G-cup titties stretching her sweaters and tank tops, Tina learned about SCORELAND through her ex-husband. “It was the much loved place of my ex-spouse to spend time,” Tina told with a snicker.

With her face and body, males are always trying to pull Tina. “Don’t know if you know this, but you look a lot love my next girlfriend,” is one mature typical line she remembered someone saying to her. But lines do not impress Tina.

Bras are always a challenge for the stacked beauties at SCORELAND. “For me, it’s very important to have comfort and looker at the same time, so a worthwhile bra is actually not facile to discover. I don’t must emphasize my milk shakes because they’re doing that by themselves. If I desire to get even more attention, I do not put on a undergarment.

“I always try to wear effortless garments but even with easy clothes, my pantoons stand out and people observe me. So it is not very facile for me. All boyz like my juggs but I hope they adore not just my whoppers, but too my personality.”

Yes, they do, and Tina’s chat movie scene unveils what a magnetic personality that babe has.

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The Slappin’ & Clappin’ Love muffins of Helen Star

Written on July 29, 2018 at 10:30 pm, by

The Slappin’ & Clappin’ Mounds of Helen Star

The Slappin' & Clappin' Boobies of Helen Star

“My sister Erin and I knew Mia Hottie and that babe said me how great it was to discharge and become a adult model,” Helen Star said. She and Erin became webcam models.

“It started as a joke. I wanted to watch how it’s but I ended up loving it.” Now they constantly web digital camera. Mia told the cuties about her experiences with The SCORE Group and recommended the Star cuties try professional glamour modeling.

“The whole process is so much fun. What angel doesn’t adore to be pampered. I acquire my hair done, make-up, nails, and then the photographer helps me to identify the foremost positions to receive the finest results. I like what I do and u boys have the paramount team to work with.”

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Sweet heart Bee Queen Naia

Written on July 27, 2018 at 11:07 pm, by

Honey bunny Bee Queen Naia

Honey Bee Queen Naia

Naia Bee shares the honey, taking off her body dress and bra to release her heavy 38HH twins. Naia plays with Them, licks ’em and claps ’em, then pulls off her belts and gives herself a hand.

“I love plenty of giving a kiss, teat licking and pinching and anybody softly going down on me or me on the skirt chaser,” Naia said. “I’m sexually assertive and I like oral-sex, giving and receiving. My prefered position is cowgirl.”

Naia is into foxy females likewise. “I’m bi-sexual, therefore I like angels and how they feel, smell and taste. I am not indeed into public sex, however, I love to foreplay and reveal extreme affection in public.”

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Amora Lee: Breast Dreams Come True

Written on July 27, 2018 at 10:48 pm, by

Amora Lee: Breast Fantasies Come True

Amora Lee: Breast Dreams Come True

Amora Lee has the face and body breast fantasies are made of. A nurse by vocation, Amora models part-time. “I Googled u boyz coz a ally had told me, when I was thinking of getting a reduction, to do some in nature’s garb modeling with my boobs, and I was love, ‘No way!’ but then one night I Googled ‘big-breasted models’ and you lads popped up.” The word “reduction” has filled us with dread for many years. Fortunately, Amora decided to email us several photos. Even though that babe was fully dressed, we knew. Anybody up there can’t live out of us.

Amora was married for 13 years to an butt boy who was not a boob paramour. That babe had not at all been tit-fucked. This guy not at any time played with her mangos. This chab not at all motorboated her. This chab not ever lost a load on ’em. We can therefore conclude that her ex at not time bought our magazines or joined SCORELAND.

“My bouncy bosoms are very heavy. I remember once telling my ex-husband, ‘Can u just lift my love bubbles up because my back is killing me.’ When they’re lifted, there’s a sense of weight that is lifted off my shoulders.”

Naturally, Amora attracts lots of attention and the occasional comment.

“I receive that a lot, and I at no time respond. I just keep walking. If u come at me politely in a priceless way, then I’ll say, ‘Thank you.’ But I have had some jerks. And I receive babes looking at me as well, which is desirous.”

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The Camera Loves Kali

Written on July 25, 2018 at 11:18 pm, by

The Digital camera Loves Kali

The Camera Likes Kali

A longtime mag browser, DVD buyer and occasional web page member once wrote about hardcore: “I’m not really into the XXX material,” this chab penned. “I adore to see just solo models masturbating. I can think of some hawt SCORE Angels who were great at getting themselves off. Boyz used to view just sexy girls and stroke. Now it appears to be that so many boyz wanna watch ’em having sex with other lads, and for me, even one schlong is also much. I don’t understand it.”

We get his point. That skirt chaser doesn’t wanna see man-ass and cock. He doesn’t desire to watch one more buck banging his fantasy gal, even though years before the internet and home movie, no one went to adult video houses to watch angels masturbating. They went to see cuties and chaps pumping and humping.

No, this chab wishes to watch sexy, big-boobed gals getting nude and putting on a reveal with out the salami. With Kali West, the preeminent of the one and the other worlds is accessible.

