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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Spring Cleaning

Written on October 30, 2019 at 3:47 pm, by

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Housework not at all looks better than when a sexy plumper is doing the cleaning. Kendra Lee Ryan is wearing the tiniest outfit in her closet. Her breasts are pouring out of her pink tank top and her denim jumper hugs her squishy curves snugly. We’ve not ever wanted to do chores more than we do right now.

Usually, when Kendra is down on her knees, there is a cock in her face hole or in her snatch. There isn’t this time, but that babe still looks as fuckable as ever as that babe scrubs her living room floor with her meatballs about to pop out. Kendra squeezes her sponge and shoots some soap suds onto her thick hips. We’re not sure if that babe did this intentionally, but we do not care. We’re just hoping that babe squeezes some more onto her fullsome funbags and love tunnel.

“I feel love I am just not clean sufficient,” Kendra says. “I’m so dirty. I’m so soaked and messy.”

And our knobs are already throbbing. We know just what smutty beauties adore Kendra deserve, and we’d be happy to give it to her. Kendra slips her sexy outfit off and plays with her slit. That babe was not kidding about being damp. We can hear how moist this babe is as this babe fingers her vagina.

“Oh, I am so banging luscious,” that babe says as she finger-fucks herself.

Kendra didn’t finish her chores, but this babe doesn’t prevent stroking her love button and fingering her twat until that babe cums. And that’s all that matters to us.

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Big Tits Of Spain

Written on October 30, 2019 at 3:29 pm, by

Big Mangos Of Spain

Big Scones Of Spain

Spain is a very conservative country but it has its fairly miniature share of hot Spanish gals looking to make it as adult entertainers.

Sandra Milka was born in Dusseldorf, Germany and was raised in Barcelona. Her tetas started to sprout at 16. “I adore to wear very taut handsome clothing that brandish lots of my cleavage,” Sandra says in Spanish. She doesn’t speak English. “My dresses and skirts get to be very high to flaunt my legs. I adore to be looked at.”

“This is the preeminent thing I have ever done. I enjoy being photographed and getting plenty of sex. I’ve fulfilled all of my fantasies ‘coz of porn. I’ve no inhibitions anymore. I also am a Dominant-bitch and I like it.”

Sandra has detected her glad place and it’s in the hawt zone.

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Paging Miss Valentine

Written on October 29, 2019 at 12:12 am, by

Paging Miss Valentine

Paging Miss Valentine

Jenna Valentine channels Bettie Page, the legendary pin-up star of the 1950s, and brings her own personal style to the retro-vintage and Goth look this babe likes.

And off-camera?

“I’m completely naked. I adore to be stripped. I will lay naked in ottoman, eat in nature’s garb in sofa and do a bunch of other stuff while I’m undressed in ottoman.”

But during other times?

“If I am going out to a disrobe club or a unveil, I wear super-tight corsets. I adore corsets. So, corsets, short skirts. I always show deep cleavage. Love, obviously, not if I am going to the grocery store.

“Guys hit on me all the time, but honestly, I attract lots of cuties. I mean, I have been out and had a goddess come up to me and wet crack my tits and was adore, ‘Sorry, I had to do that,’ and walk away, and I was just like, ‘Whoa!'”

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Lalin girl Oktoberfest Fantasy

Written on October 28, 2019 at 4:06 pm, by

Latin chick Oktoberfest Fantasy

Latina Oktoberfest Fantasy

Everybody likes Oktoberfest even if they don’t hoist the brews. Sofia Santana becomes a Latina Oktoberbreast dream hotty, making her own beer garden where that babe cools off her hot body with a sudsy shower.

XLGirls: Sofia, when did u begin dressing to display off your body?

Sofia: When I turned 18.

XLGirls: Have u ever been a lap dancer?

Sofia: No, but I like to dance for pleasure at parties. I’m very extroverted.

XLGirls: What do the boys who see you on Chaturbate wanna watch u do the most?

Sofia: They urge to see my milk cans and view me play with ’em.

XLGirls: Do you do household chores at home topless or exposed?

Sofia: I do one as well as the other.

XLGirls: What makes you chuckle?

Sofia: Many things, a joke, anything actually.

XLGirls: What sort of petticoat chaser do you love almost all precious?

Sofia: I like larger than typical and tall guys

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Sofia Santana: Boobiesbunny Bust-out

Written on October 27, 2019 at 8:02 am, by

Sofia Santana: Boobiesbunny Bust-out

Sofia Santana: Boobiesbunny Bust-out

Sofia Santana was blessed by Mamma Nature with massive bazookas and a dangerously buxom body. The gorgeous Colombian met our photo team for a series of discharges and they were impressed beyond words. “They are mind boggling people and very respectful,” said Sofia.

SCORELAND: Sofia, when did u begin dressing to brandish off your body?

Sofia: At eighteen.

SCORELAND: Do u go to in nature’s garb beaches?

Sofia: No, I don’t. I do not have that interest.

SCORELAND: Have you ever placed items, adore a phone, between your funbags?

Sofia: I do it all the time.

SCORELAND: Do you love to use sex tools for personal enjoyment?

Sofia: Yeah, I use toys, and fingers also.

SCORELAND: What do u think about when you masturbate?

Sofia: I suppose about anybody I like or Daddy Yankee.

SCORELAND: Do you check out adult clips at home?

Sofia: No.

SCORELAND: Do you find yourself touching your fun bags out of thinking about it?

Sofia: Yep, there are times when I do that.

SCORELAND: Do you love your mammaries sucked hard or squishy?

Sofia: I adore my nipps to be sucked softly.

