The Autumn-Jade Jackumentary

The Autumn-Jade Jackumentary

When SCORELAND and SCORE mag did the “20 For 20” 20th anniversary contest in 2012, Autumn-Jade was voted the eighth-best gal ever. Two of the legendary girls who preceded Autumn, Linsey (#1) and Chloe (#4), had made girl-girl vids with her when she visited Britain.

This Jackumentary focuses on Autumn-Jade’s American photo discharges, from playing tennis to poolside to shooting in SCORE‘s restrooms. Wherever that babe was, on-location or on a studio set, Autumn enjoyed herself and made it fun, not work. This displays on Autumn’s face and in her body language in these movie scenes.

When the cameras weren’t pointed in her direction, Autumn was on the coy side.

“I dress very conservatively in public,” Autumn told. “I don’t unveil my meatballs much. I suppose there’s no hiding those. In the grocery store, there are times where hotty’s will view me and I am like, ‘Why are you looking at me?’ For the first four or five times with my first boyfriend, I wouldn’t take my shirt off. I was confused.”

We called her the preeminent Southern-girl-next-door. Autumn-Jade from Alabama was every inch that hotty.

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