Goddess Of Heat

Angel Of Heat

Barbara Girl doesn't have access to the IBIS sex ottoman made by Luxury Sex Machines like last time so she's gonna take the situation into her own fascinating hands. Whilst the people on the busy streets beneath her apartment are oblivious to what's going on, Barbara gels up her buxom, voluptuous body and larger than average, cushy tits. Her fair skin shines love it's coated with baby oil.

"I like to tell lies down undressed in daybed and play with my nipples until they harden and are beautifully sensitive," says Barbara, a angel with a regular job. The happy-go-lucky dark brown glamour models part-time and loves it. "That makes me nicely damp down there. Then my fingers rub my clitoris and I lazily relish the feelings that make me have an bigger in size than average O."

"I have a very high sex drive," says Barbara. "I'm pleased I decided to do this cuz it indeed satisfies me. I love to think about the males watching me and appreciating what I do."

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