Beer & Big Bouncy bosoms

Beer & Bigger in size than typical Boobs

It’s beer maid time with Barbara Cutie and that babe has the hooters and body to be one. But maybe it’s more joy for Barbara to play beer maid than to really hoist those enormous jugs from table to table. The Czechs are known for making some of the world’s superlatively admirable beers and they’re known for their huge-boobed girls. Is there a correlation? There’re claims that the hops in beer stimulate breast growth. Hops contain phytoestrogens and estrogen is a woman hormone. Vanessa Y. from Poland likes beer. Bunny Brooks drinks tons of beer. Maybe it’s true.

SCORELAND: Barbara, do u own tons of toys? Do u have any much loved toys?

Barbara: I’ve a couple of them but my almost all popular toy is still the same normal vibrator.

SCORELAND: Do u go into adult clip stores to buy toys?

Barbara: By no means in my life! I buy toys over the Internet. But pretty soon I want to come into one and peek around.

SCORELAND: When you’re watching TV or reading, do you detect yourself touching your bra buddies out of realizing it?

Barbara: Yes. How did you know? I do that often. If I am watching TV, my hands will rub my nipples or touch my marangos. If I’m reading, one hand will hold the book and the other my boob.

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