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Gagging For It

Written on October 26, 2021 at 2:41 pm, by

Gagging For It

Gagging For It

As Nikki Smith‘s booty call checks out her spectacularly sexy XLGirls body killing a dental floss suit, he thinks Nikki looks fit to be tied.

Miss Smith’s high heels push her plush tush out even more and enhance her curves. He sticks a ball gag in her sexy mouth and shows her the ropes. His philosophy is walk softly and carry a big paddle for huge-chested girls.

XLGirls usually doesn’t get wrapped up in the BDSM scene–it’s not our thing–but since Nikki told the editors that she’s into bondage in her sex life, the studio thought they’d try some experimentation with this willing subject as a prelude to a carnal coupling.

Does Nikki Smith look hot bound, gagged and helpless with a deer-in-the-headlights look in her eyes? We think so. Most BDSM isn’t about sex, though, but here at XLGirls, the bondage thing can only go so far before some good ol’-fashioned fucking breaks out. Miss Smith’s sexy and all that with a ball gag in her mouth but gagging on a hard cock in her mouth is more fun, and Nikki would agree if she could speak.

So, Nikki’s date does the gentlemanly thing and unties her so he can fuck her after removing the gag and feeding her his stiff wood. Seeing her in action, it’s obvious that she loves fucking much more than getting into a tight bind.

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Bikini Sex With Victoria Vale

Written on October 26, 2021 at 7:22 am, by

Bikini Sex With Victoria Vale

Bikini Sex With Victoria Vale

Bikini wonder-woman Victoria Vale is waiting at poolside for Nicky Rebel to reach out and touch her huge tits. She wants them sucked, fondled and oiled. She wants his head buried between her legs, his tongue exploring her wet pussy. She wants to taste his dick and balls. She wants to ride his stiff pole. She wants his cum load.

The comments about Victoria Vale by SCORELAND members poured in after her first boy-girl scene with Brick Danger. “Victoria is fucking hot. I hope she models for a long time!” wrote “Boobhound.” Another member commented, “She is gorgeous, more of her, much more please.” Several mentioned that Victoria reminds them of the SCORE Girls of the big ’90s who were showgirls and dancers, the kind of women with racks you don’t see every day of the week.

“I was both nervous and excited before the shoot,” Victoria said after that first scene. “I’m a pretty sexual person, but putting that sexuality out there on video is a big step. You never know how well that will translate.”

It translated very well, as in smoking-hot well. So does this one.

Other members wrote about wanting to see more of Victoria in solo shoots. No worries. Solos are coming, but first, this poolside XXX scene with Nicky Rebel.

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Natasha Sweet: Big Juicy Breasts After Breakfast

Written on October 24, 2021 at 3:11 pm, by

Natasha Sweet: Big Juicy Breasts After Breakfast

Natasha Sweet: Big Juicy Breasts After Breakfast

Natasha Sweet and Michael Fly have finished their breakfast and coffee. Now they sit at the table in no rush to get up. They look at each other and silently contemplate what to have for dessert. Natasha’s great, big breasts are close to spilling out of her halter top and bra. She sits close to Michael and sensuously licks a lollypop, teasing him with her lips and tongue.

Michael takes the lollypop from Natasha and brings it to her mouth. She licks it erotically like it’s his dick. This sexy game gives them pleasure. He rubs the sticky lolly over her nipple and lifts it up for Natasha to taste. Natasha opens her top so her boobs can dangle. She wants her nipples sucked and licked.

Natasha opens Michael’s fly and takes his cock out for her to suck on and wedge between her enormous tits while he stands near the table. He feeds Miss Sweet his rock-hard dick and fucks her soft boobs. She holds her tits tightly together as he pumps her cleavage, her fingers sinking into her breast-flesh.

He turns Natasha around to face the table so he can take off her denim skirt and move her pink thong panties aside. She moves the dishes and cups to make room. This is where they’re going to fuck. Natasha leans over the table as Michael fucks her from behind with deep thrusts, hips grinding.

Next, Natasha lies back, her head over the edge of the table while Michael puts his balls in her mouth and fucks her tits in a reverse of the usual tit-fucking position. She licks and sucks his balls while she squeezes her fleshy boobs together to trap his dick. Michael helps his sexy partner get up and spin around so she can get on her back. Now she can face him and her pussy can be near the edge of the table. He can gaze at her beautiful face as they fuck. They want to continue their after-breakfast sex, this time with Natasha’s panties pulled off. Her massive breasts shake and jiggle as he plunges into her pussy and the room fills with her horny moaning.

Natasha Sweet is as sweet as they cum.

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Cheryl Blossom’s House of Hooters

Written on October 24, 2021 at 2:48 pm, by

Cheryl Blossom’s House of Hooters

Cheryl Blossom's House of Hooters

Watching Cheryl Blossom turn her apartment into a big bounce house is a sight to watch again. And again. The law of boobs in motion is not taught in physics classes but it should be. Cheryl is tireless, jumping around her living room and bouncing on the furniture at hypersonic speeds.

“I used to hide the size of my chest to feel more comfortable in public,” Cheryl told us. “Now I have confidence to wear what I want to wear and to take photos and videos in sexy clothes and naked.”

Cheryl is a girl with an upbeat personality. She gives off positive vibrations and warm, fuzzy, happy energy. Every bounce makes the world a better place.

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Ricki Raxxx & Her Big, Really Big Bra Show

Written on October 22, 2021 at 10:29 pm, by

Ricki Raxxx & Her Big, Really Big Bra Show

Ricki Raxxx & Her Big, Really Big Bra Show

The phrase “Try before you buy” is essential for Ricki Raxxx as well as for other mega-busty SCORE Girls. Finding support, comfort and the look she wants for her 44M-cups is a priority.

Ricki has four bras to strap on in this uplifting scene. We’ll see how she hooks each one on and how much lift they give her gigantic hooters. Ricki likes bras that make her tits look rounder and give her very deep cleavage. Some of the bras she tries on leave the upper half of her saucer-sized areolae exposed.

“When you guys last saw me, it was with my first set of implants. Now, keep in mind I had double-Ds naturally, so my first implants, the biggest a doctor would give me was 850ccs. That took me to a size F. I was a 36F. Not big enough! It’s never big enough. Then I went to 1,100ccs, and now these boobies are 2,300ccs. And guess what? They’re not big enough. So you’re going to have to keep watching to see me grow.”

That will mean new bras. So that will mean we’ll have to watch her try those on too.

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