Cream-Filled Freshman

Cream-Filled Freshman

The big-breasted universe bestows another bodacious bounty of boob blessings upon us all. Beverly Paige was a fresh-faced, voluptuously-built 20-year-old from California when this babe banged and sucked at the SCORE studio. Beverly likes to travel, take fotos, dance and play Twister. She used to be a cheerleader and that babe is full of energy with a cheerful, cheery personality.

“By the time I was in high school, I could not take gym because my milk sacks were likewise big,” told Beverly. “So there was a time that I detested my bigger in size than average love muffins. Because I had strict parents and because of my juggs, they would not let me go anywhere. I could not have boyfriends. I couldn’t wear the cutesy, little reservoir tops that all my friends could. I could not find a swim dress that fit. I could not detect a dress for prom. But now, I buy custom bras and custom dresses. Now I’ve a more remarkable idea of how to costume. I’ve learned to embrace my curves as a lady, instead of trying to hide ’em all the time.”

Even though she was solely Twenty years aged at the time, Beverly claimed that babe had no erotic fantasies. “I did ’em already!” Beverly told. Mr. Largo had no thing that charmer could train Beverly about worship of the meat-thermometer that this glamorous bra-buster did not know already! “You can not just put a meat-thermometer in your face hole. That’s adore a man putting his fingers in u and that is it. You need suction without teeth. U must use your hands and lick the right places. U must view your boyfriend and watch what this chab can’t live out of and what is turning him on.”

“I am very traditional in my gender roles. I like schlong. It’s my beloved. I like it. I believe that babes should be obedient and males should be dominant. But it all depends on the person u are with. I can dominate hotties and be very yielding with guys. Because it is very hard for me to dominate a lady-killer.”

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