Bad Bad Gal

Bad Bad Angel

It is a hawt, sunny day but hotter inside a bedroom where Charlotte Goddess waits for the shlong chap to give her the goods. The jiggly, wet brunette stands by the window and feels herself up. That babe won’t must expect lengthy.

Doggy position, his hands replace hers and that ladies man steers her to the sofa to have his way with the lusty, Big-Boob doll, ripping her body stocking to receive his hands on her corpulent billibongs. Every inch of Charlotte’s body belongs to him during their raw-sex date and this Lothario can do whatever this chab wishes to do to her.

Charlotte spoken about this hot-fuck connection with her penis dad JMac. Her initial appearance hardcore scene was with him. That buck was her porn teacher.

“One of my favorites was one we shot just not long ago! It was with JMac and it was that coarse ‘throw you against the wall and screw the hell without you’ kinda porn! So then this chap does this move that I guess he is glamorous famous for, this pile driver, and I absolutely was not envisaging it! All I hear is ‘Are you ready?’ and I am up in the air and like whoa! It was outstanding but very unexpected!”

XLGirls: Charlotte, what do you wish u were more worthy at doing sexually?

Charlotte: There is certain poses that I crave to work on, like reverse cowgirl. I must do more squats or smth!

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