Bathing suit Magnificence

Bikini Glory

A very unequalled hotty, a gift from Mommy Nature. Dors Feline inspired many comments when she first took a bow, such as, “Love this sweetheart. Dors being from England solely makes her hotter.”

One of the great English cuties, Dors can’t live without the retro-glam, punk, burlesque and rocker look and she basically broke down the door as one of the 1st XL Girls with tattoo sleeves. Others would pretty soon pursue as the trend spread across all categories of models.

XL Angels magazine editor Dave wrote, “I mentioned one time that in the old days, men’s magazines generally didn’t put beauties like Dors Feline in bikinis cuz they were also big and would not wear one to the beach. I too mentioned that whenever we did put a gal like Dors in a bathing dress or monokini, the readers always showed their appreciation for the adult model and extended their gratitude towards us.”

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