Bangin’ Time For Jola

Bangin' Time For Jola

This day XLGirls presents a cooking lesson by new arrival Jola, a female we met in Europe during our eternal model seek (at Jola is wearing her recent “Kiss The Cook” apron over a bra so tight, her bigger than average titties are overflowing the cups. As that babe mixes the milk and the flour, Jola’s melon-sized knockers wobble and quake, an event our cameraman closes in on. This is the sort of cooking expose u can merely see at

Unfortunately, Jola’s culinary endeavors are rudely interrupted by Novis. This gent enters the kitchen and drops a raisin down her deep cleavage. Then another and another. Throwing raisins down a girl’s bosom chasm is a sign of carnal interest, similar to clicking the Love button on Facebook.

Jola’s batter mixing will need to wait. Novis plans to give Jola his own nut batter and starts by playing with her king-size mounds. After Jola’s cooking lesson is abruptly cancelled, the cook wraps her lips around a rock hard sausage instead. Jola’s appetite for valuable, hot sex receives proud right there on the kitchen counter and on the floor. Novis may not have to eat that cake Jola’s never intend to bake but he’ll need to shag Jola’s hefty coconuts and sexy pie. They can always go out to a restaurant for breakfast instead…after they cum.

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