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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Carla4Garda: Milking The Chap

Written on September 29, 2018 at 11:07 pm, by

Carla4Garda: Milking The Fellow

Carla4Garda: Milking The Man

Wearing stockings and a teddy, Carla4Garda is taking selfies in couch. She pops out one king-size tit, then the other and discharges her selfies topless. Steve comes doggy style and desires to acquire into the picture likewise. What that stud has in mind is to make hotter selfies. He sucks on her nipples, something that always sends waves of pleasure from the tips of her love bubbles to the tips of her toes.

Still clothed, Steve pulls his club out for Carla4Garda to engulf on. He rubs his weenie on her milky areolas and fucks her mouth, pulling her head in closer. Her face hole filled with schlong, Carla4Garda spreads her legs wide to give Steve easy access to her pink, pierced vagina.

Steve buries his face in Carla4Garda’s bald twat and tongue-bangs her. That drives the Brit bra-buster bonkers with heat. Steve may not be a cop but he plans to give this slutty female with the giant, squashy juggs a dick-down this babe won’t forget also quickly. This buck pumps and pounds Carla4Garda inflexible so she’ll go home to UK with a smile on her face.

“I love my nipples stimulated,” said Carla4Garda. “It gives me such a strong large O when I cum. I like to have sex about five times week. I have a sex buddy whom I play with often and we love exploring together. My favorite kind of foreplay is nipp play and tons of oral fun. I’ve had a scarcely any erotic encounters with cuties. The final one was on holiday. Ended up going out with the bartender of a hotel I was staying in and we partied all night, had loads of enjoyment then ended up in my daybed eating every other out. She’d at no time been with a girl before. But I actually enjoyed it.

“I’ve had a hardly any male-male 3somes but I’d not be into a threesome with another gal and a boy. Not truly nutty into anal either. I have endevoured it a hardly any times. I do not acquire how a cutie can cum from it. I do adore having my a-hole eaten out. That’s fun. My sex buddy and I got a anal-plug for me and he made me wear it in public with no briefs. That was joy. Of course, I swallow cum when a man blows off in my face hole. I adore it. I can not be wasting that load now.”

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Tina Lee: From Winetaster To Model

Written on September 29, 2018 at 10:41 pm, by

Tina Lee: From Winetaster To Adult model

Tina Lee: From Winetaster To Model

Tina Lee was a wine taster. Now she adult models. An ex-hubby has a subscription to SCORELAND and it was cuz of his suggestion that Tina is here. These big tan-lined boobs draw the eyes like magnets.

“I modeled for about five years in advance of SCORE,” told Tina who lives in Paris and enjoys life in that town. “I don’t know any SCORE glamour models but I’d love to meet some of ’em in the future. I’ve watched some of the angels from my country and they are alluring. I always felt that I’d be in worthwhile company.

“The kind of dates I go on depends on how I feel. I enjoy a night of candles and champagne. I truly love to soak in a Jacuzzi. One time I had sex with one more woman. This babe was very big busted, like me. I’d like to make adore in the Eiffel Tower but that is a dream that is not likely to come true.”

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The Girl From Big Titty City New York

Written on September 27, 2018 at 11:22 pm, by

The Angel From Large Titty Town New York

The Angel From Big Titty Town Fresh York

Janessa Loren is a lady who is gratified of her bigger in size than standard fun bags. In fact, big bra-busters is an understatement about this goddess from bigger in size than typical titty town New York. Janessa’s melons are astronomical. And all-natural.

Our director has Janessa shake and bounce those flesh-puppies during the time that they’re encased inside her undergarment. He has her use her hand to flaunt how they should be tit-fucked. However, a real man-missile will be betwixt those babies soon.

Janessa’s law: a gent needs to know how to properly handle her mangos. This chab needs to know how to touch ’em, how to lick ’em and how to shag ’em. A guy who treats her and her milk sacks adore an usual lady with C-cups is gonna detect himself out the door quickly!

