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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Greasy oil For The Bra buddies of Amie Taylor

Written on November 30, 2018 at 11:57 pm, by

Baby oil For The Milk shakes of Amie Taylor

Oil For The Mounds of Amie Taylor

Amie’s fun bags started growing big when this babe was 18. Some angels kick off to bust out when they’re very young. Other beauties develop later. Amie did not know what her exact cup size was cuz she kept growing.

“I’m used to all the attention I get, but sometimes I feel uncomfortable. It depends on the situation I’m in. I don’t like to hear boys say dirty things to me in the street. I adore boys who are gentlemen.”

Amie endevoured webcamming for a whilst, then avoided. That babe didn’t say why. Maybe that babe could not take the trolls. Hopefully that babe won’t disappear from adult modeling too. This babe is likewise cute and hawt to quit. That would be a terrible waste.

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Lara’s Breast & Pussy Creaming

Written on November 30, 2018 at 11:49 pm, by

Lara’s Breast & Muff Creaming

Lara's Breast & Muff Creaming

“I always look at other girls’ pointer sisters ‘coz I always desire to know if there’re cuties with larger billibongs than mine,” Lara Jones told us.

“I just love to detect out how big boobed that babe is. I am always very interested to see. I’m not interested in ’em for sex. I like guys. If I knew other beauties with big breasts, I would tell them about SCORELAND.

“When I go out to a restaurant or a club, I donot costume in clothes that makes my bazookas hang out. I always suit in a tasteful way so that they attract attention but look admirable. I’m an exhibitionist but a quiet exhibitionist.

“I am bashful about talking about sex. I am shy about beginning sex. I’m not bashful about having sex. I like teasing and playing and taking things very carefully. We kick off to play with each other, and then we take it one step at a time. I’m more passive when it comes to making the first move but I am assured when we start having sex. I love to know as much as I can about a lad previous to we commence a raunchy relationship. Does this buck have other girlfriends? Is he a playboy? Does that lady-killer have any children, a worthy job, a worthy reputation? I’m careful in my associations.”

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Lillian Faye’s Titz Spritz

Written on November 29, 2018 at 12:06 am, by

Lillian Faye’s Titz Spritz

Lillian Faye's Titz Spritz

Slim and slinky Lillian Faye is praised even more for her large pussy-wings than for her love melons. Quite a not many SCORE Lads were quick to note that.

“I am a large bazookas lover, but moreover, an enthusiastic paramour of priceless cum-hole, especially larger strong muff lips,” wrote a reader.

“Those muff lips are soooo suckable,” wrote another.

“Those pretty zeppelins and her fantastic vagina made me come over and over,” a 3rd added.

And so Lillian joined a elect group of big breasted snatch gals, such as Lily Valentine, Dawn Phoenix, Winona Lind and Ines Cudna. Those fotos from Miss Faye’s shower scene include some great love tunnel shots.

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Nurse Sashaa Will Screw U Now & Give Up Her Gazoo

Written on November 29, 2018 at 12:01 am, by

Nurse Sashaa Will Fuck U Now & Give Up Her Booty

Nurse Sashaa Will Shag You Now & Give Up Her Ass

Nurse Sashaa Mounds is famous for her specialized treatment of the Hooter Hospital patients. When she is on duty, all hands are on 10-Pounder. She’s known as the anal nurse and u receive to see why. Sashaa is actually a true angel of compassion.

It’s likewise a miracle that her nurse’s uniform doesn’t rip to shreds as this babe walks. Fortunately, Nurse Breasts has the time to adult model for XL Girls on the side when this babe is not healing the sick, broken bucks of this hospital.

It’s very difficult to detect disciplined nurses as stacked and fully loaded as Nurse Boobs. If you disagree with this statement, then brandish us a nurse at your local hospital with knockers love Sashaa’s. We’re assertive u can’t. (If u do, we’ll offer her a high-paying position here at XL Girls. In fact, several positions.)

On today, Nurse Titties is checking up on Rocky. He is due to be shot. I fact, that is what Nurse Bumpers plans to do…discharge his cock and extract the spunk samples. That babe carefully checks his man-bag and has him cough. Nurse Whoppers is very exacting in her examination techniques. Instead of using some high-tech thermometer to take his temperature, she checks it with her mouth on his dick since applying her lips to his forehead to take his temperature is old-fashioned and insufficient.