SCORELAND: Do u have a message for the lads looking at your episodes and pix?

Sofia: I hope u love the pictures and the clips. I made them with like for u.

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Danica Danali: Nympho Housewife Wants Sex With Strangers

Written on October 26, 2019 at 11:02 pm, by

Danica Danali: Nympho Housewife Wishes Sex With Strangers

Danica Danali: Nympho Housewife Wants Sex With Strangers

“I do not have any sexual fantasies,” said Danica Danali. “I know it sounds odd but I really don’t.”

Danica meets JMac this go-round and he is bonkers to drill her big wobblers and get a oral pleasure before pounding the Texas titillator and creaming her biggest breasts.

Solely not lengthy ago has Danica lifted her oral-service embargo which began in 2012 when she did her 1st hardcore discharges here. Her 1st BJ at XL Girls was with Jonni Mamba.

“The 1st time I had sex I marvelous much laid there and stared at the ceiling. I don’t remember much about it except wanting it to be over.” Things change.

Then Danica met the lady-killer she would marry. When that babe started doing adult scenes, they would discover out the finished videos and photos although Danica says she prefers the pix over the episodes.

“I can’t imagine someone can come up with a more wondrous compliment than having the high reaching fan-base ever and too that production companies still want me to glamour model for ’em.”

What gives Danica a lady-boner?

“I receive super turned-on when I acquire felt up. I love breasts myself. I love watching public groping clips. Or watching someone getting rubbed at work. It turns me on.”

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Casca Akashova: Seducing The World

Written on October 25, 2019 at 2:58 pm, by

Casca Akashova: Seducing The World

Casca Akashova: Seducing The World

After showing off her slim and stacked silhouette, Casca slips without her tight suit and brassiere and knickers. She really knows what kind of outfits to buy that emphasize her larger than average tits and curves. Casca has the same kind of cat-like moves and purring sexuality that many SCORE Girls from the 1990s had, gals love Sana Fey and Ava Lustra.

Casca brought her thick sex toy with her, and one time that babe gets into daybed stripped, this babe spreads her legs and plugs her vagina during the time that she plays with her big funbags. All the during the time that, Casca engages in hot talk, her bedroom voice a flawless match to her carnal personality.

“I adore the idea of having public sex by being crammed against a window so someone could watch,” Casca told. She’ll probably fulfill that fantasy when the chance arises.

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Fuckin’ Whooties

Written on October 24, 2019 at 10:49 pm, by

Fuckin’ Whooties

Fuckin' Whooties

Fullsome funbags or butt is a subject of constant debate with dudes. But when a girl like Felicia Clover is around, the correct answer is, “Why not both?” Felicia is one of the rare cuties who has T&A to spare.

“I love my areolas to be played with and bitten truly hard! Like, leave-a-mark-afterwards unyielding. I love it actually subrigid. Just during sex. It feels actually, really worthy. I like my areolas bitten when I am being pounded truly, indeed rock hard.”

Felicia likes it unyielding and coarse.

“I like missionary ‘cuz the leverage is more precious for boyz I suppose. You know, in missionary with my legs in the air and that way a lady-killer can just pound me worthwhile and stiff. I love that.”

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Boobs of Bliss

Written on October 23, 2019 at 10:41 pm, by

Bazookas of Bliss

Boobs of Bliss

The stylish Joana, queen of breast valley, the royal Romanian, has a bra display in store for us. We receive a prime seat in her baths as she tries on a diversity of bras, some of ’em a little likewise undersized for her overdeveloped natural love muffins. Finding a proper-fitting brassiere that she can buy takes time and patience.

“I think I am 106 centimeters around (42 inches), and I buy European bras that are 105GG,” says Joana.

“I try to detect charming bras, but that’s not always simple in my size to detect the colors and the styles I look paramount in. I have two brands I love, Maria Jo and Prima Donna. I buy them on the Internet. I do not sleep wearing a brassiere. I know some girls do. I most like to sleep in nature’s garb.”

“I love having bigger in size than typical bra buddies. I did not adore them at 1st, but I like them now.”

We adore ’em likewise and all the rest of Joana from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

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Strip Search

Written on October 22, 2019 at 11:22 pm, by

Strip Pursue

Strip Search

Alana Lace, a titanic hit with T&A guys, confesses her little secrets. Things that acquire her moist and sticky between her sexy legs. “I like to look in people’s windows and catch ’em having SEX.” This babe emphasizes the word SEX. Wicked, wicked, Alana.

“One time I looked out my window and I saw my neighbors, and they were, like, having sex. And then this chab was tying her up and this babe was engulfing his rod. They were going at it and this Lothario was rogering her intensely. My partner came in and saw me peeking out the window. We were the one and the other getting turned on and this chap started playing with my breasts. This chab took off my shirt and we started having sex, the best sex I ever had. It was so mind blowing, I can not even tell u.”

Alana recreates that moment. This babe walks into the bedroom and peeps out the window. That babe sees smth precious across the way. A pair banging in their bedroom? Alana pulls one humongous boob without her blouse and caresses it. She’s sexy and urges some of that act. But there’s no need for Alana to walk over, knock on their door and ask to join in coz Rubino walks into the bedroom.

They the one and the other peep out the window then fall into sofa. They have to feed the need. Rubino feasts on Alana’s big love melons and nipples. Alana can’t live out of getting her jugs worshipped and sucked. This babe reaches for his junk. It is time to get totally bare. The 1st thing Rubino has to do after this ladies man fingers Alana’s moist clam, is stick his sausage between these great bigger in size than typical, gracious scones.

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