Bigger than typical Love muffins Underwater

Big Milk sacks Underwater

Swimsuit-busting cuties Erin and Helen Star and Daria are relaxing at swimming pool side in the second chapter of On Location North Coast. Daria and Erin are fondelling suntan lotion on Helen when SCORE magazine editor Dave calls them with a defiance.

“Girls, I know you are relishing your day by the pool, but I suppose you’re gonna savour your next challenge even more. It is the underwater pool challenge. You’re intend to retrieve peculiar underwater dive rings from the bottom of the pool, and we’re plan to check out with our underwater cameras. The winner is the hotty who can pick up the most dive rings. So angels, jump right in.”

The threesome pull off their taut shorts, ready to collect these rings. The swimsuits they wear for this defiance are little more than colored strings. The girls jump into the pool and kick off collecting the rings in a particular way whilst the underwater cameras pursue their every hawt move. Their super bosoms float and bob in a ballet of mammaries.

Their swimsuits come off and before the 3 voluptuous goddesses acquire with out the pool, they play in the water, laughing and relishing themselves.

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