Nurse Milk cans makes the medical decision to provide mouth-to-penis resuscitation and is expert to revive his penis with her tutored tongue and face hole suction power. Little Rocky is saved! Bigger than typical Rocky is now willing for his next procedures.

These advanced therapies include crushing his meat-thermometer between her stupendous flesh-pillows. (Nurses are not obligated to fluff up the patients’ knobs with their pillows but Nurse Pantoons makes an exception for Rocky.) Giving his dick drill-practice using her pink, wet wet crack and her taut anus is one more admirable sign of her deep devotion to her patient’s health care. (This is a sight that must go down in medical history.)

Perhaps the most-startling treatment is at the end of his stay. Please don’t miss it.

Rocky and Little Rocky have been discharged, but Nurse Sashaa Billibongs remains at Hooter Hospital. There will always be more patients to serve. Bless the heart of this enchanting beauty of compassion.

If you ever must be in a hospital and wanna have a stay adore Rocky did, please display these images to your nurse upon check-in.

Note: This information and the techniques described and shown here are not intended as actual medical advice for individual problems. Consult your health care provider first.

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Young & Cuddly XL Beauty

Written on November 27, 2018 at 12:09 am, by

Juvenile & Cuddly XL Beauty

Young & Cuddly XL Girl

XL Gals has identified many breathtaking beauties over many years and able, titillating teen Sylvia Bateman is among these natural wonders. Born in California and living in Texas, Sylvia has blossomed into a major babe-next-door boasting 38G-cups. She’s as sexy-yet-innocent flying solo as she’s with pro-studs.

XLGirls: Sylvia, what kind of dates do u love?

Sylvia: Just relaxed dates. Episodes or dinners.

XLGirls: What is the funniest pick-up line a lad ever told to you?

Sylvia: I have not at any time had someone say one to me.

XLGirls: What? That’s unreal. What are your raunchy dreams?

Sylvia: None indeed jump out at me at this moment.

XLGirls: Are you confident or passive?

Sylvia: Passive.

XLGirls: What sexually satisfies you the almost all incredible?

Sylvia: Being said that I am doing good, that I’m pleasuring right.

XLGirls: How often do u have sex?

Sylvia: About 3-5 times a week.

XLGirls: What’s your favorite position?

Sylvia: I don’t have one.

XLGirls: What type of foreplay do u love?

Sylvia: Teasing and nipp play.

XLGirls: Do you have any girlfriends as big busted as u?

Sylvia: Totally, maybe even greater! I am allies with other XL Cuties like Milly Marks, Oksana Rose, Cosmia, Veronica Bow, and Naia Bee. They’re all very big-breasted and dear friends of mine!

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Reach For The Skye

Written on November 26, 2018 at 11:49 pm, by

Reach For The Skye

Reach For The Skye

Big boobed Canadians are not facile to identify. Trust us, we have been doing this for years. The very 1st Canadian in SCORE was Tiffany Towers, and since then, the arrival of more Canadians has been a drip. In recent times, Korina Kova and Ariane Saint-Amour have brought their considerable talents to SCORELAND, and now, here cums Nikki Skye.

“I acquire lots and plenty of attention ‘coz of my deep cleavage,” said Nikki, a web digital camera goddess. “I adore how the chaps stare, and some vixens likewise. I wear bras when I go out but when I am home, brassiere off, for sure. It feels so much better.”

Nikki’s hobbies are intend to the gym and baking. That babe knew about SCORE ‘cuz her hubby said her a scarcely any years ago. More astounding late to The Large Show than not ever.

“My peculiar talent is booty flexing to the beat of a song and my beloved fetishes are spankings, gagging and hawt wax.”

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Take A Bend, Veronica

Written on November 25, 2018 at 12:14 am, by

Take A Bow, Veronica

Take A Bend, Veronica

Veronica Bend is from Kentucky, a state that yields very petite in number models for The SCORE Group. We don’t know why that’s but we’re glad to have Veronica aboard.

“I love to read,” said Veronica, who used to work in a library. “Books are my escape, and gaming is a bigger in size than standard one, also. Role playing games are my main favorites.”

Now Veronica works in nature’s garb at home showing off her ultra-pliable, 38H-cup sucklers, playing with her cookie and having sex. And she doesn’t need to shush any noisy library patrons anymore. Veronica came to SCORE, did what this babe regularly does at home, met some talented fellows, and got a free tour and a precious discover with out it. What’s not to love?

