Auto Strapping Squad

Auto Muscled Squad

You can trust your car to the girl who wears no undergarment. Dulcinea will acquire your wheels squeaky clean and give it a quality auto-buffing. For comfort’s sake, “The Impossible Dream” tends to get out of her juicy things as her work proceeds.

SCORELAND: What do u like to do almost any on any free night?

Dulcinea: I love to go out to places where I can sneak in a bit of fun cuz exhibitionism is a massive fetish of mine. I love intend to the movie theater, a dimly lit restaurant, or sometimes crawling in the backseat during the time that chilling in a random parking lot! Spontaneity is also a huge turn on.

SCORELAND: When you’re just doing local things, do u suit to unveil off your bod? What do u wear?

Dulcinea: Oh, yes! I love to brandish off my hawt curves and still be comfortable so I’ll go panty-less in a couple of constricted leggings and braless in a tight tank top or V-neck shirt. The less hawt clothes, the better right?

SCORELAND: Right! If u could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

Dulcinea: Oh, wow, I would completely hang out in the girls’ locker room!

SCORELAND: One last question. Do u love to wear fantasy costumes?

Dulcinea: Yep! I love doing pin-ups! Once a friend of mine was graduating basic training for the US Navy so I met him at a hotel where that fellow was stationed and clothed up in a petite sailor costume! I wore red lipstick, garters, even a sailor hat! Needless to say, this chap indeed enjoyed his homecoming gift.

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