ASS-ignment Stephanie Stalls

ASS-ignment Stephanie Stalls

Stephanie is part Cherokee, Irish and Scottish. And 100% greatly lustful lady. That is why that babe became a night exotic dancing club exotic dancer in the 1st place. There is no re-purposing of erotic energy into some other part of life with her.

“I adore to grind and put my snatch in the guys’ faces. Sometimes they try to lick it,” Stephanie said. But even that doesn’t kewl off her jets. That babe needs more. That babe needs on-camera 10-Pounder.

“I have the mind of a sex star,” admitted Stephanie who became a porn star throughout The SCORE Group. The editors are in agreement. We thought she’d be one sexy and immodest goddess if given the opportunity and she’s proven us right.

Showing up at the door of J.S. in a two-piece red number and high heels, the top so low that her Fourty inch breasts threaten to fall out any second. Stephanie tells the confused homeowner that that babe was sent by an agency to clean his house. Now if this happened to you, T&A loving buck, would you let this beauty of bra-destruction into your home? Damn straight. She could come in and do anything that babe wanted.

But Stephanie is bored with wiping down counters and windows after a not many seconds. A woman love this wasn’t meant to soil her ravishing hands cleaning countertops. A lady adore this was made to clean schlongs with her tongue on-camera and shove her billibongs in men’s faces, ask to be screwed in the arse and induce ’em to bust their nuts all over her shapely bod.

“I have a high sex drive. I like rogering,” Stephanie emphasized. We know.

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