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Monthly Archives: August 2019

Nila Mason: Too Much Female Even For 2 Studs?

Written on August 31, 2019 at 10:53 pm, by

Nila Mason: Likewise Much Female-dominator Even For Two Chaps?

Nila Mason: Likewise Much Lady Even For Two Males?

Nila Mason is canoodling with Steve Q. outdoors. Her celebrated chest is doing serious damage to the top of her taut, button-down costume. As we’ve renowned before, the solely thing that can come between Nila and her chaps is a crowbar. One time they watch and cuddle Nila’s stupendous juggs, they’re hopelessly hooked and hankering for her heavy bazookas.

Whilst Steve is mouthing on Nila’s tasty nipples as she’s backed up against a column, they’re being watched by peeping Tom who would love to join their party. Steve whispers to Nila, wanting to know if that babe would love a 3some. Nila knows Tom from a previous bedroom romp and is game for two guys, the second threesome this babe is done with Steve. Tom joins Steve in mouthing on Nila’s bazookas.

Nila, Steve and Tom leave the garden for the comfort of a daybed in advance of they receive carried away and acquire it on right then and there. In her always-erotic and erotic way, Nila is mad to shag and suck rock hard and rough and drain the sap without her 2 men. The one and the other fellows yell when they pop. Tom when he’s dicking Nila and Steve when he’s tit-fucking her. At the end of their sexercise, Nila still looks fresh during the time that the one and the other lads are exhausted.

“I most like a smooth operator to satisfy me, not masturbation,” told Nila, who was first said by SCORE Goddess Juliana Simms to investigate TSG. “I love sex a scarcely any times a week and I’ve pleasure all positions. It depends on the man. I can be very wild. I adore a buck who is very randy by me and adores me. I like to feel like and excitement. And I am not into beauties.”

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Victoria Lobov: Big Tits & Anal

Written on August 31, 2019 at 2:54 pm, by

Victoria Lobov: Large Mambos & Anal

Victoria Lobov: Big Melons & Anal

Slim, trim, big busted, blond and alluring, SCORE wife Victoria Lobov is soft-spoken and carefree. People think she is in her early thirties and the truth is, she looks it. So hot-looking and hot, this babe attracts loads of attention.

“Before, I would wear things that showed my deep cleavage,” Mrs. Lobov said. “Nowadays, if I go to pick up supplies, I do not do that. Otherwise, there is so much commotion. Men start following me down the aisle in the store. Now I try to costume more modest when I go out. Previous to, I did not get to worry about it ‘cuz there was not that much on my chest.”

Victoria still wears hawt outfits, but now mostly when she is being photographed. She can’t live out of to adult model in and with out clothes, lingerie and swimsuits. “I have a alluring clothing fetish. And shoes, the higher the better.”

Our photographer introduces Victoria to Sam Shock, who’s desirous to taste her teats and pierced twat. Her dainty hands play with his ramrod and balls. This babe sucks him and sits on his shaft to feel her love tunnel filled. After Victoria’s vagina is well-fucked, it is time for her enjoyable arse to be penetrated. This babe usually doesn’t have lots of ace copulate but there’re times when she’ll do it. This is one of these times.

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The Fantasies of Ana Montes

Written on August 29, 2019 at 11:17 pm, by

The Dreams of Ana Montes

The Dreams of Ana Montes

Ana Montes loves masturbation.

“I have to admit that masturbation satisfies me more valuable ‘coz although I adore irrumation, vaginal and a-hole slam, majority of my erotic partners have been selfish in ottoman. They’ve been these who pursue more joy than mine or who are very inactive in daybed and let me do all the work. But, nevertheless, I’ve also had fine erotic partners. Even so, I like masturbation more ‘cuz I can make sure to always reach my carnal satisfaction.”

Ana discussed her erotic trigger points.

“I love to await at least 2 months to have a different erotic partner. When I have a regular boyfriend, I adore sex two or three times a week, and when I am single, I masturbate each evening. My favourite erotic positions are doggie and on my side. It excites me when a hubby plays with my billibongs. It gives me great fun to be sucked rock hard and I like it when that fellow bites me.

