A Sweater Valentine

A Sweater Valentine

“I am the free and elementary one,” Jenna Valentine told us when that babe 1st modeled at SCORELAND. “I adore being dominated. I’m truly bad at making first moves. Especially with angels. I’m more shy around gals than I’m with lads. Chicks are more intimidating. I can go up to a lad and say that I think they are sexy and ask for his number. But if it is a sexy chick, I action like a lad going throughout puberty.”

Today, Jenna is a makeup artist in the Los Angeles area.

“I’m a makeup artist for a porn company. I used to dress up for work but not anymore.”

It would be correct to assume Jenna acquires asked to do porn when she’s working on a porn discharge.

“Oh my God, all the time. The guys are saying, ‘When you do your first scene, can it be with me?’ and I’m like, ‘Nope. I’m by no means doing it.’ They say, ‘When you check out people having sex on the set, does it make u sexually excited?’ It makes me really exhausted. I nap on-set. I don’t even observe girl-on-girl. If I was going to see porn, I’d observe girl on girl, but I don’t view any of the porn we film. Actually, between makeup and adult modeling, my life is adore a huge snatch. I’m seriously living in a labia. There is slits everywhere! I get emailed cunts! Then I look up and there is a slit on-set.

Sometimes a wang.”

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