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Sweet Bikini Girl

Written on May 22, 2022 at 10:34 pm, by

Sweet Bikini Girl

Sweet Bikini Girl

Vee VonSweets has a perfect bod for bikinis and extreme swimsuits like slings, thongs, microkinis and other styles of suits that have less fabric than a handkerchief. This scene is the proof. It’s a beautiful day in Florida, and after oiling at poolside, Vee heads inside to show you more of her sexy physique.

SCORELAND: Has a bra ever popped open on you in the middle of the day?

Vee: No. Most of the time my bras are good. The ones that hook in the back, sometimes my nipple will pop out because the cup doesn’t actually cover it. Front-loaders are more secure.

SCORELAND: You’ll be walking around and your nipple will pop out?

Vee: Sometimes. Not all the time. It’s really hard for me to find bras in my size. A lot of times if I go to Victoria’s Secret, I’ll buy something that almost fits. I’ll squeeze my boobs in there, but they’re not the right size, so that’s probably another reason they pop out.

SCORELAND: I can’t imagine you in a Victoria’s Secret bra. They’re so small.

Vee: Oh, they have a few. I can squeeze myself into double-Ds. I have all different kinds of bras and all different sizes, but my correct size is 32G.

SCORELAND: If we saw you out and about in the Carolinas, maybe shopping at the mall, what might you be wearing?

Vee: Most of my clothing, because I have a small waist, I have to wear a lot of tight stuff. Stretchy things. I have a lot of tank tops and I’ll wear tank tops and high heels and jeans.

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Mabel Moore: Lass With An Ass & Huge Tits

Written on May 22, 2022 at 7:08 am, by

Mabel Moore: Lass With An Ass & Huge Tits

Mabel Moore: Lass With An Ass & Huge Tits

Mabel Moore is in a playful mood. Her photographer teases her and she teases him back. She slowly peels off her pants and top to show her black bustier corset. Their tease game ends with Mabel in bed sucking on his dick like a candy cane and pressing her vibrator against his nuts.

Mabel likes a lot of lip service paid to her giant, shapely boobs, and Shay is up for that. He eats out and vibrates Mabel. While he’s finger-fucking her and she’s vibrating her clit, she squirts a gusher and cries out in pleasure. After this explosion of pleasure, Mabel is ready for fucking.

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Jessy Bunny: The After-Date

Written on May 21, 2022 at 6:36 am, by

Jessy Bunny: The After-Date

Jessy Bunny: The After-Date

Tom Holland escorts Jessy Bunny to her bachelorette apartment after their date doing the town. Tom kisses her hand the gentleman’s way and is about to leave, but Jessy wants more than a peck on her dainty little hand. She has a lot of boob for Tom to play with, so she guides him to her sex couch after she takes out the giant tits she is proud to show off.

Young and hot for experienced porn cock, Jessy knows how to treat a guy, sucking his dick while she stares at him with hungry eyes and making his cock vanish completely between her tits. She wants that cock ravishing her pussy and in her butthole.

SCORELAND: Do you ever make yourself cum looking at your videos and photos?

Jessy Bunny: Yes, of course. Sometimes to recall that hot scene that I had…like how the guy fucked me. How he pleasured my moist pussy. These videos are like the only possibility for me to see my body in different angles so it turns me on even more. Seeing my pussy in close-up and seeing my big, fake tits bounce. So exciting, I have to play with myself.

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You Want A Girl Like Ivanna Lace

Written on May 20, 2022 at 6:28 am, by

You Want A Girl Like Ivanna Lace

You Want A Girl Like Ivanna Lace

You’re at Ivanna Laces’s place where the big show never ends. She’s the reason the hobby of girl-watching was invented. A beauty among beauties, Ivanna takes off her tight red dress and walks over to her full-length mirror by her bed to admire the view of her huge breasts in her bra and her endless curves.

Ivanna, who’s the dream girl of many, tries on another bra and panty set she’s bought and approves of how her tits look in them. She puts on a blue teddy to sleep in and gets into her bed. Except Ivanna can’t fall asleep, so she takes off her negligee, fondles her heavy sexy tits, puts lube on her pussy and masturbates with a huge fuck-toy. She pumps her pink cookie, wet from lube and her own juices, and cums. Now, a satisfied Ivanna can sleep and have sexy dreams.

“All of my life, since I can remember, guys have paid much attention to me. That is one of the reasons I became a web model,” Ivanna told us a few years ago. “I am very proud of my body. I developed early and I always got a lot of attention.”

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Alix In The VIP Room

Written on May 19, 2022 at 3:22 pm, by

Alix In The VIP Room

Alix In The VIP Room

Hot dancer Alix Lakehust at the Big Girl Strip Club is popular with the boys. Very popular indeed. A customer at the club has been watching the well-cushioned stripper all night and is ready to douse his boner with the contents of a fire extinguisher. He can’t take much more of her big, shaking tits and grinding butt and his pants are on fire.

After her show, Alix has no trouble talking him into a private couch dance in the VIP Room. Alix grinds her plump ass against his tent post, giving him a lap dance that he’ll want to try again and again.

Their private dance gets carried away. Alix has given her customers a fuck before and she’s in the mood now for a new one. Strippers get horny too. He begins dry-humping Alix and squeezing her fat tits, rubbing her nipples and enjoying her face-warmers. She blows him down, sucking his balls, jerking his shaft and squeezing her jiggling jugs together so he can tit-fuck her.

The bouncers outside the door are oblivious to what is going on in the VIP Room and the sounds of a fucking couple are drowned out by the music. They wouldn’t care anyway. Her customer drops trouser and begins fucking Alix on the couch.

Alix is well-trained in the art of pole-dancing, and after the titty-swinging brunette rides his pole like a Pogo Stick, he slips his cock deep into her cunt. Then they move to the ottoman so he can fuck her on her back. This accomplished lap dancer is an expert in male satisfaction and cum removal! Alix Lakehurst is truly one of Chicago’s finest.

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