“It fascinates me when he kisses me so much on my throat and on the body, especially on the neck and under the ear where one of my erogenous points are. I enjoy permeating my cum-hole with my own fingers in advance of my partner kisses me, gives me slight bites on the back of my neck and shoulders, and penetrates me with his ding-dong.”

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Big boobed Emma’s Revenge Sex

Written on August 29, 2019 at 10:55 pm, by

Big busted Emma’s Revenge Sex

Busty Emma's Revenge Sex

Breasty Emma is in her bathroom when she spots something in her waste basket that receives her steaming bonkers. It’s a rubber and it’s not a new one. That babe realizes that her boyfriend was screwing some other goddess when she was not home. Now Big boobed Emma desires to acquire even and that babe has a gonna acquire her vengeance as pretty soon as possible.

The opportunity comes when her boyfriend’s brother Tony phones about coming over to watch him. Emma tells him to come over. This babe is going to let Tony pound her as revenge for being cheated on. That ladies man cheated so she’ll cheat back and his brother is the consummate lady-killer to cheat with.

When this guy acquires to the house, Tony is taken aback when Emma comes on to him. This chab is always been turned on by her and when he jacks, that babe is his go-to girl. Brother or no brother, Tony weakens at the sight of Emma, and ‘cuz he would not at all have hit on her otherwise, this is his chance. His bro is not home. “We can by no means tell him,” Tony tells Emma. Do not wager on that, woman chaser.

Tony cant even wait to go to the bedroom. This man is all over Emma on the couch, fucking her throat, breast valley and slit. This babe chokes and gags on his bloated shaft and that acquires her even hornier. Emma is a screamer and every thrust into her pink taco pulls a loud scream without her. Her revenge is entire when that babe takes a faceful of brotherly goo. Maybe she’ll even flaunt her partner those photos.

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Jayden Has A Big-tit Fetish

Written on August 28, 2019 at 10:45 pm, by

Jayden Has A Big-tit Fetish

Jayden Has A Big-tit Fetish

Jayden Prescott‘s got a Big-Boob fetish and that makes her a cutie after our own hearts. Jayden emailed some fotos to SCORE and told us that this babe and her boyfriend are greater than typical fans. Her spouse has been a browser since 1993 as well as a SCORELAND member and is the reason that Jayden’s a fan also. Meeting and marrying Jayden fulfilled a major life’s goal for him. His own SCORE Hotty at home!

When Jayden came to SCORE, this babe said that anyway posing in nature’s garb, she wanted to try XXX boy-girl act. With anal too. This was adore hitting a jackpot in Las Vegas. Jayden is super-horny. Her hub is a fortunate stud! Having this sweetheart around the abode, a big breasted honey who’s into the SCORE big-tit scene, has many SCORE DVDs at home, buys raiment and heels…well, that’s the preeminent boob heaven for a breast-lover.

When Jayden was getting pounded in the studio, we could hear her yells of enjoyment throughout the wall. She’s a sensational copulate husband and clearly can’t live with out rogering and engulfing and cum all over her scoops and on her lips.

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Shaken, Not Stirred

Written on August 28, 2019 at 6:36 am, by

Shaken, Not Stirred

Shaken, Not Stirred

If the world had more bartenders with fullsome funbags the size of Leanne Crow‘s, there would be more alcoholics but they would be glad alcoholics.

Leanne is about to make a Margarita in the kitchen. Let us chase her cocktail mixing step by step.

Leanne fills a glass with ice. Now for the booze. Leanne pours by eye not by discharged glass. That is quite a dose of tequila. Now this babe cuts a lime and squeezes the juice into the glass. That babe is about to pour that into the blender. It doesn’t work.

“I’m intend to must mix this myself, baby,” says Leanne. That babe pours the contents into a shaker set, closes the top and sticks it betwixt her boobs. Then that babe shakes it up. This is more astonishing than a blender. Her nipples need to be hard from the cold. Your drink is served.

Now it is time for Leanne to shed her tube top and dress and rinse her large hooters off underneath a faucet, then shake, jiggle and bounce ’em.

