Larger than average & Cocky

Big & Bold

Karen Udders draws props such as “I’m thrilled that u keep bringing back your bigger BBW’s that haven”t posed for awhile and solely featured one time or twice. I adore these additional larger than typical women… including Karen!” (Jet) “Simply pretty! Karen rocks.” (Tom) “I adore her smile and her hot curves.” (Happy Lothario) Karen works in an office now. “I live a very regular life,” told Karen. “I go to work, go home and have dinner, and then I observe TV or play episode games until it is time to go to sleep. I work very long hours so I do not have lots of time to spend at home on the weekdays. I need to have nine hours of sleep or I get very cranky the next day. On weekends I try to see friends, clean my abode and maybe read a book or go to the cinema. I love Tom Clancy and Stephen King very much. If it is worthy and sunny, I’ll visit one of the local attractions in Most and play tourist. The most gripping thing I’ve ever done in my life was model.” A priceless, regular hotty, that Karen is.

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