Buying bras is an issue for Veronica. “I receive to buy online. No stores near me carry my size. I always wear a undergarment except when I am sleeping.”

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Busty Angel Or Busty She-Devil?

Written on November 24, 2018 at 11:31 pm, by

Breasty Beauty Or Big busted She-Devil?

Busty Goddess Or Big breasted She-Devil?

Hotty Wicky is having a great day in her swimming pool. Clad in her American flag monokini, Gal swims and gets her kicks splashing, waiting for her ally to come over to her place and give her the kind of fucking that babe deserves and needs.

Her butler Max appears with her phone. Her ladies man can’t make it. This doesn’t sit well with the now-frustrated busty blond who changes in a second from hotty to devil-bitch. Max returns with a swallow to cool her down. That doesn’t go far. For Hotty, rogering is the paramount revenge to deal with an errant hubby. A woman scorned is not to be messed with.

Sizing Max up, Cutie tells him to give her bigger than typical melons a rubdown. He’s more than bonkers to take her friend’s place and copulate his female, especially since this babe struts her smoking body around the house in sexy swimsuits. Each servant dreams of rogering the sexy domme of the abode. Within seconds, this dude is plunging his meat-thermometer into Girl in a standing copulate, then doggy style when she bows over. They’re on a slick pool deck so their raunchy acrobatics are very beautiful. Girl transforms back to her enjoyable, giggly self now that she has a subrigid pecker on deck. Now that she’s Maxed out, her boyfriend can stay away.

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Maid For Anal

Written on November 23, 2018 at 12:24 am, by

Maid For Anal

Maid For Anal

Daily is a holiday with Marie Leone at your fingertips. She fills out this hot maid’s costume, pink and frilly and very skimpy. Why not do a little dusting during the time that this babe is wearing it? It is all part of the sexy dream.

When Marie walks down the street, people turn to look her over. Marie, who is naturally blessed by the breast goddesses, had greater love bubbles in the 8th grade than her teachers!

While fetchingly glamourous and smiling Marie is bent over dusting, Rocky is dumbstruck at the sight of her. This chab bends Marie over even more and spanks her bottom. This petticoat chaser widens her taut, firm ass-cheeks apart and spanks them. Spreading her tush-halves widens her asshole. This fellow sticks 1st one, then two fingers inside it and slips in and out.

Now for Marie’s spectacular 34J-cups. This woman chaser takes one without her top, then the other. These babies could take an eye out! That buck licks and sucks her areolas, and this smooth operator and Marie even share a nipp lick.

Still in her suit, with her humongous mams out, Marie kneels and sucks his prick, then tit-fucks him, sandwiching his sausage betwixt her two downy, warm breast-buns. She can indeed handle a stick-shift. Tit-fucking Marie is adore reaching the top of Mount Everest. She sucks Rocky’s boner some more, then climbs on board to ride and grind, rocking to-and-fro. She builds up her fucking rhythm while Rocky fingers her butt-hole once more to prepare it for his wood.

Marie flips over so Rocky can group sex her constricted clutch in missionary. This babe can’t live without to rub her clitoris during the time that she is fucking. That adds to her intensive enjoyment. Pulling with out her snatch, this chab slips his jock into her ass.

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Hot Creampie For Kris Kelly

Written on November 23, 2018 at 12:22 am, by

Hawt Creampie For Kris Kelly

Hot Creampie For Kris Kelly

Kris Kelly is one sexually excited lady. This babe works for a company that sells adult products and wardrobes. Posing undressed and trying a XXX scene is one dream that babe is fulfilled.

“I’ve been with 2 guys and a cutie,” Kris said about her lustful personal adventures. “The four of us just played and switched back and forth. I was with a married couple. This babe played with me and then wanted to look at me with her partner. I had sex on a beach on a Saturday afternoon. I would do that afresh. I love anal play. I always swallow unless I am asked not to. I don’t have a favorite position. I love ’em all. I adore to have sex as often as I can.”

Kris has a raunchy fantasy that is different. “I like shoes and I’d like my date to cum in my heels, then put ’em on my feet as we continue, or even go out.” That babe did not ask James to do that. That guy came in her pussy-hole.

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