Bigger in size than average Knockin’ Jugs

Big Knockin' Jugs

When Charlie Cooper came to XL Girls, she was working as a CNA, a certified nursing assistant and that babe said some humorous stories about that.

“The old boys. They can’t live out of me. The old farm guys are the worst. And u know, I wear big scrubs and it not at all fits. One of my favorites–he was so sweet–but lad, this gent had the colossal crush on me. I would come into his room at night to check on him, and I would lean over and see his hand sluggishly coming up from under the covers.

“One day this buck caught me in the hallway and told me this stud needed assist. I asked him with what, and this chab told that skirt chaser wanted me to come to his room later. He said this ladies man had plans for us, and it was intend to commence off with a hot rub-down. I said, ‘Carl, but you’ve a wife!’ And this dude goes, ‘And I am going to give u the massage without your shirt on.’ Then I said him I had to go.”

And their wives?

“They do not care. Their wives could be standing outside and you could be in there dressing them, and they don’t care. They have no shame. They’ll drop their walker so u need to bow over to pick it up, and they’ll try to clutch at u. I had one mature woman chaser who was so pervy. I was trying to dress him and put him back in his wheelchair. And he kept grabbing at me. I asked him what that charmer was doing and this woman chaser told, ‘I was just trying to help you hold them up.’ I was love, ‘It’s okay, I got it covered!’ Thank’s, but no thank’s! I gave ’em actual bath in shower stalls. I think that’s their favorite time of day. I truly do, cuz there are a bunch of cute, young cuties working there. And they by no means wish the fellows to sponge them down, that’s for sure!”

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