A Girl-Next-Door Named Avalon

A Girl-Next-Door Named Avalon

XL Gals doesn’t showcase many Australian beauties, but when we do, they’re exceptional. Avalon is a redhaired girl-next-door with a bubbly, amiable personality. If you passed her in the street, you’d turn around and check her out until this babe was with out sight.

“I tend to stand out in a crowd with my bright-red hair and bigger than standard bra buddies, and I appreciate the opportunities and awards they present,” said Avalon. “But I’m thankful that this sort of attention is often fleeting. I most like positive attention based on skills, character or personality.”

Avalon can’t live out of “playful people who relish enjoyment before and after raunchy activities.” She appears to be to be the kind of hotty who enjoys going to renaissance fairs in full costume, but don’t quote us.

“I don’t often wear a underneath garment because I wear many nylon dresses that support my chest and donot require one. I wear a bra to the Health Exotic dancing club, or whilst dancing. Otherwise, if I’m wearing one, it is ‘coz I am dressed in a underware set with no other garments.”

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