An Oily Breast Massage For Joana Bliss

An Oily Breast Massage For Joana Bliss

For the first time at SCORELAND, the famed Joana Bliss has her big, sexy breasts oiled and massaged by the hands of an unseen man. Since her debut in November 2004 Voluptuous magazine, Joana has only flown solo or posed with other hotties such as Crisa or Vanessa Y. It took some getting used to seeing a guy’s hands caress and rub those juicy tits in this POV shoot.

We again ask the question, does Joana drink from the fountain of youth? It seems like she does, or is it her New Age lifestyle of following a vegetarian diet, practicing yoga, performing Tantric sex and meditating?

Before her boobs are anointed with oil and manhandled, Joana shows off her shapely body by parading on the terrace. First, she wears a crop top and denim shorts, then changes into a pink bikini and does some hot walking. After the terrace stroll, Joana takes off her bikini and lies nude on a lounger. She dribbles oil on her world-famous torso and waits for Hands Solo to fondle her luscious bra-busters.

Joana knows all about massage, and she’s massaged girls on-camera. She’s just never explored that side of herself on-camera with a guy. “I know how to do erotic massage,” Joana told us in 2014 during a trip to the Dominican Republic. “I do therapeutic massage on the back.”

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