Affordable Boob Care

Affordable Boob Care

Kamille Amora is at the doctor’s office cuz she thinks her greater than standard mellons are still growing. They feel delicate and that babe has to keep upgrading her bras and tops. This babe seeks evidence and diagnosis from this famed breast specialist.

Carlos Rios, MD (Mammary Doctor) makes almost certainly of in old-fashioned examinations, not apps, scans and electronics. His trained palms and fingers are used for a whole hands-on approach that’s appreciated by his grateful breasty patients. It is this technique he uses on Kamille’s incredibly bigger in size than average and enormous jugs.

Once his breast hand exam scam is completed, it’s time to check Kamille’s temperature with his meat-thermometer, assuring his hot patient that his office is the ideal place for this kind of preferred treatment.

Dr. Rios’ prognosis: continued engulfing followed by a unyielding boning on his desk. This procedure will convince Kamille that her growing love melons are a good thing and beneficial to her well-being. Big breasts–the bigger the better–are sacred in this clinic. This is his vow of “Affordable Boob Care.”

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