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Monthly Archives: May 2022

Bikini Valentine

Written on May 31, 2022 at 6:47 am, by

Bikini Valentine

Bikini Valentine

At poolside, Jenna Valentine is killing a tiny bikini which is little more than a string with some doily-size pieces of cloth. Jenna says she doesn’t own bikinis because she can’t find any that fit her. And she rarely goes to the beach anyway. That makes us sad. The not-fitting part is the fun part. Seeing Jenna overpower this bikini can overload a boob-man’s little gray cells. That makes us happy. But you must love Jenna for more than her huge titties and pretty face and curvaceous rack. You must also love Jenna for being Jenna, which is what we do. As Jenna said, “I would rather have a guy come up to me and tell me I am beautiful or even pretty than for him to tell me that I have big boobs.”

After a few minutes of a mixed-topic chat with the director about bikinis, dolphins, her mom’s swimming pool, her breast growth spurt (now HH-cups) her tattoos and dating, Jenna peels off the suit and goes for a skinny dip. This is the part when the underwater footage is cut in as she wades in the pool. That frogman training was really worth the tuition fees.

Some sculptor somewhere should create a statue in Jenna’s likeness that men could pray to. We promised not to call Jenna’s skin “creamy” and we’ll stand by that promise. But it should be okay to call Jenna a work of living art.

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Dripping-Wet Kitty

Written on May 30, 2022 at 6:34 am, by

Dripping-Wet Kitty

Dripping-Wet Kitty

“I am a very shy person,” said Kitty Cute.

“You may not think so. I don’t have an interest in kinky things. I am too shy for sex in public. I am not into girls. I don’t care for anal sex. I just like romantic sex, normal sex.

“In my neighborhood, I was the girl who got a lot of guys asking me out and wanting to do things for me. As I got older, I learned that I had more power than other girls. That made them jealous of me. That is how girls can be and I have no control of that.”

Kitty always comes to the set looking perfect. Clothes, underwear, heels, hair, makeup. She takes a lot of pride in how she looks and presents herself. Even in the tropical heat of the Dominican Republic, Kitty was picture-perfect.

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Alexsis Faye & Mr. Hands: Touchy-Feely

Written on May 29, 2022 at 2:24 pm, by

Alexsis Faye & Mr. Hands: Touchy-Feely

Alexsis Faye & Mr. Hands: Touchy-Feely

When a hottie like Alexsis Faye has an achy shoulder and back, she needs to attend to it fast because she’s a busy model with a thousand things to do. Call for Mr. Hands, the fastest hands in town. Armed with an oil bottle, Mr. Hands gets to work on Alexsis’ shoulders and back and then her big, soft breasts. Relief is only a rub away.

SCORELAND: What kinds of things turn you on?

Alexsis Faye: Dancing. Occasionally touching my lover’s feet with my feet under the table at dinner. When I get ready to go out and dress in a nice dress and look in the mirror, thinking how much the guy is gonna love it.

SCORELAND: What’s the best part about being Alexsis Faye?

Alexsis Faye: The best part would be that I get things more easily done. Sometimes I get my car washed for free or a gentleman gives me his place in line or even a nice discount at the construction store.

SCORELAND: How would you spend a million dollars?

Alexsis Faye: Well, the best way to spend it is not to spend it at all. So 1% on lingerie because I am addicted to bras and own more than 80. The rest I would invest in real estate.

SCORELAND: Now we know what to get you for Christmas.

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Laura Tithapia: The Nurse Will Screw You Now

Written on May 28, 2022 at 6:28 am, by

Laura Tithapia: The Nurse Will Screw You Now

Laura Tithapia: The Nurse Will Screw You Now

Perry Layne goes to see a doctor we recommended but he’s not in. Perry will have to speak to his nurse, a hot lady with big jugs who walks around the clinic with her tits about to fall out of her uniform. Did you think we’d send Perry to some dump with ugly, flat-chested nurses?

Laura asks Perry to describe his medical problem. Perry tells her reluctantly that he has an erection that’s not going down and people in the street are starting to point at him. She asks him if he took any pills. He has not.

Laura examines Perry and looks at his bulge. It impresses her greatly when he pulls his pants down. She examines his cock and yanks it a bit, feeling it in her healing hands. Laura believes an oral exam is necessary because she may have some use for him later after the clinic closes so she kneels and sucks his cock.

Laura’s heavy knockers and curves and that horny eye-contact she always makes only make Perry’s penis harder. Nurse Laura believes the best way to reduce the penis pressure is by strong sucking and tit-fucking. And while his dick is still rigid, he should fuck her in the pussy and in the ass. This should drain his balls and reduce the bloating.

Laura takes Perry over to the bed and begins her procedure. What kind of clinic is this anyway? It looks like the backroom of a massage parlor. A man with faith in modern medicine and science, Perry pounds Laura in her pussy and butthole per her prescription. Fortunately for Perry, the doctor is not in. Thank heavens for hot, big-titted nurses who care.

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Natasha Nice: Anal Acrobat

Written on May 27, 2022 at 11:12 pm, by

Natasha Nice: Anal Acrobat

Natasha Nice: Anal Acrobat

Natasha Nice shows how nice she is by making nice-nice with Johnny Palm’s cock on an outdoor day bed. Drooling all over his junk, squishing his cock between her big, firm boobs and showing her talent at anal acrobatics make this scene a winner. As we’ve mentioned before, Natasha’s a high-energy girl and a sexy-voiced screamer and squealer when she’s getting fucked. She’s great at jack-off encouragement, too.

