Balls Deep, Baby

Balls Unfathomable, Baby

Why would we waste time telling you what we think Veronica Rayne‘s foremost attributes are when that babe is more than ready to tell you herself? Veronica is not the modest sort. This babe can’t live out of tooting her own horn as much as she likes tooting your horn, buddy. Why is Veronica one of the hottest, chestiest shags in all of Pornville? Well, she got reason number one off her chest right away. In fact, reason number one is her chest. She says her boobs are the roundest, hardest, humongous chesticles there’re. Reason number two? That babe is a hearty fucker and makes u feel adore you are the hottest thing to plunder her wet crack, ever. We’re talking about enthusiastic nasty talk, built cock-riding and taking it in every gap. And reason number three is her carnal dick-sucker of a mouth. She says that that babe can down any strapon, no matter what the size, right down to the balls. That’s a mighty claim, but not to worry, we’re sure you will savour whether you prove it to be true or false. Why not? Let that ho try and suck your schlong down balls-deep, woman chaser.

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