Aly Guzman: Fully Loaded Swimsuit Busting

Aly Guzman: Fully Loaded Bathing dress Busting

Aly Guzman is a fully loaded bathing dress buster, but don’t take our word for it. The confirmation, as always, is in the images and clips. Lady-killer, is that babe hawt!

Our photo team gave Aly a bottle of suntan greasy oil and stepped back as she went total immersion, her big love melons shining under the sun.

“I feel horny when men love to observe me and observe what I do. It gives me joy to know how much studs like me. They always tell me that I’ve a special body and that I drive ’em avid. People often stare or say ‘Look at those alluring bigger in size than typical pointer sisters.'”

With her rack, Aly is an eye-catcher, coming at ya or walking away.

“I adore to draw attention by dressing in a way that flaunts off my shape. I wear a brassiere depending on the outfit I’m intend to put on. Sometimes I do not acquire to if I am wearing a top that supports my bra-busters.”

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