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In Her Pink

Written on August 27, 2019 at 10:41 pm, by

In Her Pink

In Her Pink

Beauties love Harley Ann are the sort u brag to your friends about banging. She’s as cute as a button, has a couple of DDD-cup naturals and she’s a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. She has anything the Brotherhood of XL Men wishes in a female. As our scene widens, we receive an eyeful of what makes this playgirl so darn lovable. Harley has the sweetest, cutest smile widen across her face and she teases a bit by popping out one of her juggs.

When our friend Tony Rubino moves over to her, Harley is eagerly anticipating the hard banging she’s about to acquire. No words are spoken, but these two do not must say a word. The carnal energy in the room is thick, and Harley’s cookie is already dripping-wet when Tony pulls her knickers to the side and starts fingering her.

Harley returns the favour by deep-throating his meat-thermometer, and that’s when the real fun starts. Tony pushes her down onto the daybed, stuffs his penis inside her and bangs her from the side. Tony is screwing her so vigorously that every of his thrusts almost makes Harley’s mellons hit her in the face. This chab then shags her cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and doggie-style previous to this babe demands that he shoot his cum on her face.

“Give it to me, ” Harley says with a groan.

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Meet The New Boss, Merilyn Sakova

Written on August 26, 2019 at 2:25 pm, by

Meet The Fresh Boss, Merilyn Sakova

Meet The Fresh Boss, Merilyn Sakova

The new boss of the company will be making some changes. Per a memo from Miss Merilyn Sakova, those changes will take place as in a short time as possible.

There will be jack breaks during the day. The jack fantasy goddess will, certainly, be Merilyn. There will be copies of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines in the employee lounge and framed posters of Merilyn on the walls of the office.

Merilyn will watch no visitors during 3 special times every day so that babe can cum at her desk with out interference. Volunteers will be needed to pick up her recent bras from the fitters at least once a month. There will be many fringe benefits working beneath Merilyn.

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Sofia Deluxe: Hot Chica, Big Whoppers

Written on August 25, 2019 at 10:42 pm, by

Sofia Deluxe: Sexy Chica, Large Whoppers

Sofia Deluxe: Sexy Chica, Greater than standard Boobs

Sweet-faced Sofia Deluxe brings her style of Colombian heat to XL Beauties. Very hot to the touch. After checking out her latest pictures or clips, a nifty down period is needed.

“I’m really pleased to be here,” told Sofia. There is no question that Sofia can read minds. “I know you like my fullsome funbags. Do u adore how I play with my boobies? I like playing with them.” Soever Sofia does is smth to have pleasure.

“I masturbate constantly. I adore to give myself enjoyment and I also like to view pornography. I’m not interested in strange fetishes. I adore 69 on all fours. Trying different poses satisfies me and I like to use my fingers to rub my love button when I have sex.”

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Tits In Tight Tops With Russian Doll Sigal Acon

Written on August 24, 2019 at 11:21 pm, by

Billibongs In Taut Tops With Russian Doll Sigal Acon

Tits In Taut Tops With Russian Doll Sigal Acon

Discovered doing cam flaunts on MyFreeCams, Sigal Acon made a double magazine debut in Voluptuous Vol. 26 No. 5 and SCORE Vol. 28 No. 5. Here Sigal invites us to view her change into constricted tops, lingerie and bras.

Wrote TSG editor Dave, “Sigal’s idea of a flawless day is ‘A fetching view, a ideal restaurant, flowers and champagne.’ Our idea of a consummate day is simply viewing Sigal.”

SCORELAND: What type of foreplay do you like?

Sigal: Having my neck kissed and being touched softly.

SCORELAND: Do you have a favourite position?

Sigal: I savour riding on-top.

SCORELAND: Have u ever had sex in a public place?

Sigal: I did in a park. It was quite exciting. My adrenaline was exploding, my mind was spinning. I was so lustful yet at the same time I was scared of being caught. It was sexy and unexpected.

SCORELAND: Have you ever had a sexual meeting with one more girl?

Sigal: No, I’m into chaps.

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