Angela jacks you off

Angela jacks you off

From our many interviews and knowing Angela over the years, we didn’t need glasses to watch that that babe had a high-powered sex drive, whether that babe is by herself, masturbating or with some other cutie. We didn’t acquire to guess that she’s just as slutty with a ladies man at hand. We just knew it even though that part of her was kept behind closed doors. Until now.

“I at no time script my erotic sessions,” Angela says. “I just let it flow. I like it natural and spontaneous.”

And this Mellons & Tugs? Her first in front of an audience of breast-men from dozens of countries? How will Angela rate herself?

“It’s not gonna be a performance cuz I’m intend to be loving it. So it’s intend to be a 10. I’m intend to put it at an 8 without 10 ‘coz if I give a boy a titty-fuck or a tug-job, I’m plan to wanna bonk ’em. So it’s plan to be a bit of a tease for me, likewise.”

The banging came next. But 1st, as they say in Australia, let the jerking off kick off!

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