Drooping At The Bar

Dangling At The Bar

More To Copulate and Hooter Hotel star Alanna Ackerman is a wild thing. This babe makes the ramrod sing. Inspect the anal sex toy act. That is not so elementary to get! Here’s part of a Q&A session with Alanna.

Do you acquire together with girlfriends and describe your hottest carnal encounters and the studs you have had with the mammoth jocks?

Alanna: I guess u could say this is where I’m a little selfish. I do not like to give the girls’ names, but, yep, sometimes we chat about the last hawt piece of butt we got. I’m just not also quick to give out my favorites, the bucks I want for myself.

What do you adore about a-hole slam that’s different from vaginal?

Alanna: With vaginal sex, a lad has to hit the right spots for it to feel fine, but with ace screw there’s not much work required from the boy to give me joy. There are so many nerves there that I just go bonkers when I am getting it slow or rock hard.

Do you spit or swallow?

Alanna: It really is the one and the other. I spit when I wish to play with your cum. That’s a turn on for me. I gulp when I am trying to stay less immodest, maybe if we were somewhere that was public or at an event.

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