SCORELAND Initial appearance


Meet Alyssa Lynn, a hawt, slim-n-stacked sweet heart making her SCORE initial appearance. This babe was a cheerleader and soccer player in school. Now she has a different set of pom-poms to play with as her clip will brandish.

Alyssa loves to decide, listen to music, read and have plenty of sex. Good hobbies! She desires to journey around the world one day. Originally from Philadelphia, Alyssa is a hometown sports fan and likes the Flyers, the Phillies and the Eagles. She’s willing for life in Los Angeles.

Does Alyssa dress to brandish her titties?

“If I display my legs, I do not expose off my chest. When I do, I wear a very low-cut suit with a lot of breast valley.”

The next time we see Alyssa, there will be a large cock in her deep cleavage, and in other glamourous places.

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