Since some lads in porn appear to be to need instructions on properly handling marangos adore Janessa’s, she’s proactive in teaching lessons on tit-care before boyz can have sex with her. It’s not just for ’em, it is for her, too. One time Janessa is contented with their boob skills, she’s ready to award them with sexy and nasty cock-smoking. Then they can slip Janessa Mr. Pleased and reach fun land.

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Patricia In The Centre

Written on September 27, 2018 at 10:38 pm, by

Patricia In The Middle

Patricia In The Middle

Patricia Gold catches Neeo and Thomas checking out some SCORE magazines. “Oh, precious!” utters Patricia, who is wearing a corset that makes her mammoth love bubbles almost hit her chin. The studs toss the mags to the side and make room for Patricia betwixt them. She’s lustful for penis. 2 weenies. Exactly what the boys have in mind.

They each aid themselves to a breast banquet, sucking and touching with tongue away. Patricia’s big mangos have been a man-magnet since she reached maturity. The dudes she meets can’t keep off ’em and Patricia says she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Taking a ramrod in each fist, Patricia sucks on each guy, and at one point, tries to push both weenies in her throat at the same time. This female-dom loves the men-folk! While she is busy blowing one, the other is screwing her cleavage love it’s a cookie. At first, they do it during the time that Patricia is sat. Then she gets on her back for it. Her mangos truly are large, enormous and beautifully. “My big bouncy bosoms are my topmost features,” says Patricia. “I adore for males to appreciate ’em.”

Previous to they jerk off on Patricia’s face, the two tag-teamers deeply appreciate Patricia with meat-thermometer at one as well as the other sides. You name the position, they do it.

“What makes sex so different for me when I make a movie?” asks Patricia. “These insane lads. They are sex-crazy. I did not meet males adore this previous to.”

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Table-top Titillation

Written on September 25, 2018 at 10:50 pm, by

Table-top Titillation

Table-top Titillation

Anika, a blue-eyed Swedish blonde living in Arizona, plays raquet-ball, works-out at the gym, runs and can’t live without to have tons of sex to keep her aged body in shape.

That babe is not just a SEXY HOUSEWIFE “type.” Before this babe decided to try movie scenes, websites and magazines, Anika was a real-life SEXY HOUSEWIFE. As happens, many hotty’s approach a certain age and a new kind of sexual awareness develops and expands. Exhibitionistic sex becomes a bigger in size than standard part of their lives. Not all become adult models. Some become private swinging couples or sex experimenters. Others become divorcees on the prowl looking for arse calls.

“I’m usually the passive type,” Anika admitted. “Until I acquire slutty and then I get aggressive. Then I don’t waste time expecting for a man to make the first move.”

When we meet Anika, she is sitting in the kitchen having a gulp. She’s bored. It’s the midst of the afternoon. That babe is dressed to display her slim-n-stacked bod and shapely legs. She needs some pleasure. J.S. arrives to put the f.u. in pleasure and throws off his shirt, ready for act. Anika takes pride in her dick-sucking skills. Now she can apply these skills. Jarrod can not wait to stretch her muff balls-deep.

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Anorei XXX

Written on September 25, 2018 at 10:26 pm, by

Anorei XXX

Anorei XXX

Long-time porn fellow Tony provides the rock-hard hardon for Anorei Collins to enjoy. Assertive and pro, Anorei shows how this babe gives a gent a ride this chab will not forget. Banging her extraordinarily colossal 38P mammaries is a major defiance, love climbing Mount Everest.

By the time Anorei gotta college, that babe was already a K-cup. “As in a short time as I got fun bags, it was baggy T-shirts,” Anorei said. Her high school roommate went throughout all of her clothing and threw ’em out. Anorei agreed to go raiment shopping, buying tank tops, shorts and other outfits that showed her outstanding figure.

