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Monthly Archives: November 2019

Danica Danali: Baby oil, Sun, Butt-plugs & Marital-aids

Written on November 29, 2019 at 4:07 pm, by

Danica Danali: Oil, Sun, Butt-plugs & Vibrators

Danica Danali: Baby oil, Sun, Butt-plugs & Vibrators

We remember when Danica Danali started at XL Cuties. The 1st time was merely solos. The second time, five months later, Danica did a tug job and tit-fuck. The third time, over a year later, Danica did full-sex scenes minus jock engulfing. The 4th time, 2 years later, Danica visited for a recent series. No blow jobs that time either when she fucked. But on this visit, Danica went full oral stimulation, blowing and screwing JMac and Jonni Mamba. Love we always say, you have gotta have patience in this instant gratification world.

On this hot, sunny day in Florida, Danica dons her bathing dress for a pool side oiling, drenching her thickness until this babe glows. Some anal place in enjoyment and dildo action and Danica is satisfied…for the moment.

She’s masturbated outdoors previous to. “I’ve done it out side in the backyard a miniature in number times. I adore the idea of possibly getting caught but still knowing I’m all alone. I have toys I adore to use. An eight-inch pink fake penis and a silver bullet dildo.”

For a BBW porno star, Danica didn’t have the spectacular cherry-popping that leads to a girl becoming hot and insane for raunchy experiences and multiformity. “I charming much just lay there and stared at the ceiling. I don’t remember much about it except wanting it to be over.”

Danica has a fetish, if it could be called a fetish. “I like when my lad wears a tight cotton shirt during sex. I like the way it feels. A tank top is ultimate but any shirt works.”

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Grisha Petrov: Pint-sized Pleaser

Written on November 29, 2019 at 3:59 pm, by

Grisha Petrov: Pint-sized Pleaser

Grisha Petrov: Pint-sized Pleaser

Pint-sized Colombian Grisha Petrov is a slender, living sex-doll. She is married to a liberal spouse but as Grisha said, “I acquire strapon. He is not allowed to acquire the vagina. That lady-killer loves to see me fucked by another gent. My spouse filmed me with a younger charmer who was 25 years mature.”

Grisha was attracted to porn and sex with guys. That babe was a swinger but not a nudist. “It excites me for people to watch my body scantily clad or in hot clothing. My friends know that I like sex and I’m very open-minded.” A lad needs to eat foods high in zinc and lecithin to keep a lady adore this contented.

“I’ve done anything I wanted to do. I earned a Masters Degree. I worked in retail sales for 18 years. I’m glad with my life.”

Grisha has some extreme sex dreams.

“I like to fantasize that my spouse holds me during the time that a few chaps fuck me and cum inside me and while their cum is dripping without me, my spouse fucks me.”

Sounds like a domme who needs to wear inflammable panties.

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Glamour Girl

Written on November 27, 2019 at 11:41 pm, by

Glamour Beauty

Glamour Girl

Estelle’s first appearance for SCORE and the follow-up generated tons of comments. The magazine readers were slightly more prolific in their praise for Estelle than SCORELAND members.

When that babe was entered in the 2012 Newcomer of the Year contest, M.S. voted for her and wrote, “Estelle is the most purely alluring female of all of the nominees. She has a charming face to go with her consummate skinny and stacked natural figure. Estelle is the pleasing hotty next door. I hope that we will see her for a lengthy time to come.”

Hitomi wound up winning that contest but there’s always the next level Porn star of the year contest.

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The Magnificent Mams of Alana Lace

Written on November 27, 2019 at 3:28 pm, by

The Magnificent Mams of Alana Lace

The Magnificent Mams of Alana Lace

Alana Lace, one of the most-popular models at XLGirls, talks about her craves and needs, and one of these cravings is to be totally sexually dominated by lads. “I love being trapped and restrained,” says a giggly Alana, touching her large milk cans. “I adore being taken advantage of…when I do not know what’s coming next.”

Anything a fellow urges to do to Alana is ok with her.



Is Alana the unsurpassable copulate doll?

You’d not at all leave the abode with this hotty in the palm of your hand. Who would urge to?

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Tittie Knockin’

Written on November 26, 2019 at 7:37 am, by

Tittie Knockin’

Tittie Knockin'

38F-cup babe Camelia Davis has great milk sacks. When a Voluptuous editor spoke to Camelia, that babe was very open and enjoyed talking about sex. She’s a lascivious girl and that babe is gratified of it.

When that babe spoken about wang engulfing, Camelia said, “I love the balls. I guess balls are important in a BJ. I like cum. I actually do. If a stud craves to cum in my face hole, I do not mind. And if he asks to cum on my mangos, that is worthwhile, too. I adore to see it splattering all over my chest. I like to play with it and rub it into my nipples. I think cum is hawt.”

Miss Davis loves a woman chaser with a hard spank-hand.

“I adore being spanked. That’s my supreme fetish. I’ve no idea why. I like to be spanked and told that I am a bad angel. I know that in my regular life, I’m indeed a wonderful girl. But I like to be bad in the bedroom. When a stud spanks me, it turns me on. It makes me feel wicked and makes my love tunnel gush.

