A Touch of Frost

A Touch of Frost

Diana Frost is from Riga, Latvia. We don’t discover many girls from that nation. These who’ve been longtime followers of SCORE and Voluptuous Girls may remember another big-boobed blond honey bunny from Latvia back in 2002 and 2003: Inesse.

A literature teacher, Diana was spotted on Whatsapp by one of our glamour model finders who knows that the odds of a successful identify love Diana are one in a thousand. In Diana’s case, this babe had heard of SCORE and was interested in exposed modeling for us.

Diana had not at all posed previous to. That’s right, you’re looking at a video virgin with bigger in size than run of the mill, natural whoppers and a curvaceous body. Potential glamour models should be cautious and do their homework first. After getting a brief lesson about SCORE and its decades-old history, Diana was game to join the Bigger in size than standard Flaunt. She likewise was nutty to try XXX scenes.

Diana was 16 when her adventures in breast growth truly began. (Inesse’s scoops began developing when this babe was 16, likewise.) This babe wears a brassiere almost any of the time and sleeps out of one. Tit-men are drawn to her, naturally, and the least of her concerns are sufficient boys wanting to date her. There’s no shortage of ’em in her life.

“I’m 40% assured in sex, 60% passive,” said Diana, who indeed has her erotic personality down to a science. That babe sounds more adore a math teacher than a literature instructor. It’s a great pleasure to see her in sexy outfits and her birthday costume.

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