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Back To Reveal The Rack

Those of u who were members three years agone will remember Alyson Galen. Her husband is an XL Cuties fan and he encouraged her to send in her at-home snaps to (For exact details, watch Alyson had not at any time posed in nature’s garb in a studio previous to, let alone spanked one out. She did just good in her debut. But after that, we weren’t sure if this babe was gonna follow modeling or be a one-hit wonder. We heard from Alyson a scarcely any months later, then it was all quiet until just latterly when that babe signaled her urge to return.

Alyson has a pair of the stupendous areolae a tit-man could discover. They are huge–six inches in diameter–and cap off 44F-cup love bubbles. “I acquire lots of attention. I used to feel constrained but not anymore!”

So now Alyson is back after 3 years, basically looking the same. We asked her about her 1st episode and if that babe viewed it. “I have more confidence in myself now,” said Alyson. “I’ve viewed my first episode and it truly ended in us having sex. We had sex during the time that watching it.”

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