“I adore it for a man to just put me over his knee, pull my thongs down over my gazoo and just spank me and tell me how bad I’ve been. It makes me grind my cunt into his legs. It gets me so hot that I cant control myself. I mean, a lady-killer can even use a paddle on my a-hole. I don’t wanna be beat on; I just desire to be trained a little by a sexy fellow.”

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Tit Chat With Tessa Orlov

Written on November 25, 2019 at 3:40 pm, by

Tit Chat With Tessa Orlov

Tit Chat With Tessa Orlov

Tessa Orlov laughed a lot during this chat. We have added English captions to her Russian language interview.

In advance of becoming a model for XL Girls, the 1st time that babe is ever done everything adore this, Tessa was an ice man cream seller. “I did well cuz I’ve big funbags,” Tessa laughed.

When that babe was growing up, Tessa was worried that this babe would have small bazookas. Mother Nature took care of that. Her big mangos make her cheerful. Her big milk cans make us pleased.

“I like the attention I acquire. It’s very sweet.”

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Shanie Gaviria: Total Oil Immersion

Written on November 24, 2019 at 3:46 pm, by

Shanie Gaviria: Total Greasy oil Immersion

Shanie Gaviria: Total Greasy oil Immersion

Wearing a bikini at poolside, a bottle of oil nearby, Shanie Gaviria craves to know the answers to those questions:

“Does my gazoo look precious? Do you like my wazoo? How do my bazookas look?”

The answers are: Yes. Completely. Breathtaking.

“They are stupendous,” Shanie says. “I adore my milk shakes. It’s the sexiest part of my body. I like to wank my love muffins.”

A pro showgirl, Shanie coats her suckable billibongs and shapely body in oil. She gleams like a statue under the Colombian sun as that babe pets her slick muff.

“For me, all honey bunnys are handsome, powerful and blessed. I consider that we are a compound of the one and the other physical and mental virtues. A buck have to be very gentlemanly and conquer my mind 1st to get my attention. Then we will see what happens next.”

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Sofia Santana: Delightful Hotty

Written on November 23, 2019 at 3:44 pm, by

Sofia Santana: Delicious Dish

Sofia Santana: Alluring Dish

Sofia Santana‘s extraordinary body is a work of art. These squashy, natural, fleshy, king-size breasts are the ram dreams are made of. To suck, lick, squeeze and copulate ’em is the fantasy of the boob-lover. A girl like Sofia brings out the animal in the breast-man. That babe calls herself Boobiesbunny. Watch that undercleavage. When she’s done adult modeling, Sofia wishes to study psychology.

XLGirls: Sofia, how often do u have sex?

Sofia: Not very often.

XLGirls: Wow. So what is your favourite position when you do?

Sofia: I like to be on top.

XLGirls: Where was your kinkiest raunchy encounter?

Sofia: I had sex in a car. That was exciting.

XLGirls: Have you ever had a carnal collision with one more cutie?

Sofia: No, I haven’t.

XLGirls: Have u ever had sex in public?

Sofia: No, but u could consider sex in a car public.

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Danielle Derek: Hot Stack

Written on November 23, 2019 at 12:24 am, by

Danielle Derek: Hawt Stack

Danielle Derek: Sexy Stack

“Maybe I would go to the beach with bottom cleavage if what I was wearing had good coverage,” told Danielle Derek, a longtime SCORE fantasy cutie with a bathing costume bod.

“I wouldn’t in a relationship with something that reveals two-thirds of the bottom of my mambos. I do not wanna receive arrested! But a tube top or a bikini to the beach would be okay. I would be all covered. I just have immense mambos! And I’ll always reveal a little bit of cleavage. Every female-dominator has to flaunt cleavage!

“I’m a strong-ass bitch,” Danielle said us in 2016. “I do it all alone, holding Thirty pounds of luggage and a puppy and taking selfies. My milk shakes are my majority unbelievable assets. I have been blessed. I adore high heels, full porn hair and lashes. I like the complete plastic bimbo look. I like it for this sort of thing. I love showing off my body on-camera. I like having a look that people wish…that plastic, colossal breasted floozy look.”

In SCORE mag Vol. 28 No. 4, B.G. wrote to the SCOREcard letters section: “Miss Derek is simply
astounding, the ideal tits-on-a-stick doxy. You can tell that nothing makes Danielle happier than shaking her massive, fake tits”

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Anal Me Tonight

Written on November 21, 2019 at 3:53 pm, by

Anal Me Tonight

Anal Me Tonight

The great Cat Bangles admires herself in the mirror previous to her date unveils up. Cat knows that babe is hot and makes males hawt. When she pulls out her larger than run of the mill, natural meatballs, this babe owns you. Tony watches her from a distance for a scarcely any seconds previous to making his move. The 1st thing that man does is engulf Cat’s grand breasts, then this chab goes down on her damp muff and finger-bangs her.

Here is the thing about Cat: That babe likes rogering, engulfing and sex in all of its poses and techniques. This babe can’t live without to squish a ding-dong inside her breast valley and screw it. When that babe sucks a man’s schlong, that babe drools love a river. Her sloppy oral-job at 10 minutes into this scene is a winner.

Cat’s very vocal and loves to finger her taut, pierced vagina when she’s getting rogered in her gazoo. That happens at 19:40 in this movie.

“I have next to no gag reflex,” Cat said. After seeing her nut-busting in act, that is a confirmed fact. The king-size rods vanish down her throat as well as betwixt her magnificent mams.

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