The Bex Stops Here

The Bex Stops Here

If u live in the England, you know this big breasted black brown fox from Greater than average Brother. Americans and other nationalities, meet Bex Shiner direct from Britain. Bex (short for Rebecca) has been in each British tabloid newspaper and mag since her first look in the Big Brother house. Unlike the US version, Brits can be topless on Greater than run of the mill Brother in the Great Britain. Brit TV is much more advanced and civilized than American TV.

The 1st day of her arrival, SCORE’s editors introduced themselves and paid their respects to Bex in the models’ dressing room. Love almost all breasty Brit glamour models, Bex is lively, fun loving, humorous and energetic. And did we say this babe has large, natural 36G pointer sisters?

Bex told that after that babe first made her 2008 splash in Larger than average Brother abode (and got evicted 51 days later), that babe could not leave her house with out facing crowds of people envisaging for her to come out. The price of TV celebri-titty is the loss of privacy but that’s part of the fame game.

Some sound bites from Bex:

“I was flat-chested until I turned 18-years-old and then I became the biggest-chested of my friends.”

“I’m not into sports. I do go for runs but my funbags are likewise greater than average to run around with for too lengthy. They bounce also much.”

“I’ve at no time been to Miami in advance of and I’m loving it. Fine and hot and I love SCORE magazine. I am so glad to be a part of it.”

What does Bex wanna do next? “I crave to be in an American reality TV unveil now that I’ve done it in Great Britain.”

Bex Shiner: helping to put the Great in United Realm. The confirmation is in the pictures and in her 1st SCORELAND episode.

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