More beauties than dudes ask Anorei if they can touch her zeppelins. We have heard this in advance of from other Big-Boob angels.

Anorei can do something with her funbags that very not many can do. This babe can rest one breast on top of the other and it’ll stay that way with out her having to hold them. Anorei has done this in some photo shoots.

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The XL Beauties Car Wash

Written on September 23, 2018 at 11:13 pm, by

The XL Angels Car Wash

The XL Girls Car Wash

It was a hawt day and Natascha Romanova made it hotter by washing a car. That babe started in a one-piece bikini, and as that babe hosed and soaped away, this babe in nature’s garb off, tossing the suit to the side. Natascha buffed the chassis with her humongous boobies, making sure her flesh-mountains got plenty of soap on ’em likewise.

“I have a lot of fantasies,” Natascha told. “I think of one whilst I satisfy myself. I am open and I adore to try different things. I wanted to adult model undressed ‘cuz I think the body is a alluring creation of nature and I don’t believe it is incorrect to be naked and let others have enjoyment.

“When I’m with a skirt chaser, I like long foreplay with tenderness and kisses. My foremost position is to be on top and I like orall-service. Certainly, a fellow must like big billibongs. Any gent interested in me need to be interested in bigger in size than run of the mill mammaries.”

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Demmy & Kitty: The Big Show

Written on September 23, 2018 at 11:00 pm, by

Demmy & Kitty: The Bigger in size than average Expose

Demmy & Kitty: The Bigger in size than standard Show

And now…for your entertainment fun, SCORELAND presents the supernaturally chesty dance duo of Demmy Blaze and Kitty Cute in an erotic, exotic exhibition of euphoric ecstasy. Enjoy!

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Agnes Poulin: My Boobs Are So Heavy

Written on September 21, 2018 at 11:15 pm, by

Agnes Poulin: My Juggs Are So Enormous

Agnes Poulin: My Milk cans Are So Heavy

“I was identified by Valory Irene,” told Agnes Poulin. “Valory is an inspiration to me. I decided to glamour model for the joy and the adventure when she suggested I try it.”

Unfortunately for us, Agnes doesn’t have any girlfriends with love muffins adore hers. Agnes doesn’t go to fitness centers or workout coz this babe says that her love melons make it uncomfortable for her to exercise. “I do not know exactly how much my zeppelins weigh. I suppose around three pounds each.”

Agnes sleeps on her belly, wears a T-shirt when this babe goes to daybed and sometimes watches TV bare-breasted but doesn’t do household chores topless like some girls.

“I can not engulf my own areolas love I see other girls do on SCORELAND because my pantoons are likewise bigger in size than average but I like it when somebody else does it to me.” Almost certainly Agnes has no shortage of studs offering to give her nipples lip-service. “I not at any time met a buck who was not interested in my pantoons. I by no means meet that kind of chap.”

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38G-cup Nagini Keeps Her Date Awaiting While That babe Masturbates

Written on September 21, 2018 at 10:39 pm, by

38G-cup Nagini Keeps Her Date Expecting During the time that She Masturbates

38G-cup Nagini Keeps Her Date Waiting Whilst She Masturbates

“I was doing nursing, but I am thinking of getting my bachelor’s in psychology and then gonna medical school,” Nagini said in a chat with one of XL Girls’ photographers. “Anyway, I gained over a thousand followers on my livecam very quickly, and I was like, ‘That’s pretty cool.’ I was very surprised.”

In a short time sufficient, an editor at TSG took notice of this cute little black brown with 38G-cup tits.

“I tend to draw attention to my pointer sisters. Why not? I’ve some very hawt, low-cut tops that I usually wear with a push-up brassiere. Why should I hide ’em? I suppose they’re fashionable, and, obviously, dudes like ’em. They’re part of who I’m. And it is
usually not a precious look when a big busted hotty tries to hide her bosoms. It is usually not very flattering.”

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