Larger than standard Boob Squealer

Big Boob Squealer

Alanna Ackerman said she is a sex freak. She’s a Florida goddess and is used to wearing skimpy little outfits that brandish everything all year lengthy. “I love sex more than life itself. I’ve a huge nipp fetish so I like looking at gals that have larger than average milk sacks. I cant go a day with out screwing. I’m too a chronic masturbator.

“Sex in a glamour photoshoot and video can be more exciting than intimate sex ‘cuz I am plan to be observed by so many males that I wanna look as hot as I can. The sex is a reveal. The hot raiment, the shoes, the dirty positions, being a bondman to the man’s cock. In real life, in intimate, a beauty can coast. But if this babe wants to attract the attention of thousands of studs, and keep their attention, it is a way different story.”

How many studs has Alanna screwed in her life, on-and-off screen?

“I avoided keeping track when I was Eighteen. At some point u just need to give up. Dont worry though. I remember every lad by something this Lothario did I liked or maybe this chab was just truly hot.”

Does she get together with girlfriends and describe their hottest carnal encounters and the dudes they’ve had with the king-size cocks?

“I guess u could say this is where I am a little selfish. I don’t like to give the angels names, but, yes, sometimes we chat about the last sexy piece of butt we got. I am just not also quick to give out my favorites, the ones I wish for myself.”

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