Born in France and living in Southern California, Natasha said she has fantasies about “hairy men and women with big asses.” She likes hard spankings, hands all over her shapely body and wet tongues.

“Three-ways are my absolute favorite, especially two girls and a guy. I love anal play. When a man cums, I usually swallow his cum unless I feel like rubbing it into my tits.”

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Jenni Noble Goes Beyond Naughty

Written on May 26, 2022 at 6:44 am, by

Jenni Noble Goes Beyond Naughty

Jenni Noble Goes Beyond Naughty

Jenni Noble‘s high-energy bed-breaker with Tyler is like a wrestling match mixed with sex moves. Sloppy deep throating, loads of tit-play, motorboating, nipple self-sucking and hard-pounding fucking positions. Spoiler alert: it all ends with a load of cum on Jenni’s big 44-inch naturals. With a girl like her, who needs to leave the house?

Having sex while being photographed pumps Jenni up.

“It’s exhilarating. It’s like this huge rush. There’s a lot of adrenaline going through my body. There’s a lot of nerves, obviously, but I’m also really excited because this is the opportunity of a lifetime. This is awesome.

“I guess I’m just realizing that this is a new bucket list thing. But I don’t have a real bucket list. I have a sex bucket list. I realize that there are things in my life I want to do now so when I’m 65 years old, I’ll remember all the things I have done, and if there are any things I haven’t done, I’ll do them.”

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Mammary Mynx

Written on May 26, 2022 at 6:38 am, by

Mammary Mynx

Mammary Mynx

A very horny video from Amiee Roberts. Her favorite way to please her tits is to suck on them. She has no shortage of volunteers for that job. We like the way she licks her fingers after she takes them out of her wet pussy. That’s hot. She masturbates watching her videos.

Amiee decided to model because she “wanted to take a chance” and try something completely different in her life. She answered our probing questions.

What room is your favorite place to have sex?
Amiee: In my bedroom or bathroom.

What are your sexual fantasies about?
Amiee: Having total pleasure.

Do you watch adult videos at home? What kind do you like?
Amiee: I like to watch threesome videos.

If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?
Aimee: Lots of money, happiness and to be able to travel around the world.

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Big Tits, German-Style

Written on May 24, 2022 at 2:54 pm, by

Big Tits, German-Style

Big Tits, German-Style

Sofie Style looks like a secretary, a schoolteacher or a librarian. Like Sirale and Rockell, Sofie can work that secretarial pool look and make it sexy. Just the glasses and her hair pulled back gives Sofie a completely different look.

Sofie flies solo on-camera but she did talk about sex off-camera.

“I have no special fantasies that I think about or dream about,” Sofie said.

“I am a passive girl. I will wait for the man to seduce me. I like a man to court me. I love having oral sex and that is my favorite kind of foreplay. I have sex maybe three times a week.

“I have experimented with group sex…threesomes. I tried two women and one man and two men and one woman. I liked it. If a man cums in my mouth, I don’t swallow. I spit it out most of the time. The most unusual place I have had sex was in the dressing room of a store in a shopping center. I have also had sex on a park bench. It was hard and fast.”

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Tight Top & Tight Booty Shorts

Written on May 24, 2022 at 7:25 am, by

Tight Top & Tight Booty Shorts

Tight Top & Tight Booty Shorts

A girl with a 50-inch bustline is not easy to miss. Her big tits are mouthwatering. Like most girls today, Chevy is a citizen of Selfie Nation.

“I like to go out, party, meet new people, shop and watch the San Francisco 49ers,” said Chevy. “I like coming to Miami. It’s a lot different than Erie, Pennsylvania, for sure.”

Chevy’s favorite thing to do with her boobs is make them bounce by jumping, and that’s what our photographer asks her to do at 4 minutes into this video. A few minutes later, a jet of cream lands on Chevy’s naked, twerking ass and she rubs it in. She loves to play with her pussy so he asks her to do that too. The poor cameraman, what a tough job he has. Sad.

“I like to show off my ass and my boobs. Guys paying attention to me makes me feel great,” Chevy said.

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Sweet Bikini Girl

Written on May 22, 2022 at 10:34 pm, by

Sweet Bikini Girl

Sweet Bikini Girl

Vee VonSweets has a perfect bod for bikinis and extreme swimsuits like slings, thongs, microkinis and other styles of suits that have less fabric than a handkerchief. This scene is the proof. It’s a beautiful day in Florida, and after oiling at poolside, Vee heads inside to show you more of her sexy physique.

SCORELAND: Has a bra ever popped open on you in the middle of the day?

Vee: No. Most of the time my bras are good. The ones that hook in the back, sometimes my nipple will pop out because the cup doesn’t actually cover it. Front-loaders are more secure.

SCORELAND: You’ll be walking around and your nipple will pop out?

Vee: Sometimes. Not all the time. It’s really hard for me to find bras in my size. A lot of times if I go to Victoria’s Secret, I’ll buy something that almost fits. I’ll squeeze my boobs in there, but they’re not the right size, so that’s probably another reason they pop out.

SCORELAND: I can’t imagine you in a Victoria’s Secret bra. They’re so small.

Vee: Oh, they have a few. I can squeeze myself into double-Ds. I have all different kinds of bras and all different sizes, but my correct size is 32G.

SCORELAND: If we saw you out and about in the Carolinas, maybe shopping at the mall, what might you be wearing?

Vee: Most of my clothing, because I have a small waist, I have to wear a lot of tight stuff. Stretchy things. I have a lot of tank tops and I’ll wear tank tops and high heels and jeans.

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