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Best of Tits & Tugs: Kali West

Written on March 1, 2021 at 3:58 pm, by

Best of Tits & Tugs: Kali West

Best of Tits & Tugs: Kali West

The beautiful Kali West is eight months pregnant in this highly-rated Tits & Tugs scene. Kali’s not ready to pop just yet but she is ready to pop Joey’s nuts with her sweet little hands and soft, big tits. Like all hand parties and tit-fucks, this scene was photographed in POV for maximum effect. Kali also sports a bushy pussy that’s sure to please the all-natural lovers.

“I was a tease at first growing up. I always used to wear stuff that showed cleavage. Low-cut tops. My mother tried to stop me. I know there was a time when my grades dropped, and it was the last two days of the quarter, and I went to one teacher and said, ‘Please? Can you help me?’ I was really sweet and made sure I wore a cute outfit, and he said, ‘No problem. I’ll help you out.’ I don’t think he would’ve done it for a flat girl.”

The power of the big chest of Kali West.

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XLGirl Ally Rayz In Heat

Written on February 28, 2021 at 7:32 am, by

XLGirl Ally Rayz In Heat

XLGirl Ally Rayz In Heat

Nicky Rebel studiously examines Ally Rayz‘s heavy, hanging tits and big butt, feeling her creamy, soft flesh. He plays with her pendulous boobs, sucks on her nipples and fingers her pussy to make it wet for dick penetration.

Ally opens her mouth wide for his cock. She sucks on the shaft, her tongue swirling around it and also tongue-bathes his balls. Nicky fucks her tits for a while, then buries his dick inside her pussy for the first of several positions. Ladies cum first, so Ally gets on top, facing him, and slides down to ride the pole while Nicky has his hands overflowing with her butt cheeks.

Ally likes mild BDSM, getting spanked, clitoral stimulation, breast worship and fingering. She said she has sex one or two times a week at home. Her favorite sex position is doggie-style. When Nicky fucks her from behind, Ally’s dangling breasts swing like bell clappers.

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Naty Gets Naughty At SCORELAND

Written on February 27, 2021 at 11:53 pm, by

Naty Gets Naughty At SCORELAND

Naty Gets Naughty At SCORELAND

Naty takes us to the most sacred of places where women do secret things men are not supposed to see. We’re talkin’ the ladies bathroom.

Naty’s bought special lingerie for this shoot. She looks very hot posing in it. So hot, in fact, she needs to cool down her curvy and buxom body in the shower.

Naty is one of those adorable, horny young women who get creamy when a camera is pointed at them. She peels off her lingerie and gets into the glass-door shower. It’s play time. She bounces her big tits and twerks her juicy booty like crazy in the shower, pressing them against the glass.

When she comes out of the shower, Naty reaches inside a drawer and pulls out a thick dick-shaped dildo that has a suction cup. She plans to get even naughtier. Naty has the gift of sexy talking so we’ve added English captions. Hearing her talk in Spanish raises the heat in the bathroom.

“When a man sucks on my breasts is what excites me the most,” Naty told us. “My breasts are very sensitive. I can suck them myself and that is very enjoyable.”

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Work It Out With Ivanna Lace

Written on February 26, 2021 at 8:15 am, by

Work It Out With Ivanna Lace

Work It Out With Ivanna Lace

When gorgeous Ivanna Lace works out, she does it with dedication, high energy and passion. She wants to keep her beautiful body in top shape. Keep a few feet away or you could risk getting hit by her heavy, swinging boobs. You’d probably love that.

A whirlwind of motion, Ivanna does her stretches, calisthenics, breast jiggling, swinging, bouncing, clapping, hanging and flexing. She’d be a great training partner. We get tired but erect just watching her work out. If anyone is an inspiration to start a fitness routine, Ivanna’s the one.

Ivanna takes a break and extracts an object from her couch for some girl-play time. There are furniture stores that include free sex toys when a model buys a sofa or a bed. Only models can shop at these places.

XLGirls: Ivanna, if you could print any word or sentence on your T-shirt, what would it be?

Ivanna: My brain is power. My tits are not my brain but they are also my power.

XLGirls: Have you ever dated a man who didn’t care about big breasts?

Ivanna: No, I haven’t. Every normal man likes breasts.

XLGirls: What would you like to say to your many admirers at

Ivanna: I am very pleased by you all. I wish everyone and each of you to be healthy! I am very grateful to everyone who follows me and supports me.

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Busty Booty Blonde Bambi Bella

Written on February 26, 2021 at 7:37 am, by

Busty Booty Blonde Bambi Bella

Busty Booty Blonde Bambi Bella

Bambi Bella has an innocent-looking face but that’s where the good girl similarities ends. When she started in porn in the Czech Republic, she used the stage name Lilith Lee. Busty Bambi is fond of toying her pussy and ass on her webcam, likes her men young and hung and enjoys double penetration and multiple partners, both male and female. Bambi likes getting it on with girls one-on-one also.

Bambi plays with her big tits and ass and pleases her pussy and butthole with her toys on her cam, and that’s what she does in her introductory video. The same day she did this at our studio in Prague, one of our regular studs fucked the bouncing Czech and gave her expert anal therapy. That shoot is featuring soon.

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