Well Rounded

Well Rounded

When a contributing photographer in Britain sent a set of Anastasia Lux for Wicked Neighbors mag (March 2015), we saw SCORELAND potential in her future and invited her to pose for more shoots. She was likewise interested in doing the 10-Pounder. Anastasia reminded some of the employees of the earthy, lusty, shapely, naturally big-boobed adult models of the late-80s and early 90s who made the Great Britain hooter heaven. If u were a fan of these gals also (or still are), you know the names.

“I’m a very driven person so I can self-motivate myself to achieve more,” says Anastasia. “I like being curvaceous with a nice silhouette that emphasizes my femininity.”

How does Anastasia react to the comments and letters this babe reads?

“Some comments made by fans online on websites and social media…I find it hilarious how they worship me as if I am a sexual dominatrix when I am indeed a very facile, usual beauty.”

In fact, Anastasia is a raunchy femdom-goddess so they’re not far off, and Anastasia’s far from the everyday gal, especially in how she’s been boob-blessed with a photogenic, super-natural body. We’re all fortunate this babe decided to do this instead of some 9-5 job.

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