The Allure of Alexya

The Allure of Alexya

Being Alexya’s next-door-neighbor would definitely have its perks, as these pics prove. The entire neighborhood would come out to watch this pretty dark brown trim her hedges. At least the menfolk, if not their wives. Wonder if she has a swimming pool, also.

“I can see where men are looking. It makes me feel priceless,” says soft-spoken Alexya. “I receive to suit carefully when I go out. If I wear a costume with a top that displays also much, then I must have anybody with me.”

Alexya talks sex.

“Sometimes I’ve sex 2 or three times a day, sometimes two or three times a week. It depends on if I have the time. I’d very much love to have sex with a hubby and a few other studs. If I’ve a husband, I adore to put on a display for him with masturbation 1st.”

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