Ass-tonishing Aimee

Ass-tonishing Aimee

Aimee Jackson says it feels worthy to stick a toy, a-hole plug or finger inside her enjoyable ass. And that is what she’s intend to do for her pleasure and yours. After she faps her wet crack and massages her large milk cans. Sharing these private thrashing moments is of course caring. The honey bunnys at XL Girls are out to please.

“I like cumming whilst I’m getting screwed in my booty. Almost any excellent climax ever. I’m a butt slut. I love booty slam, fingering and licking with tongue.”

“Guys do not come on to me with pick-up lines. They do not pull that stuff with me. Actually I guess I intimidate them. Sexually, I am over-assertive.”

“I receive lots of attention. I identify it fun, actually. If I catch boyz, hotties also, staring also long, I will take my closed fist and go underneath my boob and intentionally bounce it at them. Usually the right boob. Almost any of my friends greet me not by a handshake or a hug but a light tit slap. It’s rock hard to hide those puppies.

“I live in a climate that allows me to wear reservoir tops almost year round. I’m always in a low-cut-shirt and my tits are usually falling without the top or bottom. I’m always adjusting ’em! That’s why I wear a brassiere when I’m in public. They are hazardous to others if not properly contained. I’m always braless at home and I sleep in nature’s garb.”

Hazardous? Not at any time! Thanks for the hawt display, Aimee.

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