SCORE: When boys investigate you’re a sex star, how do they react?

KALI: It depends on the lad. Almost all of them are indeed interested. I said my ex-partner the first day we met ‘cuz I figured I’d be upfront and honest with him, but that skirt chaser didn’t really love it. He stayed with me, though.

SCORE: Of course that chap stayed with u! Who’s going to dump a sexy, pretty, mountainous breasted adult star? Do lads assume you are simple coz u do porn?

KALI: I guess some bucks do, but it is not necessarily the truth.

SCORE: Is it the truth?

KALI: No. I would say I am about archetypal when it comes to giving it up. It depends on the chemistry betwixt me and the charmer. I adore a lad who can make me laugh. I love a sense of humor. A chap who can hold a conversation and has respect and is honest. Even if it is corny, as long as u can make me chortle, that is admirable. As long as you can keep a smile on my face, I’m perfectly happy.

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Dark-skinned Hunter, Pale Redhead

Written on July 25, 2018 at 10:37 pm, by

Darksome Hunter, Pale Redhead

Black Hunter, Pale Redhead

XL Angels dont cum any nastier than Sonja Haze, who jumps on the dark knob and bounces on it to her heart’s content. No one has a dirtier face hole, mind and vocabulary than Sonja, a hotty not content to lay back silently and get banged.

“See how moist u make that fur pie?” Sonja asks her bonk friend Asante, a lady-killer who sincerely appreciates a beefy arse and biggest bouncy bosoms. They have not at any time met before but Sonja can’t live out of to make recent group-sex buddies. That babe is very sociable that way.

“I once met a boy at a costume party wearing a kilt,” Sonja reminisced. “I dragged him into a room and blew him and let him cum all over my zeppelins.”

Asante left his kilt at home but he did bring his bagpipe for Sonja to practice on, which that babe happily does. “I want you to shag the shit without me. I crave u to bonk me adore a indecent, fucking slut,” Sonja said as Asante fingered her nipples and cookie. She’s a very sensitive young woman and wets-up easily, especially from talented fingers.

Sonja dives down head-first on his lap. It’s face hole worship time and his dick is ruler. “Get that large strapon out so I can suck on it,” that babe pleads. “Let me get that shit.” This is just a warm-up for this feisty, hyper-horny redhead. This babe instinctively places her love melons on his thigh love it’s a boob shelf during the time that this babe lustily sucks him to rock-hardness, the saliva drooling without her throat, cheeks bulging. What a meat-thermometer sucker.

Sonja indeed can’t live with out being throat-fucked. The room is filled with the wet sounds of gurgling and slurping sounds as Sonja goes crazy-wild on the man-pole. “That wanton cunt is made for your schlong, baby,” Sonja says as Asante lays down the pipe. When it comes to randy sucking and screwing, Sonja Haze is right up there at the top and acquire to be watched to be believed.

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Amie Taylor: The Hot Girl-Next-Door

Written on July 23, 2018 at 10:58 pm, by

Amie Taylor: The Sexy Girl-Next-Door

Amie Taylor: The Hot Girl-Next-Door

Amie Taylor is that hawt and voluptuous girl-next-door. If u live in Romania, that is. When Amie walks, hips swiveling, pedestrian and auto traffic stop cold. It’s not her fault. She’s just built that way. A shortie (5’2″), Amie boasts spectacular 36G-cup milk cans and butt-cheeks that would have inspired Peter Paul Rubens.

“When I leave the abode, I love to wear dresses and tops that fit well around my milk shakes,” Amie told. “I wear a under garment almost any of the time when I go out. I do not wear a brassiere when I’m home.

“I don’t really have any dreams. I am more a run of the mill sort of goddess. Just regular, ordinary sex is gratifying to me. I’ve no fetishes but I’m curious about BDSM. I’ve no interest in sex in public.”

We knew about Amie a year agone but it took time to finally connect and arrange to photograph her. She’s definitely a beauty worth waiting for.

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Backstage With Annellise Croft

Written on July 23, 2018 at 10:54 pm, by

Backstage With Annellise Croft

Backstage With Annellise Croft

We’re backstage with Annelise Croft, a golden-haired M.I.L.F. with mind boggling bigger than run of the mill juggs and lengthy, pointy nipps.

“At night when I sleep I do not wear a undergarment. Sometimes when I go out at night I don’t wear a undergarment. It depends on the situation and where I’m going. If I’m going out for the night, maybe stripping, I love to suit provocatively and spruce at the same time. I love to be more of an exhibitionist. I like to dance and unveil it all off. That’s why swingers’ places are good for me, so I can show it all off. I adore showing my melons! I love having my meatballs out in the open.

“I think about sex a lot. Watching porn, getting my nipples sucked, the list goes on. I am definitely an exhibitionist who totally can’t live with out to pose in front of a digital camera, whether I’m clothed or exposed.”

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